Gray Sweatpants from a Japanese Pattern Book

Sweatpants from Japanese sewing book Vivat Veritas

I sewed up these comfy sweatpants just in time for all the fun outings for Golden Week! In Japan, there is a series of national holidays from the end of April to beginning of May, called Golden Week. It feels as though we have a perfect weather without fail during this holiday every year – it’s dry, warm but not too cold or hot. We have some fun plans as a family so I made myself these sweatpants that can be worn outside.

The patterns are from a Japanese pattern book, called Otona no pants to skirt (Pants and Skirts for Adults (大人のパンツとスカート). I borrowed the book from a local library. Since I saw the Hudson patterns by True Bias, stylish sweatpants have joined the list of “to-sew”. Look at Heather with these cool sweatpants! I was going to buy the patterns but I happened to come across with this book at the library so I decided to use it instead of Hudson.

Once you trace the patterns, the cutting and sewing are super easy and quick. I made a pair without any modification (E-2, long version) first. It ended up way too big for me. From behind, it looked like I had an elephant butt :( So I gave that to Andy (we match!) and they fit him well. These ones I’m wearing are my second try. I took in about 12 cm all around the hip area. They are loose enough to be comfortable but not too baggy. I also shortened the length by 4cm.

Gray joppers from Japanese sewing book Vivat Veritas Otona-no-Pants-to-Skirt-boo

What I love about these pants are the huge pockets! There is a pleat in pocket piece and it drapes nicely. I can fit all kind of stuff here.

Both sweatpants fabric and the rib I used for waistband and ankle bands are from Tomato (日暮里トマト) in Nippori. I bought them on the second floor, knit section.
Gray joppers side view Gray sweatpants with big pockets Vivat Veritas

I wore this to a casual meeting the other day.
Shoes: Shop Anthom, Jean jacket: thrifted, Silk shirt: Made by me (blogged here), Necklace: H&M, Watch: Michael Kors


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DIY Flower Crown Tutorial //ウェディング花冠の作り方

DIY flower crown by vivat veritas blog, tutorial

I made a few flower crowns as photo props recently, and was surprised how easy and fun it was to make. Here is a quick tutorial on how I made my flower crowns. It’s fun to think about the flower and color combinations. I do not walk around the city wearing this but these are great for bridal photo sessions or instagram photos.
DIY flower crown tutorial by vivat veritas blog

1. Material needed: fake flowers, black plastic headband, pliers (to remove the flower pieces from the stem) and glue gun. I would get a mixture of flowers in different sizes. I bought two big flowers and one flower wreath, which came with smaller size flowers and leaves.

2. Remove the flowers from the stem, using the pliers. I cut the flower as close to the bud as possible, so it would be easy to glue it on the black plastic headband surface.

3. Here is the picture of all the flower and leaf separated from the stems.

4. Add a small amount of glue on the back of flower, and stick it on the headband. Hold it for a few second until the glue drys.

5. Keep gluing the flowers and leaves until the headband is covered. I left about 2″ without flowers so that you can comfortably wear it. And you’re done!

P.S. You can purchase the crown from here.



flower crown vivat veritas4 flower crown vivat veritas1 flower crown vivat veritas2 flower crown vivat veritas3First photo by Naoto Noguchi.chie sig2


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Archer Button Up Shirt Dress Variation

Grainline Archer Button Up Dress Variation by Vivat Veritas

Here is an addition to my Spring wardrobe, just in time for MMM15 (My MMM12 here)! I used the Grainline Archer button up shirt pattern AGAIN. This is my fifth try of this pattern(1, 2, 3 and 4th one is not blogged). I am convinced that I totally got my money’s worth for this pattern. I worn these four shirts so many times over the winter. Most of the time, I have been wearing it underneath a sweater just to add an extra warmth to survive the winter. Tokyo winter is not as harsh as say, NY, but because the houses here are not very well insulated, I had to wear warm clothes even in indoors.

Anyway, as always, I made this in size 4. The only modification I made was the length. I’ve already lengthened the shirt by 2 inches for my shirt version, and for this dress version, I further lengthened it by additional 10 inches. I skipped the sleeve tabs this time because the fabric was not as slippery as the silk I used before and it would hold the shape when I roll up the sleeves.

The fabric is light weight cotton lawn. It’s very soft and feels almost like gauze. I bought this about six months ago in Nippori Tomato for 100 yen per meter. I was going to make Andy a button up shirt with it. I even made a muslin, but when he fitted the muslin, I was disappointed. It did not fit him at all. I used the extra large pattern from a Japanese pattern book, called “Men’s shirt book”(男のシャツの本) by Ryuichiro Shimazaki. I think the patterns are designed for skinny Japanese dudes, not my weirdly shaped, boxer husband. The shoulder and sleeve parts were so off, I was at a loss how to fix it. I let it sit while I was thinking of how to correct the pattern and somewhere along the way I lost the motivation to continue. So I just decided to take this fabric for my own clothes. Sorry Andy, no shirt for you.

I love the color of this shirt. It’s close to navy blue, but a bit eclectic version of navy blue, if that makes any sense. I didn’t have any navy in my wardrobe, so it is a good addition. I can wear this with skinny belt, moto jacket, trench, or wear it as a jacket with t-shirt and jeans underneath.

Grainline  Archer Button Up Dress Variation Vivat Veritas1 Grainline Archer Button Up Dress Variation Vivat Veritas2 Grainline Archer Button Up Dress Variation Vivat Veritas4 Grainline Archer Button Up Dress Variation Vivat Veritas3Little girl wearing salvatore ferragamo pumps

Here is Kiko, trying on my new pumps



変わりに、Grainline StudioのArcher Button Upの型紙を使って自分用にシャツを。
長さは25センチ近く伸ばして、シャツドレスバージョンにしてみました。chie sig2

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