Easter Dress B-Trendy B1659

Making clothes for my daughter has become a group effort these days. In the past, it was a one-way thing, where I decided everything. Now Kiko has an opinion on everything and we figure out what works and what doesn’t. She had a lot o say in regards say in to this particular dress – especially the length (longer the better!) I tried to convince her that knee length would be easier to ride a bike and whatnot, but she wanted a floor length dress. She said that she wanted a princess and pointed out that none of her dresses are floor length. So, she won.  The pattern is from a magazine called B-Trendy by Made by Oranges. You can see how modern the dress looks in the magazine as opposed to what I made. With a white apron, she could easily blend in with the girls from Little House on the Prairie. It is a paper pattern and you have to choose the appropriate size to trace. There are so many lines and it’s a bit hard to see so I used a highlighter to mark the lines, put the tracing paper on top of the pattern paper and traced it. The instructions are in five languages – English,Dutch, French, Spanish and Netherlands. The instructions are similar to BurdaStyle’s. Very minimal. You have to know sewing basics to figure out so it is not recommended for beginners.

The one I used, B1659 is a cute basic pattern. Round neckline, long sleeves, baby doll style skirt. I can see a lot of possibility with this pattern. I can make it sleeveless with satin and tulle for formal occasions and add side seam pockets and make in printed jersey for daily wear.

Pattern: B Trendy #7 B1659 Dress (25% discount with a code vivat for all products in their online shop valid till 4/1/2017)
Size: 128 (8-9 year old). In retrospect, I should have picked size 116, which is for 6-7 year old.  Of course, the creation process won’t end until we have a proper photoshoot session! She found the flower crown I used for a shoot in the past and put it on herself… 娘に最近作ったドレスです。
型紙はB Trendy #7 B1659 Dress (クーポンコードvivatで25%オフになります)。


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Baby Shower Gift Ideas with Skip Hop

adorable baby shoesHello! I wanted to share some pictures I took at my friend’s baby shower. I was her designated photographer:) She is expecting a baby girl and we had a shower at her lovely home in Tokyo. She is British and her place is decorated in British fashion (what I imagine an English home to look like) with pretty tea cups and dark color wood antique furniture.

baby bump baby shower decoration{Custom ordered cupcakes}
british tea cups1 british tea cups4{Collection of beautiful tea cups – My friend said she bought most of them from charity shop!}party food3{Kiko and fun party food}ruth and chie crafting at baby shower{Scrap booking time! Most of the items are from 100 yen shop, Daiso}
DSC_1994 copy DSC_1996 copy{We each decorated the bibs}kiko and maggy

In terms of shower gifts, this posts’s sponsor Diapers.com gave me few ideas for good baby toy gifts. I try to hand make gifts as much as I can (diaper cake, baby clothes here and here, nursing cape and bunny beanie) but occasionally, time does not allow it. So here is my guide:baby shower gift guide with skip hop{Skip Hop baby shower gift guide | 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5}
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Four Years Old


Kiko turned four last month. Although we threw her birthday parties every year up until now (first, second and third), we decided not to do it this year and enjoy a quiet birthday by ourselves. I made her mini cupcakes and Andy got her Belle and Rapunzel dolls. She loved them and played with them for an hour. I loved playing with my dolls as a child, so I enjoy seeing Kiko plays with them too.

On her birthday, she had  daycare in the morning. At the end of the daycare, a caretaker usually gives me a slip of paper describing what she ate, whether she pooped and one paragraph journal of how she was for the day. On that day, it said something like this in Japanese: “Today was Kiko’s birthday. She was excited to tell everyone about her birthday. I (the caretaker) asked what she wanted to be when she grew up. She said she wanted to be like mommy”.
Parenting has ups and downs. There are some days that I feel I’m doing an alright job as a mother and there are some days that I get haunted by the thought that I might be screwing up or completely ruining Kiko’s life because of what I’m doing or not doing. It was one of those days that made me happy because she said she wanted to be like me! It was such an honor. I know you might think that every little girl says that, but it made me happy nonetheless.

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