Embroidered Jeans

After finishing up my last knitting project, I needed another portable project for when I watch TV or travel. Because the season is heading toward Summer, I took a break from knitting and decided to transform my boyfriend denim. It was already refashioned once from thrifted mom jeans to tapered boyfriend fit but I wanted to incorporate the embroidery trend (You can see my mood board on Pinterest). I had a lot of embroidery threads left over from my previous projects (here and here) so I had everything I needed to tackle this project right away. I used this Japanese book, titled “可愛いハンガリー刺しゅう:はじめてでも楽しめる伝統ある手仕事” and followed the patterns. I used an erasable pen to draw patterns on the jeans. Most things are done using satin stitches and lines are done by stem stitches (useful article on 10 hand embroidery stitches). The trick is to first do the running stitches around the border and then fill the canvas with satin stitches. This way the embroider has more 3D effect. Here are some progress photos – from left, 3/23/2017, 3/9/2017 and 4/19/2017. It took a couple of months to finish. I’m glad that they are done before the embroidery trend is over. After I finish all the embroidery, I had to take in 12cm total of waist. I followed this youtube tutorial. 12cm was a lot to take in, so you can see the side seams are not in true side anymore. Sorry for the many butt photos! But I needed to show off the months of handy work:)  



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What to Do When Your Wedding Dress Color is Not Right

What to Do When Your Wedding Dress Color is Not RightA few months ago, I received a text message from a make up artist that I worked with in the past (for this shoot), asking for help. She bought a wedding dress online but the color was not the color she was expecting. The dress was made in pure white polyester satin and organza, and it did not fit well with her skin color. This strapless sweet heart neckline dress came with an organza long sleeve top which she did not like either. She wanted the color to be more of an off-white and ivory shade. So she attempted to dye the dress with coffee; however, the color did not becaus the dress fabric was synthetic.

Here is the before and after picture. I am not sure if I was able to capture the color correctly in pictures, but the one on the left is white and the one on the right is the same dress after the modification, which is off-white.
before and after of color change wedding dressMy plan was to take apart the top layers of the dress, and make new layers in off white satin, lace and chiffon using the patterns of the old wedding dress.plan for updating the white wedding dressHere is the picture of the dress after the dissection. taking apart the dressThe dress bodice with off white satin and lace layers added.
bust part of wedding dressHere is the completed dress!

If your wedding dress color is not what you like, you can make the top layer based on the original dress. It is much easier and quicker than making a dress from scratch.
completed dresslaced up back detailsIvory lace wedding dress最近承ったお直しウェディングドレスの案件です。
ポリエステルはうまく染まらないので、ドレスを分解して新しいレイヤーをオフホワイトのサテン、レース、シフォンでお作りしました。wedding circus x vivat veritas dresswedding circus x vivat veritas wedding dress3 ayumi dresschie sig2Find me elsewhere:

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Bellows Pocket Tutorial

Bellows Pocket Tutorial - free sewing tutorial!The last time I made a chambray Archer button up, I modified the original pockets to bellows pockets with flaps. This was my first attempt to make bellows pockets and was surprised how easy they were. You just need to be precise with the measurements and pressing, and the rest come together nicely. I like bellows pockets for the functionality (my iPhone fits in my pocket easily!) and sporty vibe. I took some photos while sewing and here is a quick tutorial on how to make them.
Bellows Pocket Tutorial 1First you need to modify the pattern. Start with pocket pattern without any seam allowances on the sides and bottom. You can keep the top seam allowances as they are (usually folded over twice) but make sure to clip as pictured above to avoid bulk. For sides and bottom, first add for “gusset” width. I added 3cm all around. Then add 1cm seam allowances, so you will be adding 4cm around on sides and bottom.

Fold the top twice, press well and stitch.Bellows Pocket Tutorial 2 Bellows Pocket Tutorial 3 Bellows Pocket Tutorial 4Here is the tricky part. Fold the bottom corner diagonally, meeting the pressed line you made in step 3. It’s similar to making a mitered cornerBellows Pocket Tutorial 5Bellows Pocket Tutorial 6 Bellows Pocket Tutorial 7Bellows Pocket Tutorial 8Before you pin the pocket to the shirt, I would transfer the line for pocket placement with a tailor’s chalk so you will know exactly where to place the pocket. Bellows Pocket Tutorial 9 Bellows Pocket Sewing Tutorial via Vivat Veritas Blogマチ付きポケットの作り方です。

ちょっとスポーティ感をプラスしてくれるポケットなので、色々なアイテムにつけてアレンジできそうです。chie sig2Find me elsewhere: