MADE | Matching Stripes Bodysuit & Top

made matching stripes bodysuit and topSpring has finally come! I am so happy not to be bundled up with scarves, hats and all kinds of layers. My first Spring made item is this stripe bodysuit. I have been wanting to make a bodysuit for myself ever since Closet Case Files released the Nettie pattern. But instead of buying the pattern, I self-drafted it. I thought why bother to buy a pattern, print it out and put together the 20+ pages if it is just a top and underwear connected together. I was wrong. I quickly found out that a bodysuit pattern is much harder to draft than I expected. The top long-T part was ok; I wish I made the shoulder wider and armhole a bit bigger, but nothing terrible. The underwear part was the problem. If you make it too loose, it will not look right and will lose the bodysuit fit. I think the main attraction of a bodysuit is that you have a clean waistline. It looks less fussy than tucking in a shirt since bodysuit holds it down with snaps at the crotch.stripes body suit and levis 501 jeans2Top: Fabric is from Tomato knit section, Jeans: Levis 501
self drafted stripes body suitInitially, I made the bodysuit with full butt coverage like the above picture. When I tried it on, the panty line showed when I wore fitted skinny jeans, so I had to modify the bottom part to make it like a thong. I don’t really like wearing a thong so I want to know if there is any solution for a full butt coverage bodysuit that won’t show a line? Or should I just accept the fact that the line will show when worn with tight bottom and pair it with loose fitted skirt?

I have a mixed feeling about this bodysuit. Although I love the stripes (literally matches with pretty much everything in my closet!) and how French it looks, every time I go to the bathroom and have to remove the crotch snaps, I feel a bit dumb. Kiko commented, “mommy you look like a baby!” refereeing to a baby romper. Next time I make a bodysuit, I will certainly be using someone else’s patterns, like Nettie or Kommatia.
stripes body suit and levis 501 jeans1stripes top for a girl via vivat veritas blogThere is not much I need to mention about Kiko’s top. I made it with leftover fabric. The pattern is from a Japanese book, titled “Yuki Araki’s Girl’s Clothes (セレクト版 荒木由紀の女の子のお洋服), same as this panda dress. I had to shorten the sleeves and hem because of the lack of fabric. 




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Panda Knit Dress from Yuki Araki’s Sewing Book

panda knit dress from yuki araki sewing bookI was really excited when I found this adorable panda knit fabric in Nippori Tomato for 200 yen per meter. I had something for my daughter in mind when I bought it. Since she is active and likes playing outside, I wanted to make something simple and easy to wash. This long-T dress was the perfect candidate! The pattern is from my favorite kids pattern designer, Yuki Araki. Some of her works have been translated into English (you can read review here), but for this dress, I used Japanese version, titled “Yuki Araki’s Girl’s Clothes (セレクト版 荒木由紀の女の子のお洋服), which I borrowed from a local library. Yuki Araki’s designs are girly and classic. I still love the coat I made for Kiko from her book back in 2014.slash opening of the panda dress making panda dressNothing much to mention in terms of construction of the dress. It is pretty simple to sew and it took me two hours from tracing the patterns, cutting the fabric and finishing up the dress. The dress has a back slit for easy neck opening and gathered neckline in the front. The neckline is finished with the same fabric (not cut in bias since it is knit fabric and already has stretch). I added the snap button in the back neckline and black bow to cover the stitches. For my four-year-old, I cut size 120. The length was shorten by about 7cm not by choice but by the fabric limitation. I only bought 1m of the fabric and now regret not buying more in different colors (they had the same print in blue and green!). yuki araki girls dress simple knit dress in panda fabricPattern | Yuki Araki’s Girls Clothes, “Long Sleeve Knit Dress” (荒木由紀の女の子のお洋服から 長袖ニットワンピ)
Size | 120 for 110cm height daughter
Modifications | Shortened the length by 7cm, added a bow on snap button, and added elastics on sleeve hems.
Make it again? | Yes! Actually already made another one in black and white stripes. It is a versatile pattern for daily wear. yuki araki girls clothes bookpanda dress japanese sewing bookとってもかわいい柄のニット生地を日暮里トマトで見つけたので、普段着用ワンピを作ってみました。


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Sparkly Costume for J-Pop Singers

sparkly costume for jpop singers by Vivat VeritasLast year, I was asked to make the costumes for two J-pop singers’ re-debut. The group was originally made up of six girls, but they reduced the number to two. To celebrate the re-grouping, they performed at a live house in new outfits. I don’t have a much experience in sewing costumes save making myself a Halloween costume a few years ago. From that one experience, I learned that you have to use “costumy fabrics” in order to have the costumes stand out in a crowd or on the stage. The design that the singer’s PR company presented was relatively simple without extravagant decorations or a massive amount of boning. I’m thinking I could even use the same pattern and make a wearable romper for myself in the summer. I further refined the design and suggested the main fabric to be sequined paired with cape of all white fur.
j pop costume sketchHere is my sketch for the costumes. cape muslin for costumeAbove is the cape muslin. I drafted the pattern based on this pin. Then I made the cape with white fur and lined it with satin. The process required a surgical mask and vacuum cleaner…it created so much fuzz and mess! Every time I made a cut, I had to use the vacuum cleaner to remove the excess hair. I used velvet ribbon to tie in the center and added the straps on shoulder so the singers can use it to keep the cape in place while dancing. white fur cape and sparkly romper inside fur cape copy close up of romper costume fur cape inside the costumeBra cups are catch stitched inside. Underneath the sequined skirt, there is a white shorts attached. The sequined fabric almost destroyed my good scissors… I recommend using old pair or cheap ones when you have to cut sequins. sparkly rompers for j pop singers昨年末、某J-POPアイドルのコスチューム作りをお手伝いさせていただきました。

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