Learning a New Skill | Embroidery

learning-how-to-embroider-vivat-veritas-blogI’m learning a new sewing skill – embroidery! My illustrator friend, Natalie and I came up with the idea of making a collab dress using her floral illustration. strawberry-embroidery-1 embroidery-tracing-patternI used a Japanese embroidery book for my first attempt. The book has patterns you can follow and which embroidery stitches to use. It called for a single strand so it took a while to complete. The embroidery is tiny, about 3cm x 3cm. strawberry-embroidery-2 strawberry-embroidery-3After completing the strawberry embroidery, I made a few flowers. I learned by using satin stitch, long and short stitch and outline stitch, you can basically embroider anything. There are many other stitches, and I hope to pick them up as I go along. floral-embroidery-by-vivat-veritas japanese-embroidery-book-2Above is the picture of the book I used in reference. It provides many patterns including Japanese flowers and fruits. I love that I can work on embroider while I’m watching movies or talking to friends. It is a portable project as opposed to clothes sewing which is a good to bring it to a trip. japanese-embroidery-book-3 japanese-embroidery-book-1

図書館で借りた「はじめての刺しゅう 花のワンポイントステッチ」という本を教科書にちょこちょこ進めています。
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