Etsy Craft Party 2015

Etsy craft party in Tokyo 2015 via Vivat Veritas3 Etsy craft party in Tokyo 2015 via Vivat Veritas

My friend Natalie and I went to a Etsy Craft Party held in Shibuya last weekend. I’ve participated in the Tokyo Craft Party in both 2012 and 2013 and have met some wonderful people there including Taren of Oslo and Alfred. They always make for a good time. It was not a “party like a rock star” event but fun nonetheless. I was able to make this weird perpetual motion (yes I know that is wrong but I don’t know how else to describe it) origami thing called a flexagon. I simultaneously amazed my daughter and bored my husband with this thing.

All in all it was fun. I look forward to the next one.

Here are some groovy people I met at the party:
Hiroko Japan (hand-dyed textile)
RosieKarin (culinary illustrations)
necocoa (prints and iPhone cases)
Kaede (graphic designer)
Flaxagon at Etsy craft party 2015 Japan Etsy Craft Party 2015 via Vivat Veritas 今年もEtsyのクラフトパーティーに行ってきました♪

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Hand-worked Buttonhole

Handworked Buttonhole on Jacket via vivatveritas

For the Butterick 4610 white jacket, I made a handworked buttonhole. I have a home sewing machine that does buttonhole (Thread Banger) but I didn’t feel like taking the sewing machine out of closet for just one buttonhole, so I decided to finish it by hand. I usually use my Juki industrial sewing machine and Juki home serger. My Thread Banger, that has been used to death is neatly been stored in the back of my closet.

Tutorials for handworked buttonholes are out there online already, so I won’t write a step-by-step process here. This one from by gum, by golly and this from A Fashionable Stitch are great. They are easy to follow and there are tons of pictures for graphic learners like me. I also made a reference to my Japanese sewing book, “Atarashii Bubunnui (新しい部分縫い)by Yutaka Shimanaka (嶋中豊), pictured below. I love this book! The book goes over every sewing techniques you can think of for casual clothes sewing, going over different type of zipper opening to pockets. I find myself referencing this book over and over again while I made a tuxedo. I happened to find this book along with other sewing text books from Bunka Publishing at a local library for sale for 100 yen (1USD) each! I got so lucky.

I think handworked buttonholes are very durable, but I prefer the look of bound buttonholes. I used the latter for my first and second Butterick jacket/coat. Of machine sewn buttonholes, bound buttonholes and handworked buttonholes, which finish do you like the most?Japanese Sewing Book on Handworked Buttonhole Handworked Buttonhole on Jacket via vivatveritas3Handworked Buttonhole on Jacket via vivatveritas4 Handworked Buttonhole on Jacket via vivatveritas2


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Me Made May 15 | Most Worn Item

MeMadeMay 15 Most Worn Item via Vivat Veritas

Sometimes when I am in the midst of sewing, I doubt that I will love what I’m making or actually wear it. There is a gap between the ideal creation you are aiming for and what you end up making. I spent a few nights making this jacket and at the end, I totally hated the experience. The fabric was given to me by a friend, and it feels like men’s shirting fabric. As soon as I cut the fabric for this jacket I thought the fabric and patterns didn’t match. I finished making this in mid March or so and it sat in my closet without being worn until recently.
I was presently surprised by how much I like this number, now the weather is warmed up enough for me to wear it. I still think the fabric was not best suited for the pattern, but I love anything white and the light weight jacket is so useful during this season when it’s still a bit chilly outside with just a t-shirt at night and early morning. This turned out to be the most worn item for Me Made May 15!
Speaking of MMM15, I pledged, and have been incorporating at least one handmade clothes a day so far. I’m so proud of myself for making my own wardrobe! In the past seven years of my sewing life, I’ve accumulated enough clothes for myself to wear something every day.
The hardest part of MMM I found was to take pictures of my outfit daily. Most of the time I’m not in the mood for being photographed or I don’t take enough selfies… I have a big mirror in my sewing room, but if I take a selfie in front of that mirror, you will end up seeing all the mess I’m working on in the background, so the photos are not going to be pretty… I admire those of you who post MMM photos on instagram everyday.

Butterick 4610 White Summer Jacket1Outfit details: Jacket – Selfmade, T-shirt – T by Alexander Wang (best white T!), Earring – gu, Jeans – bought on Rakuten for cheap and destroy them myself.

I used Butterick 4610 for this jacket. You can see my first and second tries. I’m modifying the pattern each time and hopefully, I can use the edited pattern to make a pants suit soon! I’ve been collecting images for my ideal suits quite a while.
Check out the inside of the jacket! Isn’t it neat (bias finish)?
What’s your most worn garment so far for this year’s MMM?

Inside of Butterick 4610 White Summer Jacket2 Untitled-1

海外のソーイングコミュニティの中では、毎年Me Made Mayというイベント(?)をやります。


memademay15 Most Worn Item White Jacket via Vivat Veritas Butterick 4610 White Summer Jacket Collar via Vivat Veritas Butterick 4610 White Summer Jacket Poecket via Vivat Veritas Butterick 4610 White Summer Jacket via Vivat Veritas Inside of Butterick 4610 White Summer Jacket1chie sig2
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