Lavender Wedding Dress

lavender wedding dress by vivat veritasI’m excited to show you some recent work I’ve been doing for a client. It is common to wear more than one dress at wedding in Japan. You wear one white wedding dress to walk the aisle and for the reception. After, you switch it up to what we call “color dress”. The color scheme can be anything…..except for something like an animal print, which makes you imagine dead animal and is against Japanese wedding custom. I have seen red, pink, gold, blue…pretty much every color in the past. I personally like all white for weddings, since I feel like it is the unique privilege of the bride on that day, but it’s not my wedding!

So the client ordered lavender purple. Usually I go to Nippori to buy fabrics, but for this dress, I ordered everything from Ogawamine. I have some sample fabric sheets from them and ordering everything in matching color was easy. I ordered satin, tulle, organza and taffeta lining in the same color by phone. Much quicker than running around Nippori to find fabrics!

Here are some inspirational images and my sketch presented to the client. The original inspirational dress seems to have three layers of skirt; satin, tulle and asymmetric organza pieces, draped from bodice. 20160530-THE DRESS Dress A Sketch copyI made the bodice and satin skirt as usual – satin underlined with muslin for bodice, and organza for skirt. I chose organza for underlining for skirt instead of cotton muslin so the muslin won’t weight down the strapless dress. After that, I draped organza from the neckline, pinning small tucks along the way. Once pinned in the places I want, I hand sewed the tucks together.close up and back of purple dresssparkly bridal beltThe bridal belt was purchased from Crystal and Pearl Bridal on etsy, and I added the organza ribbon that matches with the dress color.

It was a fun project to make! What do you think of non-white wedding dresses?



back view of the lavender wedding dressHere is a short video of the dress! ドレスの詳細動画です。

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MADE: Khaki Wrap Dress

khaki wrap dress by vivat veritas blogAt the beginning of the Summer, I purged some of the clothes in my closet. That purge included ridding some clothes I hand made in the past like this dress, high-low skirt, shirt dress (Archer pattern modification) and this floral skirt (I kept the top). They were made four years ago and worn many times, so the fabric was starting to fall apart. The floral skirt was nice, but the organza insert felt too sexy for me to wear in my daily life as a mom. As sad as I was to part with my creation, it also gave me an opportunity to make new summer clothes!

Since I made this parka, I wanted to incorporate more of khaki color in my closet. I have a lot of white and black as basic neutral colors but just black and white felt boring. As I always do, I browse through Pinterest to collect pretty images of the dresses to pin down what I want to make. I pin those in my “Fashion” board.

khaki dress inspiration board by vivat veritas blog{1 | 2 | 3 | 4 }
khaki wrap dress details
Here is the end result! I think it looks like the closest to #4 above. I might be able to wear it in the fall as well with a black turtle neck inside. The fabric is from Nippori Tomato, second floor knit section. It’s a medium weight jersey with a bit of velvet like feel in the right side of the fabric. It’s soft and comfortable!

The pattern was borrowed from my recent client work. I lengthened the skirt length by 5cm and added big patch pockets on both sides. I love the pockets and use them often to hold key when I am running out of the door.




khaki color wrap dress with big pocketskhaki wrap dress by vivat veritas1 (2){worn with Dolce Vita sandals}chie sig2

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Baby Shower Gift Ideas with Skip Hop

adorable baby shoesHello! I wanted to share some pictures I took at my friend’s baby shower. I was her designated photographer:) She is expecting a baby girl and we had a shower at her lovely home in Tokyo. She is British and her place is decorated in British fashion (what I imagine an English home to look like) with pretty tea cups and dark color wood antique furniture.

baby bump baby shower decoration{Custom ordered cupcakes}
british tea cups1 british tea cups4{Collection of beautiful tea cups – My friend said she bought most of them from charity shop!}party food3{Kiko and fun party food}ruth and chie crafting at baby shower{Scrap booking time! Most of the items are from 100 yen shop, Daiso}
DSC_1994 copy DSC_1996 copy{We each decorated the bibs}kiko and maggy

In terms of shower gifts, this posts’s sponsor gave me few ideas for good baby toy gifts. I try to hand make gifts as much as I can (diaper cake, baby clothes here and here, nursing cape and bunny beanie) but occasionally, time does not allow it. So here is my guide:baby shower gift guide with skip hop{Skip Hop baby shower gift guide | 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5}
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