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  1. you are such a great designer!i wish you the best!

  2. hi chie,

    i used your VV Scallop waist skirt for a skirt that i will be making. but because I do not have a wide enough fabric, I need to have 2 seams instead of 1. having said that, i ended up with a zip on the side rather than at the back. problem is, the zip made an ugly looking bunch on the side where my hips were. I already tried to iron the thing hoping it will behave, but still the same. any advice?


    • Hi Anne, I’m not sure what kind of fabric you are using, but have you tried pressing using steam? Maybe it will help calm the fabric down. Please let me know how it goes!

      • I’m using a Japanese lawn cotton. If you could provide me with your email address, I can send a snapshot of how the bunching looks like. I’ve pressed it with a bit of steam. Thanks.

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