Photo Collaboration with Taichi Hatano

vivat veritas taichi hatano collaboration photo

Last fall, I had an opportunity to work on a photo collaboration with a Japanese photographer and retoucher, Taichi Hatano. When I saw this and this photos (his Flicker here), I was immediately drawn to his stylistic world which elegantly combines both photos and retouching. His photos are surreal put you in a fantasy world.

He chose lace butterfly back wedding dress for his project. The photo was taken in an empty park in Odaiba and was modeled by his girlfriend. The  white butterflies around the model were all added in post production.


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Simple Satin Bridal Sash

how to tie a bridal sash vivat veritasI recently had an opportunity to make a simple bridal sash for a customer. The design is very simple so how you tie it into a bow really determines the total look of the wedding dress. Being right handed, I had always started the first loop of the bow with the right side; but it turned out you can make a much better looking bow if you start from the left. I created a short video of how I tie a simple bridal sash (or any sash!) into a bow, so check it out if you are interested. simple bridal sash vivat veritas

The sash is available in 11 different colors, all made in matte satin. The sash is made out of two layers of satin, so it is easy to tie it into a cute bow and without it being squashed.

P.S. Here is another bow sash with tulle, that matches with the cotton lace dress.



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Bow Hair Pin DIY

bow hair pin DIY gray vivat veritas

I recently bought this art print from an etsy shop, Lucy Art Decor. The print is beautiful and so was the packaging. It came in delicate gray organza bag with a matching satin ribbon. I kept the wrapping. Yesterday I was organizing my room and found the ribbon and decided to use it for the hair bow. I saw this image on Pinterest (My hair board is here) and made a mental note to imitate it. This narrow width satin ribbon was perfect for the project.

I’m not sure if I can call this a “DIY” since this is so easy. I just made a bow with the ribbon and attached to the black bobby pin. I used a thread and needle but I think you can use a glue gun if you don’t feel like sewing.

what you need for bow hair pinbow hair pin back view

To attach the bow pin, I curled my hair with hair iron first. Then 1. do a half up with small elastic tie, 2. pull some hair on top to create a volumn, 3. attach the bow pin to hide the elastic. how to wear the bow hair pin steps vivat veritas

It’s so easy! Would you try this?
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