MADE | Ox Blood A-Line Skirt

Ox blood red A-line skirt by Vivat Veritas

I’ve seen A-line mini skirts with front buttons popping up all over the place. So, I added it to my to-sew list for the fall. When I saw this ox blood color corduroy at Nippori Tomato, I snatched it. Also bought the same color lining at the sale section in Tomato.

Below is my inspiration board for the skirt. I wanted it high or just waist, A-line, about 10cm above the knees and with the line of buttons in the center front. I also wanted it in some kine of winter fabric, like velvet, suede, leather or corduroy.
A line mini skirt inspiration for fall 2015

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ox blood red handmade skirt

I cut the fabric based on the patterns I made for the Alice in wonderland skirt (blogged here). I like how this pattern has the side pockets. Since the patterns are for I-line skirt with back vent, I changed up the skirt shape, omitted the vent and shorten the hem. The skirt closure is placed in center back with an invisible zipper and the front buttons are faux. I added a stripe of fabric in the front and added six metal buttons I bought online at Nakamura (ナカムラ), my favorite place to source sewing knickknacks.
Pretty metal buttons silver metal buttons for skirtinside construction of corduroy skirt1

The lining was added in a bagged way so that the hem seam is invisible. This finish makes the clothes a bit more expensive! inside construction of corduroy skirt2

Now it’s time to wear! Today I wore his with cropped sweater I DIYed last year from an old thrifted cardigan. I’m planning of wearing this skirt with white turtleneck, chambray shirt or polkadot shirt this fall.


A-line skirt for fallhandmade dark red A-line skirt by Vivat Veritas

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MADE | BurdaStyle Parka 09/2012 #129

BurdaStyle Parka 09 2012 129 by Vivat VeritasMy new parka is ready for just in time for the coming cold! I’ve been wanting to make a parka since I realized I did not have a single item in Khaki color in my closet. I was deciding between this military jacket and BurdaStyle 09/2012 #129, but finally decided to go for the version with a hood.

Guess what, how much it cost to make this parka? 700 yen! That’s about 5 USD in today’s conversion. I bought 4 meters of khaki fabric, 2 meters of knit for lining, and 1 meter for sleeve lining all at Nippori Tomato. I had interface and buttons already. The material was cheap, but it took me about 10 hours to finish. BurdaStyle is notorious for confusing sewing instructions and this parka was no exception, unfortunately. Many of the instructions didn’t make sense. So, I had to use my gut instinct. I do not recommend this pattern for a sewing beginner. It has details like bellows pocket, fly front and button holes.
Details 3 BurdaStyle Parka 09 2012 129 by Vivat Veritas Details 4 BurdaStyle Parka 09 2012 129 by Vivat Veritas Details 1 BurdaStyle Parka 09 2012 129 by Vivat Veritas Details 2 BurdaStyle Parka 09 2012 129 by Vivat Veritas burdastyle park inside detailsHere is some pattern review.
Size: I cut the smallest size, size 36.
Modifications: I read on BurdaStyle member project that she slimmed the sleeves a bit so I did the same. I took in about 10cm all around arm. I am glad I did this since even after the modification, the parka has plenty of room for laying.
What I love: The pockets. They are great. They fit a wallet, water bottle, iPhone, snacks… so many things. If I don’t feel like carrying my purse, I can just go out with this Parka.
What I would change: I found the elbow patch kind of unnecessary. If I were to do it, I might do it in leather or some other fabric with different texture.

I also hated the back vent. It’s slightly curved and it looks weird. The back hem itself has a slanted design, which I am not a huge fan of. I would modify it to have the straight hem.

I have something to say about the hood too. It is way too big to be functional. It covers your entire face so you can’t see what’s in front of you! I would definitely make it smaller next time.
Some fun variation ideas: Add some fur around the edge of the hood for some winter proof variation? Or use some kind of fluffy fabric for lining (except for sleeves). It might also be nice to add some breast pockets for additional details. Finally, replace the buttons with zipper.

Next up… I’m making a blue lace dress to wear to my friend’s wedding!

Khaki Parka Handmade by Vivat Veritas 3 Khaki Parka Handmade by Vivat Veritas 4 Khaki Parka Handmade by Vivat Veritas 1 Khaki Parka Handmade by Vivat Veritas 2Khaki parka with big hoodieBurdaStyle Parka pattern review秋から冬への変わり目のシーズン用に、パーカを作りました。

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Bellows Pocket Tutorial

Bellows Pocket Tutorial - free sewing tutorial!The last time I made a chambray Archer button up, I modified the original pockets to bellows pockets with flaps. This was my first attempt to make bellows pockets and was surprised how easy they were. You just need to be precise with the measurements and pressing, and the rest come together nicely. I like bellows pockets for the functionality (my iPhone fits in my pocket easily!) and sporty vibe. I took some photos while sewing and here is a quick tutorial on how to make them.
Bellows Pocket Tutorial 1First you need to modify the pattern. Start with pocket pattern without any seam allowances on the sides and bottom. You can keep the top seam allowances as they are (usually folded over twice) but make sure to clip as pictured above to avoid bulk. For sides and bottom, first add for “gusset” width. I added 3cm all around. Then add 1cm seam allowances, so you will be adding 4cm around on sides and bottom.

Fold the top twice, press well and stitch.Bellows Pocket Tutorial 2 Bellows Pocket Tutorial 3 Bellows Pocket Tutorial 4Here is the tricky part. Fold the bottom corner diagonally, meeting the pressed line you made in step 3. It’s similar to making a mitered cornerBellows Pocket Tutorial 5Bellows Pocket Tutorial 6 Bellows Pocket Tutorial 7Bellows Pocket Tutorial 8Before you pin the pocket to the shirt, I would transfer the line for pocket placement with a tailor’s chalk so you will know exactly where to place the pocket. Bellows Pocket Tutorial 9 Bellows Pocket Sewing Tutorial via Vivat Veritas Blogマチ付きポケットの作り方です。

ちょっとスポーティ感をプラスしてくれるポケットなので、色々なアイテムにつけてアレンジできそうです。chie sig2Find me elsewhere: