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I have been slow in updating my blog, but I often update Instagram. Also I find many amazing handmade sellers or entrepreneurs sharing their behind the scene photos or their products, and I can kill hours browsing through! When I am on the train, I am either on Instagram or Pinterest.

Here are my March moments:

1. It has been a busy month sewing! I try to come up with a sewing schedule at the beginning of the month, and stick with it. As I finish a project or task, I get cross it off the to-do list, and I get the greatest joy out of that simple slash mark.

2. Made myself this pink coat and have worn it a lot already. Blogged here.

3. Andy and I went to Ho Chi Min city for a mini vacation to celebrate our wedding anniversary. I love all-you-can-eat hotel breakfast.

4. My late afternoon is usually spent with Kiko at a park. I made her a matching pink coat.

5. Bridesmaid dress in Tiffany blue. It’s available in 40 different colors.

6. Cutest cube sugar I came across at a restaurant in Ochanomizu.

7. Boho-inspired lace & chiffon dress for a lovely bride.

8. I’m almost done decorating our living room! I bought myself first “art” as my early 30th birthday gift. It is titled “water in ink” and from BoConcept, Denish furniture company.

9. We had a photoshoot at an antique studio in Shibuya. It is a shop, but you can also rent the studio space. Also everything up there are for sale. If you are into antique, you would love this cute studio (unikk).

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Toddler Pink Coat

toddler pink coat by vivat veritas2I made myself a pink coat this year, and also for my daughter! I did not mean to match, but I had about an meter left of the wool I used for my coat, and that was the perfect length to make a mini version for Kiko.

I really enjoyed sewing her coat. It took much less time! I only sewed for two nights, about 2 hours at a time. Kiko goes to bed at 7pm, so after that is my sewing time. I used the coat patterns from a Japanese sewing book, but I cannot remember the name of the book! I have been trying to remember what that was, but since I borrowed the book from a library, I am not sure which one I used. I go to a local library every other week, and borrow a bunch of books including picture books for Kiko, novels and sewing books. I appreciate the library having a good selection of Japanese sewing books, as they have the entire series of “Drape Drape” etc. Most of the times, the books are returned without me making anything from the book, but I enjoy flipping through pages and reading the instructions.

The tracing of the patterns came easy as they are small. Instead of big Kraft papers I usually use for drafting patterns, I used copy papers. I skipped a lot of the tailoring for this coat, and used iron-on interface and avoided hand sewing as much as possible. The only hand sewing I did was to catch stitch the seam allowances down inside the coat, so they are not flopping around.

toddler coat lining by vivat veritas

I used a fun printed polyester fabric for the lining. It is the same as the fabric as this dress. I like the playfulness it adds to the coat.

I used flower decorative buttons and snap buttons for actual closure. I was not happy with these snap buttons though, as they are plastic as opposed to metal, and don’t snap as easy (I have to press hard) as I would like. I thought snap buttons will be easy for Kiko to button on her own, but because of the plastic buttons, I still end up doing them for her… I bought them online, so I did not know their quality before hand.

Overall, I am very happy with the result. I would use the pattern again. Maybe a Spring coat, with cotton twill or linen. It might be fun to alternate the round collar to hood, or go without a collar. It makes me happy when Kiko brags to her friends saying, “mommy made it!”.



toddler pink coat by vivat veritas3 toddler pink coat close upby vivat veritas6toddler pink coat by vivat veritas1 toddler pink coat back view by vivat veritas4


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In Progress:: 3/19/2014

tiffany blue bridesmaid dress by vivat veritas1 copy

Hello! Just wanted to share some of the sewing projects I have been working on recently. The above is the Midriff cutout dress in Tiffany blue as a bridesmaid dress. It’s available in more than 40 different colors! (Check out the last photo of the listing). The Kimono wrap shown below is one of my best sellers since 2012. It’s perfect as a beach cover-up; also available in six different colors. sheer kimono wrap by viavt veritas1 tiffany blue dress and kimono wrap by vivat veritas white lace dress in process by vivat veritas1

This one is a custom wedding party dress. In Japan, sometimes a couple throws a separate party after the wedding ceremony, just with friends. This will be a little bohemian inspired dress. white lace dress in process by vivat veritas2 white lace dress in process by vivat veritas3Lastly, here is a short video of the behind the scenes of the photoshoot I posted on facebook page recently. I worked with Elissa, who modeled here, here and here. We shot at the cutest studio in Shibuya. They location is full of beautiful and delicate antiques like a chandelier, alarm clock, phone, match boxes and tea cups. You can buy the items displayed in the studio too! The background music I put in the video is “Young and Beautiful” by Lana Del Ray.

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Leap Trigger Fashion Show event flyer

As I mentioned in my previous post, I am participating in a fashion show on April 4th! This will be my first time showing my clothes in a runway style show, and I am super excited. If you are in Tokyo, and need something to do on Friday night, please shoot me a line(, so we can go together. Here is the Leap Trigger, the host company of this event’s facebook event page.

2014年4月4日に、LEAP TRIGGER主催のファッションショーに参加します。
Vivat Veritasからは新しいワンピースのデザインを発表させていただく予定です。

以下、LEAP TRIGGERのFacebookページから引用です。↓↓↓


【Leap Triggerとは?】

【今回の第2弾 “2ND IMPACT beauty&moral” について】




場所:南青山Le Buron de paris
時間:18:50 – 22:00 (ランウェイ20:00~)
※ショー開演後の入場が厳しい為 開演5分前までにご入場下さい。

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In Progress:: Muslin, Custom Dress and Sketches

custom dress floral by vivat veritasSome in-progress photos of what I’ve been working on. I’ve shared a bit on the facebook page, but I am participating in the fashion show in a few months. I’m working on the new designs for the show… More info on the event coming soon!


dress muslin2custom dress floral by vivat veritas2dress muslin

I’m making a wedding dress muslin above. In order to avoid confusion, I marked each skirt panel with letters (SB (side back), CB (center back) etc..).
dress sketch1 dress sketch2 dress sketch3{sketches for more dresses}ChieSignature

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