Fabrics and Inspiration | Making of Junel’s Wedding Dress

fabrics-and-inspiration-junels-wedding-dressJunel and I met at Etsy craft party back in 2015. We followed each other on instagram but hadn't had a chance to meet each other since then. This Spring, she contacted me to make her wedding dress and I was happy to say yes! Her wedding is in Singapore but she is based in Tokyo. She was looking for a casual knee length dress that would fit her lunch wedding, but had hard time fining the right one in Japan. Japanese wedding dress shops often have many Disney princess inspired puffy dresses but if you are looking for something casual and relaxed it can be a bit tricky.junel-wedding-dress-inspofrom left to right - David's Bridal - Inbal Dror - BHLND As always, we started by collecting and sharing images of her dream wedding dress on Pinterest. After she pinned, we looked at the collection of pictures and tried to figure out common themes. Knee length, lace and V neckline were consistently at the front of the line. This process is very helpful in narrowing down the options since browsing pictures on Pinterest can be overwhelming. Going back to the board and look for a common theme will help navigate what style of the dress we want to go for. junel-sketch Here is the sketch we came up with based on the pinned images. We ended up making both front and back V necklines. The right sketch above is by Junel. Her illustration is amazing! She is a freelance illustrator. ivory-tull-lace-fabricWe picked this ivory tulle lace. Since finding good quality lace is rather difficult in Japan, I bought this on etsy. Ivory has more casual feel to it than pure white, which is what she was going for in her wedding. The scalloped edge will be used for the hem of the dress and V neckline. NEXT POST | I'll show you the finished dress and the fitting with Junel! 今年の秋にご結婚されたお客様のドレスです。 2年近く前にEtsyのイベントで会ったのがきっかけで、今回ドレスを作る機会をいただきました。 シンガポールでのカジュアルな結婚式に合うドレスが日本のドレスショップではなかなか見つからなかったそう。 いつもと同じく、まずはPinterestでボードを作っていただき、いいな、と思う写真を集めるところからスタートです。 Pinterestはボードをシェアしたり、写真をアプリ内で送ったりできて共通のムードボ―ド作りに便利。 集めた写真を見ると、共通するデザイン要素が見えてきます。 レース、膝丈、Vネック。 その上でスケッチで具体化させていきます。 このようなショート丈のカジュアルドレスは本縫い後のフィッティングのみでお作りします。 通常の仮縫いフィッティングを行うロング丈ドレスよりお手頃価格でお作りできます(50,000円~) 通常のフルオーダーメイドウェディングドレスの価格表はこちら。 過去にお作りしたドレスはこちらからご覧いただけます。 ♥ 東京木場のアトリエVivat Veritas | 完全オーダーメイド | 花嫁様おひとりおひとりに合わせてお作りします! ♥ ドレスのリメイクも賜ります。 ♥ お問い合わせはこちら chie sig2Find me elsewhere:

Learning a New Skill | Embroidery

learning-how-to-embroider-vivat-veritas-blogI'm learning a new sewing skill - embroidery! My illustrator friend, Natalie and I came up with the idea of making a collab dress using her floral illustration. strawberry-embroidery-1 embroidery-tracing-patternI used a Japanese embroidery book for my first attempt. The book has patterns you can follow and which embroidery stitches to use. It called for a single strand so it took a while to complete. The embroidery is tiny, about 3cm x 3cm. strawberry-embroidery-2 strawberry-embroidery-3After completing the strawberry embroidery, I made a few flowers. I learned by using satin stitch, long and short stitch and outline stitch, you can basically embroider anything. There are many other stitches, and I hope to pick them up as I go along. floral-embroidery-by-vivat-veritas japanese-embroidery-book-2Above is the picture of the book I used in reference. It provides many patterns including Japanese flowers and fruits. I love that I can work on embroider while I'm watching movies or talking to friends. It is a portable project as opposed to clothes sewing which is a good to bring it to a trip. japanese-embroidery-book-3 japanese-embroidery-book-1 刺しゅうを始めました。 図書館で借りた「はじめての刺しゅう 花のワンポイントステッチ」という本を教科書にちょこちょこ進めています。 全て1本取りで進めているので結構時間がかかりました。 ワンポイント的な小さい刺繍です。 大きめに作るなら、型紙を拡大コピーして、3本取りかなんかで刺すと良いかもしれないですね。 刺しゅうを使ったウェディングドレスを思索中です。 chie sig2Find me elsewhere:

MADE | Aztec Print Carolyn PJ

aztec-print-carolyn-pajamas-vivat-veritas-blog I bought this bright aztec print cotton lawn fabric back in the summer. I had something like this in mind to make, but the summer ended before making it or having a chance to go to a beach with it. So I decided to make Carolyn pajama by Closet Case Files. This was my second time with the patterns. I made the first one in silk satin. The sewing went smooth as the instructions were clear. I love the pipping details. It is fun to sew and I enjoy thinking about different possibilities for the color combinations. I made this as a Christmas gift for my sister-in-law. I'll be making a few more as gifts before Christmas comes! aztec-pattern-carolyn-pajamas-by-closet-case-files-4 aztec-pattern-carolyn-pajamas-by-closet-case-files-3 aztec-pattern-carolyn-pajamas-by-closet-case-files-2 dutch-label-shop-labels-for-vivat-veritas-2My new labels came from the Dutch Label Shop. They are an online custom woven label company based in Philadelphia, where I lived five years in the past. I like the fact you can make a small order starting from 30 labels. They also offer care labels and hang tags.dutch-label-shop-labels-for-vivat-veritas-1aztec-pattern-carolyn-pajamas-by-closet-case-files-1chie sig2 Find me elsewhere: