What to Do When Your Wedding Dress Color is Not Right

What to Do When Your Wedding Dress Color is Not RightA few months ago, I received a text message from a make up artist that I worked with in the past (for this shoot), asking for help. She bought a wedding dress online but the color was not the color she was expecting. The dress was made in pure white polyester satin and organza, and it did not fit well with her skin color. This strapless sweet heart neckline dress came with an organza long sleeve top which she did not like either. She wanted the color to be more of an off-white and ivory shade. So she attempted to dye the dress with coffee; however, the color did not becaus the dress fabric was synthetic.

Here is the before and after picture. I am not sure if I was able to capture the color correctly in pictures, but the one on the left is white and the one on the right is the same dress after the modification, which is off-white.
before and after of color change wedding dressMy plan was to take apart the top layers of the dress, and make new layers in off white satin, lace and chiffon using the patterns of the old wedding dress.plan for updating the white wedding dressHere is the picture of the dress after the dissection. taking apart the dressThe dress bodice with off white satin and lace layers added.
bust part of wedding dressHere is the completed dress!

If your wedding dress color is not what you like, you can make the top layer based on the original dress. It is much easier and quicker than making a dress from scratch.
completed dresslaced up back detailsIvory lace wedding dress最近承ったお直しウェディングドレスの案件です。
ポリエステルはうまく染まらないので、ドレスを分解して新しいレイヤーをオフホワイトのサテン、レース、シフォンでお作りしました。wedding circus x vivat veritas dresswedding circus x vivat veritas wedding dress3 ayumi dresschie sig2Find me elsewhere:

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Closet Case Files Carolyn Pajamas in Silk

Closet Case Files Silk Pajama1 copyI made silk pajamas! After making my Ginger Jeans (white version here), I became a big fan of Closet Case Files patterns. The jeans fit pretty well for me and the high waisted version is more flattering to my body than most store bought jeans. So, when a friend asked me to make silk pajamas for her friend’s wedding gift, I immediately thought of Carolyn pajama patterns.With so many cheap versions out there (like this GU one), I wanted to make it special by crafting it in pure silk satin.

The fabric used is beige silk satin. I made my own pipping with some white silk left over from making wedding dresses. That was the recommendation from the pattern instructions, so the width of the pipping can match the seam allowances, which is 1.5cm in this case.

From putting together the patterns to finishing two pajamas took a long time…about 17 hours. One of my goals of 2016 was to keep track of my work hours in excel in order to up my efficiency. Silk satin slips around a lot so cutting it on proper grain was a challenge. I mostly used a rotary cutter and a mat to cut the fabric and interface. Closet Case Files Silk Pajama2 Silk Carolyn Pajama Closet Case Files Close UpsSilk PJ feels so luxurious! I am not sure how they will care for it since silk satin loses the shine once you wash it with water, but I am assuming this is for a special occasions. Any thoughts? Closet Case Files Carolyn Pajamas by Vivat Veritas Carolyn Pajama Closet Case Files3For a men’s version, I used BurdaStyle Men’s Pajama Set 12/2010 #134. It is almost identical to Carolyn PJ patterns. The only modifications are to omit drawstring waist and added a pipping cuffs on pants hem. Unlike Closet Case Files pattern instructions, BurdaStyle’s instructions are like reading foreign language at times…I had to just guess and figure out. 

Here is the picture of pants fly with hidden pocket for men’s PJ pants. BurdaStyle Mens Pajama Set 122010 134 Closet Case Files Carolyn Pajamas by Vivat Veritas Gift結婚プレゼント用に、男女お揃いのシルクパジャマを作りました。
型紙は女性用はCloset Case Files Carolyn Pajama、男性用はBurdaStyle Men’s Pajama Setを使いました。
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How to Alter the Back of a Dress that is Too Small to Zip Up

how to alter the back of a dress that is too small to zip upWhat do you do if your wedding dress is a bit too small? Zipper don’t go up all the way?  I had one of those situations with my customer who is renting a dress from a dress shop. She is renting a dress, so the adjustment needed to be removable. I suggested making a gusset and a ribbon to hide the gusset.

A gusset is a panel that is added to expand a garment in a given area. For this wedding dress, a removable gusset was added in the center back in a place of a zipper. The gusset is shaped like a wedge with the wide end of it in the area that you need extra room. I made a gusset with an invisible zipper in center back so that attaching the gusset to the dress will be easier when putting on a dress.

To make a gusset inconspicuous, I made a 2.5cm width satin ribbon in matching color so it goes like a corset laced up.Before and After of how to alter the back of a dress that is too small to zip upThis is “before” picture of the dress with a flat knit zipper in center back.before picture close up2 before picture close upHere is the picture of a gusset. Invisible zipper in center back and shirred with elastics for easy fitting. Also there are small loops on sides so it can be attached with strings sewn inside the dress.wedding dress GussetsThe loops are attached inside the dress by hand so the ribbon can go through.
wedding dress Gussets (2)Gussets attached attaching Gusset to back with satin ribbonGusset and corset lace up added to a wedding dress vivat veritas


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