NYC Trip | Mood Fabric, Chelsea Market & Painting Class

Mood fabric NYC fabric rolls

Why do fun things go by so quick? I took a two-week break in early September and it already feels like it was ages ago. My family and I stayed in Philadelphia (and attended a Bra making class!) for the most of our time, but got to visit NYC briefly. Here are some photos of what I did there.

First up, visiting Mood Fabrics. I thought I was spoiled living relatively near to a fabric district in Tokyo, but oh boy how wrong I was. Mood Fabrics is on a different level. I only had time for the third floor, where they had various printed silks, high end bridal fabrics and laces, but I really envy whoever has easy access to this store. Nippori is great, but in terms of high end fabrics, they are not the best. At Mood Fabrics, I found delicate embroidered French lace – something I have trouble finding in Japan. Also the varieties of silk they have! It is truly amazing. I would be there all day if I had the chance. Mood fabric Interior decoration fabrics Mood fabric Interior decoration fabrics2 Mood fabric Interior decoration fabrics3 Mood fabric NYC bridal fabric Mood fabric NYC bridal lace fabric1 Mood fabric NYC Notions Mood fabric NYC Third Floor Mood fabric NYC white notions Mood fabric NYCMood fabric french chantily lace1

Next spot of my visit was Chelsea Market. I’ve never been to the Brooklyn Flea, but I am imagining this is something similar. I love the booth by various handmade artists, flower shops, and treats you can buy there.
Chelsea flower market Chelsea flower market2 Chelsea Market Flowers Sign Chelsea Market Flowers Fabric clutches Chelsea Market NY I am married to a fantastic man Succulents succulents2

Last place was Painting Lounge Class. My friend and I went to one since she was a big fan of it from the few times she’s been there. Painting + BYOB + chatting with friends sounds like a happy equation. I’ve never heard of this activity in Japan, and it would be fun to plan it here. The main figures of the painting was traced with tracing paper and it makes it easier to paint. There was a group of girls who came to celebrate their friend’s birthday, and they shared champagne with us! Chie Painting Class Painting class in NYC1 Painting class in NYC2 Painting class in NYC3Mirror art installment NYC park

The last stop was Hoboken. It’s such a pretty little town with nice NY view. I really enjoyed the walk there.

See you NY until maybe next year!DSC_1920Hoboken Hoboken1

1日しか滞在出来なかったのですが、ファッション街のMood Fabricsで布を見たり、チェルシーマーケットをぶらぶらしたり、締めにはペインティングラウンジに行ってきました。


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Madalynne Sewing Studio2 via Vivat Veritas Blog

Long before I sewed my first bra, I came across Maddie’s blog, Madalynne. As you can see, her blog is very aesthetically pleasing and I decided if I have a chance to go to Philadelphia, I would take her bra making workshop. Thankfully for me, every time Andy and I go to the U.S., we go to NY and Philly. That’s where we went school, met each other and got married, so the place has a sentimental value for us.

I missed her latest workshop, but asked if she can do a private bra making session with me and she agreed.

Here are some of the photos of her studio. You might be already familiar with it if you follow her on instagramMadalynne Sewing Studio1 via Vivat Veritas Blog Madalynne Sewing Studio3 via Vivat Veritas Blog Madalynne Sewing Studio4 via Vivat Veritas Blog

We decided to work on Merckwaerdigh pattern. Since I’ve only worked with Watson bra pattern by Cloth Habit, this will be my first underwire bra sewing. I bought BHS10 as well as the DIY bra kit. The bra kit does not come with the underwire. Although Merckwaerdigh sells the underwire and channeling, I decided to buy them locally (Japan). I purchased from a site called intimate jimura. I found the selection and pricing are good although the checkout process can be cumbersome for non-Japanese speakers. Jimura does not accept credit card, so you will have to do a direct deposit.

Maddie and I only had an hour to work together, so unfortunately we did not go beyond cutting out the fabric. One great tip I learned was to use a temporary spray adhesive to stick the lining and shell fabric together and cut the pattern pieces using rotary cutter. It made the cutting so much quicker and easier. Here, I am cutting two layers of power net as lining and lace together. Maddie recommended the two layers of power net when I told her I liked having a bit of support for the bra and avoid the sheer look.Beautiful sea foam color lace from Merckwaerdith! Can’t wait to finish it.DIY Bra Kit Lace Merckwaerdigh DIY Bra Kit Merckwaerdigh


ワイヤーやワイヤーループは下着専門手芸店intimate jimuraで購入しました。

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Botanical & Natural Wedding Dress

1T3C4216Vivat Veritas Lace and Chiffon Adjustable Wedding Dress 1T3C4204 1T3C4230Remember the post about a botanical flower wedding shoot I did inspired by  Once Wed ? The photos are ready now! I’m pleased with how they turned out despite our impromptu leaf arrangement (found them on the street!).

This dress really reflects what I’m going for right now – classical design with a bit of boho style mixed in. Off-the-shoulder was seen everywhere this summer so I wanted to incorporate that in the wedding dress design as well. The dress is made with the beautiful flower motif lace. I added a few flower cut out in the neckline to add some textures. The back has a corset style with a lace up, which means the dress allows a bit of + and -.

This is a sample dress for the photo and also available for rental with a very reasonable fee if you reside in Japan. This is great for a photoshoot in the woods or beach side! If you are interested, contact me.

This can also be made custom, tailoring to fit your size and preferable color!

Photo credit| Photographer: Nobuyuki Nishihara | Model: Mio Shigematsu | Make up and hair: MATILDA | Styling by me.




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