Knitted Hats

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When it comes to knitting, I am a beginner. This winter is the first winter I attempted to knit DPN (Double Pointed Needles, in case you are wondering!), and I was dying to get used to the new way of knitting, so I kept knitting hats. I ended up knitting six hats in total, most of which I’ve given away as gifts. The process of knitting is so soothing and it is a great activity to do when I watch movies and shows (currently finishing up White Queen). I’ve started knitting Kiko’s sweater, but I am less motivated as I think I made a wrong yarn choice. I hope I can put it together before the winter ends.

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This Cable knit hat pattern is from Lion Brand. It is an adult hat pattern, but kiko modeled it for me. new born baby hat vivat veritas baby knit hat by vivat veritas

No pattern used for this one. I just made it up as I went along. This was a gift for my friend’s new born baby.
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Slouch Hat Beanie pattern from here. It’s simple and quick! I added jewel buttons with clear elastic.knitted hat diy vivat veritas3knitted hat diy vivat veritas5

Pattern from No Home Without You, amazing Finish blog about knitting and interior design.

Some more fun knitting hats ideas…
Triangle stripe hat from Charlotte’s Fancy.
– Knitted in super chunky yarns.
– Bright orange and pink color block hat.
Colorful kids hat inspiration. Good way to use left over yarns.

More on my Knitting Pinterest board.



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MADE | Handmade Daisy Flower Baby Dress

daisy flower baby girl dress by vivat veritas1I wrote here that it seems as though everyone around me is having a baby, and here is another handmade gift that I made for a baby girl who was just born. I love making handmade gifts for baby girls as it reminds me of when Kiko was young. Also, it is the only time in your life to be ridiculously pink and girly and ruffly and you still don’t look like a crazy person.

I made this dress using patterns I drafted years ago for Kiko. The fabric is left over from this Kimono top (still one of my favorite summer item). The lace trim on the waist line is something I used for a wedding veil.

daisy flower baby girl dress3 daisy flower baby girl dress2daisy flower baby girl dress6 daisy flower baby girl dress4 daisy flower baby girl dress5

Here is what I made in the past for my friends’ baby showers! >> Three Baby Shower Gift Ideas


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Importance of Planning Out a Sewing Project

importance of planning out a sewing project by vivat veritasI wish all my handmade clothes were great and got a lot of wear but unfortunately that is not the case and this dress is certainly not on the favorites list. I think one thing that makes clothes become a go-to in your closet  (whether you make it or buy it at the store), depends on how well you plan. Almost every time I binge buy clothes or binge make them, it fails.

I made dress on a whim one night when I didn’t have any urgent project on my schedule. I had  left over knit from this sweater and decided to make a body-con knit dress. Considering how much wear I got from this white body-con dress over the Summer, I was sure that this would be something I would be wearing over and over again this Winter. While I was cutting out the fabric, I realized that I did not have enough fabric to cut the sleeves. My initial plan was to make this dress in a long sleeve version but I had to change mid way through.
Also since I made it in a rush (it was supposed to be an instant glorification), the neckline did not lay flat, especially in the back. It bothers me greatly.
The next day, I put on the dress, but when I saw myself in the mirror, I realized I hated the color. I like light gray color, a blue-gray or gray that is very close to white, but not this dark gray… My hair blends in with the dress and I look like a member of Adam’s Family.
I should have known the importance of planning for a sewing project, considering how much I put time on initial planning, sketching, sourcing the fabrics for making wedding dresses (you can see what I made in the past here). I think about how to construct the dress, in what order, what technique and sometimes I see myself in my dream sewing the dress. Once everything is completely clear, planned out, I start sewing. It usually goes well when I do that. Same goes for shopping for clothes or accessories. The items I covet for months before buying are the ones that I cherish for a long time. Lesson’s learned!handmade gray bodycon dress by vivat veritas1 handmade gray bodycon dress by vivat veritas2 handmade gray bodycon dress by vivat veritas3Outfit details | knit dress made by me,H&M Cardigan, Rag and Bone Harrow Booties, Forever21 belt, Thrifted clutch. handmade gray bodycon dress by vivat veritas4
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