Satin & Organza Flower Girl’s Dress

Flower Girl1

I made this flower girl’s dress for Kiko for my brother’s wedding last weekend. We don’t have a custom of flower girl or ring boy in Japan, so the made-up function for her at the wedding was a “ring girl”, who brought the wedding rings up to the bride and groom during the ceremony. I was not sure how she can handle it without being shy or running away, but she actually seemed to have enjoyed the task!

My brother’s wedding was the day after we came back from our vacation, so I was in such a hurry in the morning and forgot to take my camera. So today, we went to a nearby park and waited for a sunset to take these pictures.

I made the dress in matte satin and matching color organza. The organza skirt has three layers and the dress is fully lined. I added three flowers in the front chest area, made with satin and pearls. I have not posted this on etsy or my shop, but it is available upon request in any color of your choice! Contact me from here.



Flower Girl2 Flower Girl3 Flower Girl4 Flower Girl5 Flower Girl6 Flower Girl7 Flower Girl8

Here is a short video (35 sec) of our shoot. I enjoyed shooting with my little girl!chie sig2{find me elsewhere: shopfacebooketsytwitterpinterestinstagram}

DIY Distressed Denim from Thrifted Jeans

DIY Distressed Boyfriend Denim by Vivat Veritas

I’ve only owned one pair of jeans until today, and I am happy to announce that I added another, much more comfortable pair! I’ve never been a jeans and t-shirt kind of girl. I find flowy dresses far more comfortable than skinny jeans. But after watching this DIY video, I became obsessed with the thought of  distressing jeans. Somehow, the thought of plucking threads with tweezers to make the denim distressed seemed so soothing.. in reality, however it hurt my hands.

I picked up these mom jeans from 390 mart (サンキューマート) in Harajyuku. Everything in the store is 390 yen, which is about 4 USD. Here are the before and after pictures – The jeans in before picture were comfortable, but very momsy!
Before and After of DIY Distressed Denim by Vivat VeritasDIY Distressed Boyfriend Denim Process1

Here is how I turned the mom jeans in to distressed boyfriend jeans. First cut the hem. I marked the line with a pen right above my ankles. I wanted the cuffed look and I wasn’t going to hem it. If you are planning on hemming, cut an inch longer.  DIY Distressed Boyfriend Denim Process2

Then I flipped the jeans inside out, took in 5 cm from each sides to make the jeans tapered look. I figured it would be easier to roll up the hem with tapered look than straight cut. I sewed the sides and serged them.

After this, to make a distressed look, I cut two lines in parallel on knees and pull the vertical threads (blue ones) with tweezers. I was pulling the threads so vigorously I forgot to take pictures!  This was a bit time consuming and creates a mess. It took me about an hour to finish both knees. I placed one a bit higher. Once this is done, turn the jeans inside out and wash them with cold water to make the hems and distressed parts look more frayed.DIY Distressed Boyfriend Denim2 by Vivat Veritas DIY leather choker by vivat veritas

Andy said he liked this look, which took me by a surprise! While we were shopping at 390 mart, I told him my plan of making the jeans “boyfriend jeans”. He pretended that he understood what I was talking about, but I later found out he had no idea what I meant by “boyfriend jeans”!
Pink Dress Kiko

Kiko always wants to join me in the photo taking sessions…
Temporary Tatto by Vivat VeritasThe day we went to Harajuku happened to be the day of Fashion’s Night Out by Japan Vougue. So at Monki, they were giving away fake tatoos. Kiko got a lip mark on her arm and I got a wrist tattoo.



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Video// Shinjyuku Okadaya & Online Shopping

I went to Shinjyuku Okadaya for fabric shopping yesterday! I avoided going there for a while since Shinjyuku is so crowded all the time, and the summer heat has been unbearable. In this video, I’m showing you what I got – mostly wedding dress related sewing material, including veil, tulle, bonnet, sparkly sash belt etc.

Shinjyuku Okadaya //オカダヤ
Kyoto Lace Shop Matsumura Shoten //京都のレース屋 松村商店

In the video, I’m wearing the tank dress I made myself. I also made the pendant myself from the charm I found in my mom’s closet and the leather strap from a craft shop.

Hope you’ll like the video! Comment down below to let me know if you have any questions or requests:)

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