Before & After | Cocktail Dress to Pleated Skirt

Before and After of Dress to Pleated Skirt DIY Vivat Veritas2After reading about Wardrobe Rehab over at a pair & a spare, I try to review my closet every few months to get rid of clothes that I don’t wear by donating them to thrift shops. Although I made this a regular practice, there are some items that I neglected to part with even though I don’t wear them at all. This cocktail dress is one of those items. I do have an emotional attachment to this dress as this was the dress I wore to my engagement party nine years ago. After that, I wore this once for a work party, but not since. Since I bought the dress nine years ago, now being 30, I feel like this dress is too young for me.Before and After of Dress to Pleated Skirt DIY Vivat VeritasInstead of getting rid of the dress all together, I upcycled it by making it into a knee length skirt.

Here is how:

You need:
1. babydoll style dress with pleated skirt (stretch material)
2. 2″ wide elastic band cut in your waist length + 1″ for seam allowance

Cocktail dress to pleated skirt DIY1It was a baby doll style dress, so first I cut off the top part. Sorry for all the white fuzz in the pictures! Right before this DIY, I was working on a white fur… I made a tissue case cover.

Cocktail dress to pleated skirt DIY2

Sew the elastic band and attach it to the skirt you just cut. Since the skirt waist was bigger than my elastic, I stretched the elastic as I sewed it onto the skirt. Cocktail dress to pleated skirt DIY3

Cut two satin ribbons so you can attach it to the inside of skirt waist. This is so that you can hang the skirt on a hanger to store.
Cocktail dress to pleated skirt DIY4

All done! Brad new pleated skirt that works in winter with tights and spring! Cocktail dress to pleated skirt DIY5DIY-dress-to-pleated-skirt-




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Valentine’s Day Idea | $20 Gift Exchange

valentines day 20 dollar gift exchange idea

Early Valentine’s day lunch at Bar de ESPANA LIBRA

Andy and I exchange gifts on special occasions that has a limit of $20. It started when we first got married. We were 22, and broke (Andy was still a student) but still wanted to make special days special. So we came up with the $20 gift exchange idea and even after 8 years of marriage we stuck with it.

When I tell my friends that I have a $20 limit on anniversary gifts, birthday gifts, valentine’s day gifts etc, they seem perplexed. But there is a lot you can do with $20! I love that it forces you to be a bit more creative. Here are some gifts I’ve given to Andy in the past:
- Three indoor golf lessons (found on Groupon)
- Handmade grappling dummy. These can cost up to 450 bucks.I used an online tutorial and made it out of PVC pipe, pillow and duct tape.
- Some CDs bought on ebay (you can tell that this is a gift from a while ago)
For this Valentine’s day, I gave him a new backpack which I scored with gift certificate, so it was still under the budget. It wasn’t the most creative gift, but it doesn’t have to be every time, right?
japanese hair curler heatless
japanese hair curler heatless2Andy gave me these heatless curlers! I do heatless curls overnight some nights. I usually wet my hair a bit and taking a piece of rag, I roll my hair with it and sleep with that on my hair. The curls usually last all day and I like that fact that it does not damage my hair. He always made fun of me for having rags all twisted up in my hair at bedtime so he bought me these plastic tube curlers. I haven’t tried them yet but they seem more comfortable than having rags in my hair!
Anyway, I always enjoy our gift exchange tradition. It’s fun. Would you try it with your boyfriend/husband? How do you decide on what to get for gifts and how much to spend? I’d love to read about it!
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MADE | Handmade Daisy Flower Baby Dress

daisy flower baby girl dress by vivat veritas1I wrote here that it seems as though everyone around me is having a baby, and here is another handmade gift that I made for a baby girl who was just born. I love making handmade gifts for baby girls as it reminds me of when Kiko was young. Also, it is the only time in your life to be ridiculously pink and girly and ruffly and you still don’t look like a crazy person.

I made this dress using patterns I drafted years ago for Kiko. The fabric is left over from this Kimono top (still one of my favorite summer item). The lace trim on the waist line is something I used for a wedding veil.

daisy flower baby girl dress3 daisy flower baby girl dress2daisy flower baby girl dress6 daisy flower baby girl dress4 daisy flower baby girl dress5

Here is what I made in the past for my friends’ baby showers! >> Three Baby Shower Gift Ideas


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