Build-a-Dress:: Moroccan Tea Glass Dress

build a dress by vivatveritas2 I still remember the time my host family in the U.S. took me to get "build-a-bear" at a mall when I was in high school. I know it was for little kids, but I enjoyed the experience nonetheless. I picked the heart and put sole into it, stare in amazement as the bear was pumped with some fluff, picked clothes and shoes. I don't know what happened to the bear (it might have gotten lost during so many moves), but the excitement of building the bear stayed. As I came up with the idea of "build-a-dress", I wanted it to be as exciting for my customers as it was for me as at the build-a-bear store. Thankfully, Spoonflower offers so many different fabric options from many fabric designers in the world! The one I recently made is with "Moroccan tea glass" fabric by miss bluemchen fabrics. 最近作ったドレスです。 お客様にSpoonflowerというサイトから生地を自由に選んでいただき、数種類のドレスデザインの中からのデザインと組み合わせて、世界に1つだけのオリジナルドレスを作ります。"Build-a-Dress"という名前で、Etsyにて提供しています★ 上記の写真は、モッロコ風ティーグラスという生地で作ったもの。 build a dress by vivatveritasChieSignature

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  1. I love this. It’s so cute! The fabric is absolutely gorgeous!

    • Thank you! It was hard to decide on where to place the tea glass pattern though. It took a while to cut out all the pieces!

  2. Looking at the dress, I dream about summer.