Why I Make Tablecloths in My Down Time

One of the biggest challenges of being an entrepreneur is to have consistent work coming in every month. Some months might be great and some months might not be so good in terms of the amount of incoming work. When you’re in busy season, you have to manage your work and triage it to get everything done on time. On the other hand when you know it’s not your busiest month, you have to work hard to create more work.

In my recent downtime, I made tablecloths. Many of them. It was commissioned by one company I work with. I pressed the fabric hem and sewed straight lines over and over again. It is not sexy nor Instagram worthy but I take on work like this for several reasons.

One is to keep the client happy and build a trusting relationship. They might not give you the work you absolutely love at all times, but work is work. When you are starting up, you cannot be too picky.

Two, it was surprisingly relaxing to do this simple task. It was a good break from creative work. It felt similar to knitting, where you repeat the simple pattern over and over again. Knit, purl, knit purl….

Lastly, it helps me keep going with my business. The money I earned from making tablecloths can be put elsewhere to grow my actual business. So regardless of its sexiness, I take on work like this sometimes to have healthy finance for my business.

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Botanical Flower Wedding Photo Shoot

Bridal Photoshoot Behind the Scenes (click through for more)

I follow Once Wed obsessively and share their posts on my weekly wedding inspiration posts on the VV facebook page. I saw this post on Botanical Wedding Flower Inspiration followed by DIY Wedding Arch and thought this was definitely going to be incorporated in my next photoshoot idea. I shared the idea with a photographer Mr. Nishihara (he has shot so many of my lookbooks, few examples here and here) and he brought this backdrop that looks very much similar to the one they used in Once Wed. The problem was how to find the branches. I stopped in a flower shop called Aoyama Flowers and found some cool branches but they cost 1600 yen (about 15 USD) each. I would have needed at least 4 branches to make it look like something substantial in the background and it was more than I wanted to pay. The shoot day was rainy and windy. As I walked from the station to the photo studio, I found some broken branches on the street, waiting for me to pick up. I pinned the branches to the backdrop with safty pins and voila! Botanical wedding backdrop was ready:)

The photographer is Nobuyuki Nishihara, model is Mio Shigematsu, make up by Ayumi Hanaki.

The dress was made with leftover fabric from this boho wedding dress I made for a customer.  The skirt is made out of soft chiffon with sweep length train, and the off the shoulder sleeves completes the bohemian bride look.

I’m wearing my Grainline Archer shirt dress here.

Viva Veritas Bridal Shoot Behind the Scenes2Viva Veritas Bridal Shoot Behind the Scenes1 Viva Veritas Bridal Shoot Behind the Scenes3 Viva Veritas Bridal Shoot Behind the Scenes4 Viva Veritas Bridal Shoot Behind the Scenes5 Viva Veritas Bridal Shoot Behind the Scenes6

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Spring Lookbook Photoshoot

Vivat Veritas Spring 2015 Photoshoot Vivat Veritas Spring 2015 Photoshoot Vivat Veritas Spring 2015 Photoshoot Vivat Veritas Spring 2015 Photoshoot Inspiration Images DSC_1437Vivat Veritas Spring 2015 Photoshoot Props Vivat Veritas Spring 2015 Photoshoot background Vivat Veritas Spring 2015 Photoshoot Vivat Veritas Spring 2015 Photoshoot

I’m excited to share a few behind the scene photos of the shoot I had this week! We shot a few Spring items including some casual wedding dresses. I enjoyed styling this shoot – white dresses accented with flowers. I made flower crowns and used more flowers in the background and pastel color balloons.



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