The Construction of Rental Wedding Dresses in Japan

The Construction of Rental Wedding Dresses in JapanI make custom wedding dresses (my recent makes here and here), but occasionally I have a chance to refashion a dress from a rental shop. Renting one's wedding dress is very popular in Japan. Usually the rental dress shop a given bride uses is associated with wedding ceremony venue so a bride "must" pick a dress from that wedding hall's dress shop. If they choose an alternate dress rental provider, they will be charged extra fee. It's interesting to see the construction of a rental dress as it is different from a custom dress. Because the dress is meant to be used by different brides over and over again,  it must be made with more durable fabrics (synthetics) and is far more adjustable. I wanted to show the key features of a rental dress.inside-of-japanese-rental-wedding-dress-51. Elastic back panel I incorporate this element in the recent dress I made.inside-of-japanese-rental-wedding-dress-62. Lace upinside-of-japanese-rental-wedding-dress-3inside-of-japanese-rental-wedding-dress-43. Wide waist stayinside-of-japanese-rental-wedding-dress-24. Bra cups inside-of-japanese-rental-wedding-dress-15. Built-in tulle under skirt to add volume Not only is the construction different, but also the style of the dress is unique to rental dresses. You almost never see a relaxed Bohemian style like Grace Loves Lace or Limor Rosen as a rental option. Rather, you see dresses in a Disney princess style with a big puffy skirt and many layers. I wonder if this style difference comes from the nature of renting as it is easier for many people to fit in a puffy skirt than a mermaid style where you have to worry about the exact fit in waist and hip area. My hope is to provide more variety of choice for Japanese brides!chie sig2Find me elsewhere:

Floral Embroidery Dress

floral-embroider-dress-by-vivat-veritas-blogThis is my first completed project of 2017! Embroidery dress. I started on this in late November and it took me (according to my work hour log) about 70 hours. I went through two seasons of the BBC show, Poldark while stitching this together.

I made this dress for a customer and she will use it some kind of performance. She plays some kind of musical instrument. The inspiration comes from this Lilly Brown embroidery dress. I was intimidated at first by the number of embroidery pieces that would be required to complete the dress, but I decided to give it a try.

flower-embroidery-dress-vivat-veritas-4 hem-of-embroider-dressflower-embroidery-dress-vivat-veritas-3 close-up-embroidery dress-form-embroidery-dress back-lilly-brown-imspired-dress

The dress is made of satin and chiffon. Since it would be difficult to embroider directly on chiffon without causing the fabric to pucker, I embroidered the flowers on satin, cut around the embroidery and applique on chiffon. It might have been possible to embroider directly on chiffon if I use the embroidery machine, but I did not have an access to it this time nor the time to play around with it. Has anyone have experience with embroidery sewing machine? embroidery-flower-pieces{Flower pieces embroidered on satin, before being attached to chiffon}back-of-the-embroidery{Making sure the back is as pretty as possible}boning-wedding-dress{Boned lining before being attached to the dress. I use white washi tapes to cover the ends of the bones, tip I learned in Tatiana Kozorovitsky's class.}embroidery-dress-vivat-veritas{Dress in works before the lining is attached.}elasticized-back-panel{Elasticized panel on the right}

The dress has boning in the bodice and padded at bust area. The back has an elasticized panel with invisible zipper inside the lace-up panel so a bit of adjustment is allowed. The customer is smaller than my dress form but because of the elastic back and lace up, the dress still fit the dress form. hem-adjustmentI waited to hem the chiffon skirt until the very end. I knew with the weight of the embroidery, some parts will be weighted down. I put the dress form on chair and mark the new hem line with erasable marker. Then I cut the chiffon hem and finished it with rolled hem. Overall, it was a great experience making this dress. 2017年初めて仕上げたドレスはこちらの刺繍ドレス。 リリーブラウンの5周年ドレスに似たものを作って欲しい、と頼まれて製作しました。 刺繍はすべて手縫い。一針一針、時間をかけて縫い上げました。 そのままシフォンに刺繍をしてしまうとツレてしまうので、サテンを土台にし、刺繍したものをアップリケしていきました。 製作時間約70時間! 大変だったけれど、お客様へを羽ばたいていくドレスを見るのは嬉しいです。 chie sig2Find me elsewhere:

2016 in Review & What’s Ahead

2016-in-review-and-whats-ahead-vivat-veritas2016 is ending soon. Thank you for all the support you’ve given this year. I hope to be able to keep creating beautiful things and sharing things I learn on my blog. To sum up the year, I wanted to recap some highlights from 2016. Wedding dresses and client worksbridal photo in hamarikyuBridal photoshoot with Tulirefashioned wedding dress vivat veritas bridal3Refashioned wedding dresstulle-lace-wedding-dress-back-viewTulle knee length wedding dress close up and back of purple dressLavender wedding dressivory-lace-mini-dress-by-vivat-veritasIvory lace mini wedding dress white fur cape and sparkly romperSparkly costume for J-pop singersorange kimono dressKimono dressback view of emerald green kimono wrap dressMore kimono dress 35 Blog posts I wrote 35 blog posts in the year 2016. That is much less than what I wrote last year, which was 69. There are many unblogged objects which I want to show here in the future. With limited time, writing blog posts was not my top priority and updating Instagram took over the place to showcase what I made. Of the small number of the blog posts, these three posts generated the most page views: - Bluff-stitched patch pocket tutorial - How to alter the back of a dress that is too small to zip up Realistic look on hours I spent on my handmade business

It's interesting that these posts are informational posts as opposed to "what I made" posts that were popular last year.


I started a newsletter in 2015. For 2016, I wrote once a month. It is usually a recap of my blog posts of the month, some behind the scenes stuff and links of things I enjoyed reading/watching. If you are interested, sign up here.

What I sewed for myself I had some opportunities to sew myself new clothes. Here is the roundup: back style - beige wrap dressTransitional Piecestripes body suit and levis 501 jeans2Stripes body suitme made may outfit vivat veritas blogNeutial stripe skirtkhaki color wrap dress with big pocketsKhaki wrap dressmerckwaerdigh bhs10 size aMerckwaerdigh BHS10simple-outfit-white-button-up-and-blue-jeansArcher button-up with fly front modification For Kiko I sewed some stuff for my daughter. She recently turned five. We started going to Nippori together to choose fabrics. She likes that her opinions are incorporated in her clothes. Princess aurora dressModern Princess Aurora Dresssimple knit dress in panda fabricPanda dresspeacoat-dusty-green-handmadePea coat Most frequently used patterns Last but not least, my most used patterns were Carolyn pj from Closet Case Files. It is a great pattern to make it as a gift!  Carolyn Pajama Closet Case Files3Carolyn pajama in silk satinaztec-pattern-carolyn-pajamas-by-closet-case-files-3Aztec Carolyncarolyn-pajama-pink-and-ivory-pipingCarolyn pajama in Pink P.S. Here is 20142015 in review. 2016年の総まとめをしてみました。こうやって見てみると色々作ったなとしみじみ。 作ってお客様に羽ばたいていったものたちや、自分のクローゼットに参加した洋服たち。 来年も素敵!と思っていただけるものを作っていきたいと思います。 今年1年、ありがとうございました! chie sig2Find me elsewhere: