Botanical Flower Wedding Photo Shoot

Bridal Photoshoot Behind the Scenes (click through for more)

I follow Once Wed obsessively and share their posts on my weekly wedding inspiration posts on the VV facebook page. I saw this post on Botanical Wedding Flower Inspiration followed by DIY Wedding Arch and thought this was definitely going to be incorporated in my next photoshoot idea. I shared the idea with a photographer Mr. Nishihara (he has shot so many of my lookbooks, few examples here and here) and he brought this backdrop that looks very much similar to the one they used in Once Wed. The problem was how to find the branches. I stopped in a flower shop called Aoyama Flowers and found some cool branches but they cost 1600 yen (about 15 USD) each. I would have needed at least 4 branches to make it look like something substantial in the background and it was more than I wanted to pay. The shoot day was rainy and windy. As I walked from the station to the photo studio, I found some broken branches on the street, waiting for me to pick up. I pinned the branches to the backdrop with safty pins and voila! Botanical wedding backdrop was ready:)

The photographer is Nobuyuki Nishihara, model is Mio Shigematsu, make up by Ayumi Hanaki.

The dress was made with leftover fabric from this boho wedding dress I made for a customer.  The skirt is made out of soft chiffon with sweep length train, and the off the shoulder sleeves completes the bohemian bride look.

I’m wearing my Grainline Archer shirt dress here.

Viva Veritas Bridal Shoot Behind the Scenes2Viva Veritas Bridal Shoot Behind the Scenes1 Viva Veritas Bridal Shoot Behind the Scenes3 Viva Veritas Bridal Shoot Behind the Scenes4 Viva Veritas Bridal Shoot Behind the Scenes5 Viva Veritas Bridal Shoot Behind the Scenes6

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Watson Bra in Black Scallop Lace

Watson Bra Black by Cloth Habit (via

I made my first bra! I’m so excited. What’s more, it fits well. No pattern modification to patterns were made. I’m impressed how well this pattern is drafted.

Bras never fit me. I kind of gave up on the whole bra thing. I hate under wire bra’s, because they  cut into my shoulders and are uncomfortable. So for a while I was into un nana cool’s non wire bra like this one, but even that, I have the problem of the under bust elastic pulling up as the day goes by so I stopped wearing them. This Watson longline bra though, perhaps because of the longline-ness, it fits just right around my under bust and they are very comfortable. I’m raving about this pattern, but rest assured this is not a sponsored post. Watson Bra Black Scallop Lace by Vivat Veritas BlogIn Process of Making Watson Bra3

The sew-along at Cloth Habit blog was very helpful. As the instructions stated, I adjusted the upper cup pattern for my scallop lace. I bought my lace at Nippori Tomato for 100 yen per meter. 1 meter was just enough to make a bra in size 32A. All the other notions including the slides, stretch mesh, hook and eye, plush strap elastic were purchased at Flora’s Garden on etsy.
In Process of Making Watson Bra1

One change I made was to line the cups and added a foam bra cup. They were from my old un nana cool bra. I’m not into sheer bra cups. They need to be the opposite of sheer, in order to function as a bra for a daily use in my opinion. Actually, growing up in Japan, I had never encountered a sheer bra until I went to the U.S. When I first saw the soft bras without any padding at cups, I wondered how in the world you wear it without showing your nipples? That’s still amazes me to this day. In Process of Making Watson Bra2 Cloth Habit Watson Bra in Black Lace DSC_1705 Handmade Watson Bra in Black Lace Watson Bra and Archer Shirt (via

Wearing it with my polkadot Archer shirt (pattern by Grainline Studio). The bra can function as a bralet, so showing it a bit underneath is a shirt is ok. It was such a fun quick sew! I’m going to make one in white with a modification of racerback next. Can’t wait. Watson Bra Black by Cloth Habit (click through for more)

Pattern: Watson bra pattern
Size: 32A
Fabric: Black scallop stretch lace from 1st floor of Nippori Tomato
Notions: Flora’s Garden on etsy
Modifications: Added bra pad and lined the bra cups.
Watson Bra in Black and Archer Shirt (via


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Watson Bra Inspiration

watson bra sewing inspiration vivat veritas blogSources 1/2/3/4/5/6 (left to right from the top)

I’ve been seeing the Watson bra from Cloth Habit pop up everywhere on the sewing circle. It has been on my to-sew list for a while. I love this patterned one, this and this. I love the fact that you have an option of making it into a longline bra and there is no under wire.

In order to get myself motivated to actually sew this, I collected some images in my “bra sewing inspiration” board on Pinterest. Although colorful bralettes are tempting, I’m sticking to neutral black as my first attempt. I already bought a meter of stretch black lace with scallop edges and other small notions for bra making. The lace is from Tomato Nippori. The first floor has many lingerie laces, all for 100 yen (1 USD) a meter (take a peak here). I bought the slides, stretch mesh, hook and eye, plush strap elastic at Flora’s Garden on etsy.

型紙はインディーデザイナーのCloth HabitのWatson bra (PDFです)。


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