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nautical stripes skirt by vivat veritasI am participating in Me May May 2016 on instagram – I think it is a great idea. For those who do not know what MMM is, it is “a challenge that I (Zoe from So, Zo…What do you know?) organize annually that is designed to encourage people who sew/knit/crochet/refashion/upcycle garments for themselves to actually wear and love them“. I’ve been loosely documenting since 2012 and it is a great opportunity to take a look at what you actually have in your closet and examine where those items came from. I am happy that this year I have much more me-made clothes in my closet than back in 2012. Actually, I rarely buy clothes at stores any more. I used to have this small binge buy session at forever21, where I would buy 2-3 cheap pieces on sale. I enjoyed the stress relief but when I did it, I was mostly looking at the price tag (how much I’m saving by buying this on cheap!) than whether I really liked it or would actually wear it. I have not had a binge buying session for a while partially for a lack of time to shop by myself, but I think it’s good I no longer do it. I can spend more time and money on curating my wardrobe in a way that’s actually functional by buying quality fabrics, good patterns and investing on shoes and bags.

So my recent make is this striped midi skirt. When I found the fabric in Nippori Tomato, I immediately thought of making a dress like this. After a bit of thinking, I decided to go for a midi skirt instead for more versatility. I added inverted pleats around waist line and side seam pockets. An invisible zipper is placed in the center back as well as small hook and eye to close the waistband. It is not lined but not sheer, and I love how easy it is to take care of this fabric. No ironing is required after a wash. navy and white stripes nautical midi skirt2 me made may outfit vivat veritas blogWorn with Nike sneakers, clutch from my friend and T-shirt by T by Alexander Wangnautical skirt back view navy and white thick stripes skirt stripes midi skirt by vivat veritas for Me Made May 2016With a left over fabric, I made a skirt for Kiko. It’s a second matching clothes this month! little girls stripes skirt handmade by mommy日暮里トマトで購入した太めのボーダー生地でミディスカートを作りました。

ポケットなしバージョンはこちらのcreema shopで販売中です。

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Refashioned Wedding Dress

refashioned-wedding-dress-vivat-veritas-bridal2 copyEvery wedding has its story – My latest bride, Erina wanted to have her wedding to include her mom’s dress. She inherited her dress from her mom who had passed some years ago. She told her wedding planner, no other details are important except for the fact that she can wear her mom’s dress. Because she is pregnant, some dress shops declined to refashion it  for fear of improper sizing.

I suggested that we update her dress by taking off the ruffle sleeves and add a laced up details in back. Back lace up would accommodate the size changes. I moved the center back zipper to side zipper, added lace up details, tweek a bit with darts to fit Erina better.

The ruffle sleeves had pretty floral lace so I repurposed the lace for her bridal gloves. The gloves are made with tulle. It’s common to wear bridal gloves for a wedding ceremony in Japan. I know it is not so common in the U.S. I did not wear any for my U.S. wedding.

It was fun to get involved in such a special occasion and see the dress from 30 years ago transformed.
refashioned wedding dress vivat veritas bridal3 vivat veritas fingerless gloves refashioned wedding dress vivat veritas bridal1 erina before after Wedding Dress Refashion by Vivat Veritas Fingerless Bridal Gloves by Vivat Veritas Erina Wedding Dress Refashion - Vivat Veritasどうしてもお母様の着たウェディングドレスをご自分の結婚式で着たい!とのご要望だった花嫁様。


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Random Things I Made | April 2016

What I Made April 2016 Vivat Veritas BlogHere is a round up of some random sewing I’ve done over the past few months. I am pretty quick to update these for my instagram account, but the photos in SLR sit longer, waiting to be blogged.

  1. Cream color kimono dress. I’ve gained some experience refashioning kimono fabrics over the past year (see here and tips on sewing kimono fabric), but this was my first time using real kimono instead of a roll, which is called “tanmono” in Japanese. I found it easier to use kimono despite the fact that you have to pick the seams. The already-made kimono has the pattern matching done for you, so it was quicker to figure out which patterns go to which part of the dress. Unpicking kimono seams was an interesting experience. Although most kimonos are sewn all by hand, I was surprised how strong the seams are. It seems like they use good thread. I am guessing they use silk thread. Looking inside the hand-sewn kimono was like looking into a treasure chest for a sewing geek like me.cream color kimono dress2. Orange Kimono Dress. The pattern is the same as the cream dress. The drapes in skirt adds an interesting twist for a simple I line dress like this. orange kimono dress3. Navy blue lace dress with a keyhole back modification. A customer asked more coverage than the original V-back version, so I suggested a subtle keyhole opening with a small button closure. The waist elastic is twisted in the second picture, but rest assured, I fixed it before shipping it to a customer!navy blue lace dress with key hole back3 smallnavy blue lace dress with key hole back navy blue lace dress with key hole back24. Another lace dress. Gray lace dress is lined with a contrasting pale pink fabric to show off the lace pattern. The neckline and armholes are finished with bias binding and stitched inward of the garment by hand. I love to add some couture details for a simple dress like this. gray lace dress with pink lining5. Lastly, here is what I made for a photo shoot back in Winter. Dark red corduroy dress with leather floral applique. I had a few broken needles while sewing leather appliques…I usually sew thin fabrics like organza and silk, so I am not used to adjusting my Juki for a thick fabric setting. Any advice in sewing leather?
    The fabric is the same as this skirtred corduroy dress by vivat veritas red corduroy dress by vivat veritas back view

I have a few items being put together now so I can update my closet for the warmer seasons! Like this white lace dress and pleated stripes midi skirt…More on my instagram.

P.S. Check out the random things I made in November 2015, September 2015, and August 2015.



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