Christmas Giveaway! Japanese Pattern Book & Fat Quater – CLOSED


Hi! I’ve been thinking about doing a giveaway here, to show the appreciaition for the readers of my little blog. I really appreciate your support! I assumed that many of the readers are into sewing or crafting, so I decided to giveaway the Japanese pattern book, “White clothes, Black clothes” by Sato Watabe (Japanese title “白い服・黒い服 格好いい大人のスタンダード&クラシカル”、渡部サト). The book includes more than 10 patterns for blouses, coats, and dresses. Here are some glimpses of the book…

Sato Watabe book, white clothes black clothes 1Sato Watabe book, white clothes black clothes6 Sato Watabe book, white clothes black clothes 5 Sato Watabe book, white clothes black clothes 4 Sato Watabe book, white clothes black clothes 3 Sato Watabe book, white clothes black clothes 2029 028 Sato Watabe book, white clothes black clothes 8 Sato Watabe book, white clothes black clothes 7 Sato Watabe book, white clothes black clothes6It is a great book; I’ve made two jackets from the book. I would say this book is for intermediate to advanced sewers, because the instructions are not detailed or step-by-step. Also, please note the book is in JAPANESE, and does not come with English translation. There are many illustrations as you can see above, so if you know how to use paper patterns, you can probably figure it out… The patterns have sizes S,M,L but please know that these are Japanese patterns, not the U.S. or European sizes. So their small means super small. For one jacket I sewed for my mother a few years ago, I used the size large pattern, although my mother is 5 foot 130 pounds, not quite size large in the U.S. standard! Also the seam allowances are not included in the patterns.

japanese quilt cotton, turtle and snale printI’m also including this fat quater I bought at Okadaya. The turtle and snail print! I hope whoever receives this will have a good use for this quirky print.

To enter, just leave a comment below and your email address! You can include comments on what you would like to accomplish in the year could be whatever; sewing goal, family, work etc.

My goal for year 2013 is to apply to the Souen competition! It is a fashion designer competition hosted by Souen magazine, and it’s supposed to be the biggest designer competition for up-and-coming amature designers. I’ve never entered into any formal competitions (just a few on BurdaStyle), so I’m curious where it will take me. I’m not expecting to be selected at the my first try. It is more for my practicing coming up with a collection, presented in a fashion student style, (sketches, swatches of fabric, mood board) since that’s not how I usually work. I usually just grab a fabric and see where it will take me but I want to try new things to expand a bit more.

What about you? Looking forward to reading your goals!

For an extra entry, you can blog/tweet/facebook about the giveaway, and just leave a second comment with a link to your blog, tweet or facebook!

This giveaway is open internationally and will be open til December 22, 2012. Good luck:)



  1. my goal is to open my own online store, and try to make living from my designs.. we’ll see if that’s possible 🙂

  2. What a fun giveaway! I literally NEED both the pattern book & that fabric! It’s to die for!

    I have 1,638,468 goals for 2013, but my bigger ones are: to add my family quilts to my etsy shop & to open another etsy shop focusing on my skirts, dolman tops & men’s boxers (quite the combo, huh?!)

    Hoping I win! XOXO

  3. Not entering the giveaway because I’m not at that level yet. But, wanted to say I think it’s a great idea for you to enter the design competition because you create beautiful things! Also, my goal for the new year is to use my stash and sew a lot of the patterns I already own. Like Mokosha, I want to start selling some things online to have a small income. I am definitely excited about 2013!

  4. I would like to make more clothes for myself this year!

  5. For 2013, I would like to continue to learn as much as I can about sewing and keep improving my sewing skills!

  6. I want to sew my own coat – hopefully out a lovely Tan coloured wool!

  7. I would love to have the pattern book – those Japanese pattern books are very hard to find in Canada and expensive to order. Since I flatter myself by thinking I’m intermediate, I may just be able to muddle through. 😉

    Great to hear that you are entering the Souen competition. I think I’ve been reading your blog for as long as I’ve been aware of the online sewing community, and I love your work. And please tell Andy that I look forward to his fatherhood posts because they offer a fresh perspective from that of so many of us sewing-mother-bloggers.

  8. What exciting developments for you in the new year!

    My goal for 2012 is to shop from my stash. I have exceeded my lifetime use stash for yarn and fabric. I would still welcome that cute fat quarter though

  9. Thank you for the giveaway!

    I have to say my main goal for the new year is to manage my time better. I get lost in work and forget there are more important things than to meet deadlines. Good luck with the competition!

  10. In 2013, I really want to get into sewing – not just the occasional refashion. First thing to tackle will be my wedding dress that has a nasty deadline in april, but nothing is more motivating than a real challenge. And then, there is my stash waiting…

  11. My goal is to work on shrinking my stash, both fabric AND patterns. I have such a backlog of things I want to do! Oh! and get better at my new spinning wheel!

    Thanks for the super-sweet giveaway!

  12. My goal is to read more!

  13. my goal is to be a stay at home mom and quit work, what a great giveaway

  14. I need to sew more… I have a pile of projects I want to do and pinterest doesn’t make the pile any smaller.

  15. Hi, thanks for offering this great giveaway! One of my goals to 2013 is to enter a sewing class and take sewing more seriously. So far I can only make cushion covers, my dream is to sew something for my closet LOL I have tried to learn by myself, but I’ve seen I really need a tutor. I have some sewing books, but no Japanese one. I read at so many blogs people saying how wonderful these books are, it would be great to have one in my hands 🙂

  16. So great giveaway!!!! 🙂
    My WISH for 2013 is to have more time for sewing 🙂 And most of all I wish I would find more time to sew smth for my self 😛

  17. For 2013, I’ve got lots of goals. 1) Get my health issues under control. I’ve been working on that for the last couple of months and I still have a ways to go. 2) Clean my sewing/craft room. It looks like a DISASTER and is not working for creativity. 3) Focus more on sewing and creating and blogging. 4) GO ON VACATIONS!

  18. How fun! For 2013, I would like get into shape as well as finishing unpacking our house! 🙂 Thank you so much!

  19. Best of luck with your competiition – sure you’ve got a really good chance of winning!
    All things being well, we’re due to have a baby in Spring so my goal at the moment is for all to be well.

  20. It may sound silly but my main goal for 2013 is to learn to be happier! To accept that my health is what it is and learn to cope with it better. To accept that just because I can’t have a career anymore does not mean I can’t be productive. To learn that preparing meals, doing housework and laundry, taking care of my family is contributing even if its not in the form of a paycheck. To not feel guilty on the days I just don’t feel well enough to cook, do the housework and the laundry. Not to dwell on what I’m missing but to be thankful for what I still have. I wanna stop wishing so much that things were different and learn to be happy with circumstances just as they are. Lol. And i do wanna become a better sewist! I had never touched a sewing machine until 2 years ago when I gave up my career due to my health. Now I have made blouses, skirts, bags and a few other things! Sewing brings me a lot of joy and helps me fill the day when I’m going stir crazy at home and don’t know what to do with myself. Sewing makes me happy so its definitely something I want more of in my life in 2013!

  21. Lillian Adambo says:

    Hi. Great giveaway. My goal for 2013 is to start and finish all the sewing projects that I have been putting on hold for as long as I can remember. Wish you all the best in the Souen competition.

  22. Such a cool looking pattern book! And such a cute fabric!

  23. Hi Chie,

    First of all I want to say I LOVE your blog! I’m also Asian, Christian, lived in Tokyo for 5 years, married to an amazing American husband and have a 3 month old daughter – so I find your blog both familiar and inspiring! I love reading your creativity, photography, courage and hard work to start your own business, and the honest, heart-felt parents’ dairy from Andy and you. Oh and Kiko is simply gorgeous!! Please keep up the great work!

    My goal of 2013 is to:
    1. Find time to continue sewing with the new baby and complete lifestyle change that comes with it.
    2. Sew lovely things for my baby girl and keep a photo diary of her first year
    3. Sew pretty AND PRACTICAL clothes for myself that I make me feel both comfortable and happy everyday.

    I love Japanese sewing books and really miss the Japanese bookstores and fabric stores I used to spend hours and hours browsing in… After living in New York, Tokyo and London, my fav fabric shopping location is Nippori =D So thank you for the giveaway opportunity – it really reminds me of the happy days in Tokyo.

    Merry Christmas to Kiko, Andy and you~~

  24. I want to do some relaxed, pressure free sewing in 2013,,,some things just for me, with no expectations, and no pressure on myself for perfection! Thanks for the chance to win. Love your blog.

  25. Ooh, count me in!
    My goals for 2013: 1) challenge myself more and learn a lot more with sewing! And I mean in the practical sense. I’m the sort who reads and reads and so knows loads in theory, but can’t actually do those things. 2) Be more ambitious academically.
    Happy holidays to you and your family!

  26. My goal for 2013 is to find a good job to kick off my career. I am in my last year of college, and I am so excited to see what the future will hold.

  27. GuidingDuck says:

    My goals for 2013 include making several items from my new Japanese pattern books for my daughters, and a few for myself. I would also like to make a shirt for my hubby from the Japanese “Men’s Shirtmaking Book” but it’s very intimidating…. I am used to women’s garments;) And last but not least, I want to learn how to knit!

  28. My goal for 2013 is to improve my sewing and finally make something for myself to wear I always end up mending or making clothing for others, my goal is to make a blazer, I’ve never made anything out of heavier fabric before. Also to stop procrastinating on sewing projects I have to hustle to make an apron as a gift for a loved one and I haven’t started!

  29. My goal – pursue fashion school….finally.

  30. I love Japanese design! And I love your blog. It’s so inspirational.
    In the next year I would like to organize my work and private live so that I can find more time for my (sewing-)projects. And I would like to start making my own designs.

  31. My goal for 2013 is to get “unstuck” and get over my fear of failing!

  32. I’ve been pregnant and reading your site for sewing ideas for pregnancy! I’ve loved seeing what you’ve done and have been very inspired! My goal for next year is to transition well into motherhood and enjoy every moment of the joy of motherhood! Thanks so much again for your blog!


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