Floral Embroidery Dress

floral-embroider-dress-by-vivat-veritas-blogThis is my first completed project of 2017! Embroidery dress. I started on this in late November and it took me (according to my work hour log) about 70 hours. I went through two seasons of the BBC show, Poldark while stitching this together.

I made this dress for a customer and she will use it some kind of performance. She plays some kind of musical instrument. The inspiration comes from this Lilly Brown embroidery dress. I was intimidated at first by the number of embroidery pieces that would be required to complete the dress, but I decided to give it a try.

flower-embroidery-dress-vivat-veritas-4 hem-of-embroider-dressflower-embroidery-dress-vivat-veritas-3 close-up-embroidery dress-form-embroidery-dress back-lilly-brown-imspired-dress

The dress is made of satin and chiffon. Since it would be difficult to embroider directly on chiffon without causing the fabric to pucker, I embroidered the flowers on satin, cut around the embroidery and applique on chiffon. It might have been possible to embroider directly on chiffon if I use the embroidery machine, but I did not have an access to it this time nor the time to play around with it. Has anyone have experience with embroidery sewing machine? embroidery-flower-pieces{Flower pieces embroidered on satin, before being attached to chiffon}back-of-the-embroidery{Making sure the back is as pretty as possible}boning-wedding-dress{Boned lining before being attached to the dress. I use white washi tapes to cover the ends of the bones, tip I learned in Tatiana Kozorovitsky's class.}embroidery-dress-vivat-veritas{Dress in works before the lining is attached.}elasticized-back-panel{Elasticized panel on the right}

The dress has boning in the bodice and padded at bust area. The back has an elasticized panel with invisible zipper inside the lace-up panel so a bit of adjustment is allowed. The customer is smaller than my dress form but because of the elastic back and lace up, the dress still fit the dress form. hem-adjustmentI waited to hem the chiffon skirt until the very end. I knew with the weight of the embroidery, some parts will be weighted down. I put the dress form on chair and mark the new hem line with erasable marker. Then I cut the chiffon hem and finished it with rolled hem. Overall, it was a great experience making this dress. 2017年初めて仕上げたドレスはこちらの刺繍ドレス。 リリーブラウンの5周年ドレスに似たものを作って欲しい、と頼まれて製作しました。 刺繍はすべて手縫い。一針一針、時間をかけて縫い上げました。 そのままシフォンに刺繍をしてしまうとツレてしまうので、サテンを土台にし、刺繍したものをアップリケしていきました。 製作時間約70時間! 大変だったけれど、お客様へを羽ばたいていくドレスを見るのは嬉しいです。 chie sig2Find me elsewhere:

Fitting and Completed Dress | Making of Junel’s Wedding Dress

tulle-lace-wedding-dress-vivat-veritas-3 tulle-lace-wedding-dress-vivat-veritas-2 tulle-lace-wedding-dress-vivat-veritas-1 tulle-lace-wedding-dress-back-viewAbove pictures from Junel Nothing satisfies the maker's soul more than seeing a customer rocking a handmade dress! Junel had a wedding in Singapore in October. junel-lace-knee-length-wedding-dress-detailsHere are some pictures of the completed dress. It's made out of ivory color tulle lace I bought off of etsy (it's hard to find good lace in Japan) with satin underlay with lining supported with boning and bra cups. It is pretty structured so she did not have to wear a bra. There are two things I adore about this dress - 1. V-line back cut with scalloped lace 2. pockets! I've seen some wedding dresses with pockets on Pinterest and was convinced that it was the coolest thing to have. Not only it works well for posing for pictures but also it is good for a bride to have for practical reasons. You can hide lipstick for a touch-up or if you were me, a few Reese's peanut butter cups. It happened to me - In my case, I was too busy smiling for photos and chatting with people so I completely missed my wedding meal. So many reasons to have pockets for a bride.ivory-lace-wedding-dress junel-dress-pocketSome pictures for the fitting - I am always nerve wracked before fitting sessions, worrying about whether it fits well or not. But I try to remind myself that I can always fix it if the fit is not right! Check out my previous post for the fabrics and inspiration for this dress. fitting-time-at-vivat-veritas-atelier1 fitting-time-at-vivat-veritas-atelier2 completed-dress日本在住で海外挙式をされたお客様。 前回のブログ記事に引き続き、今回はフィッティングの際のお写真と完成写真をお披露目します。 ドレスが出来上がり、最終フィッティングの日になると、作り手の私はどきどきそわそわしてしまいます。 出来ることは全てやったけど、気に入ってもらえるかな?とか サイズ合わなかったらどうしよう?とか。 でも、ご希望に添えないことがあったら、まだ時間あるし!直せるし!と心を落ち着けて挑みます笑 だからぴったりサイズが合い、お気に召していただけた時の喜びは格別です。 「お客様の声」のコーナーで、花嫁様の感想もご覧になってみてください(英語のみ)。 このようなショート丈のカジュアルドレスは本縫い後のフィッティングのみでお作りします。 通常の仮縫いフィッティングを行うロング丈ドレスよりお手頃価格でお作りできます(50,000円~) 通常のフルオーダーメイドウェディングドレスの価格表はこちら。 過去にお作りしたドレスはこちらからご覧いただけます。 ♥ 東京木場のアトリエVivat Veritas | 完全オーダーメイド | 花嫁様おひとりおひとりに合わせてお作りします! ♥ ドレスのリメイクも賜ります。 ♥ お問い合わせはこちらchie sig2Find me elsewhere:

Fabrics and Inspiration | Making of Junel’s Wedding Dress

fabrics-and-inspiration-junels-wedding-dressJunel and I met at Etsy craft party back in 2015. We followed each other on instagram but hadn't had a chance to meet each other since then. This Spring, she contacted me to make her wedding dress and I was happy to say yes! Her wedding is in Singapore but she is based in Tokyo. She was looking for a casual knee length dress that would fit her lunch wedding, but had hard time fining the right one in Japan. Japanese wedding dress shops often have many Disney princess inspired puffy dresses but if you are looking for something casual and relaxed it can be a bit tricky.junel-wedding-dress-inspofrom left to right - David's Bridal - Inbal Dror - BHLND As always, we started by collecting and sharing images of her dream wedding dress on Pinterest. After she pinned, we looked at the collection of pictures and tried to figure out common themes. Knee length, lace and V neckline were consistently at the front of the line. This process is very helpful in narrowing down the options since browsing pictures on Pinterest can be overwhelming. Going back to the board and look for a common theme will help navigate what style of the dress we want to go for. junel-sketch Here is the sketch we came up with based on the pinned images. We ended up making both front and back V necklines. The right sketch above is by Junel. Her illustration is amazing! She is a freelance illustrator. ivory-tull-lace-fabricWe picked this ivory tulle lace. Since finding good quality lace is rather difficult in Japan, I bought this on etsy. Ivory has more casual feel to it than pure white, which is what she was going for in her wedding. The scalloped edge will be used for the hem of the dress and V neckline. NEXT POST | I'll show you the finished dress and the fitting with Junel! 今年の秋にご結婚されたお客様のドレスです。 2年近く前にEtsyのイベントで会ったのがきっかけで、今回ドレスを作る機会をいただきました。 シンガポールでのカジュアルな結婚式に合うドレスが日本のドレスショップではなかなか見つからなかったそう。 いつもと同じく、まずはPinterestでボードを作っていただき、いいな、と思う写真を集めるところからスタートです。 Pinterestはボードをシェアしたり、写真をアプリ内で送ったりできて共通のムードボ―ド作りに便利。 集めた写真を見ると、共通するデザイン要素が見えてきます。 レース、膝丈、Vネック。 その上でスケッチで具体化させていきます。 このようなショート丈のカジュアルドレスは本縫い後のフィッティングのみでお作りします。 通常の仮縫いフィッティングを行うロング丈ドレスよりお手頃価格でお作りできます(50,000円~) 通常のフルオーダーメイドウェディングドレスの価格表はこちら。 過去にお作りしたドレスはこちらからご覧いただけます。 ♥ 東京木場のアトリエVivat Veritas | 完全オーダーメイド | 花嫁様おひとりおひとりに合わせてお作りします! ♥ ドレスのリメイクも賜ります。 ♥ お問い合わせはこちら chie sig2Find me elsewhere: