MADE | High Waisted Tweed Pants

Near my house, there is a craft shop called mano creare. It is owned by Okadaya, but tailored more for moms. They curate their stuff so as to attract moms who make kids’ bags and lunch box covers for preschool. Most of what they have is cotton with cars, buses or ballerina prints but, occasionally I can find more exciting treasures. I found this beige tweed on the end of the winter sale rack for just 900 yen for 1.5 meters. The fabric has a wide width, approximately about 145cm so I immediately thought of making a pair or wide legged trousers. The fabric has nice weight and have slight sheen to it. I have drafted a high waisted pants pattern and have been modifying over the past few months. It started when I made these shorts and I loved the fit. It sits on natural waist, covers the belly part with the front tucks and the back accentuate the waist and butt. So I used the variation of it to make these jumpsuit for a customer, wool top and pants set for myself(which are yet to be blogged), and these pants. I added back pockets which are never going to be used but it is a nice detail. The buttons are a gift from my friend, who found many vintage buttons at a flea market in England.  I also made the front pockets, but it was not until I finished that I realized the design flaw. Since the pants are high waisted, they should have been placed on the side, from about five centimeters from the waistline so you can stick your hands in. Turned out I have four pockets that I won’t be really be using.
The hem is wrapped with beige silk satin bias strips (left over from this dress). These hidden details are nice! Nobody will look at it or notice it but it’s ok. It satisfied the maker’s ego.
Worn with crossover back chambray shirt (blogged here) and Superga sneakers. I’ve also worn them with stripe shirt. Wide leggs are nice so I can wear leggings and long socks inside to keep warm.I am satisfied with the end result and already started thinking of making another pair for warmer season. Maybe in bright red linen with cropped hem? These earrings are also my recent make. I took a jewelry making workshop. The group get together once a month to make different jewelry and the fee is usually 1,000 yen.


生地は近くのmano creareで。セールで1.5mカットを900円でゲット!

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Brooklyn Tweed Hudson Turtleneck

I’m a complete novice when it comes to knitting, but I could not resist starting a project after looking at so many fun instagram photos of beautifully knitted projects (@kniting_inspiration, @brooklyntweed, @woolandthegang). I started this Brooklyn Tweed Hudson twisted rib turtleneck in the mid Summer to take to my Summer trips in Karuizawa and Atami. I finished it in December so it took five months. I have some experience knitting with circular needles (hat) but this was my first time knitting a sweater. This turtleneck is constructed by knitting the bodice and sleeves separately and then connecting them at the shoulder finishing at the neckline. Making the bodice and sleeves were pretty straightforward; however, joining them all together and at the same time decreasing the stitches was not. I just could not understand the pattern at that point and repeated the process 3 times. By the fourth attempt, I was so exhausted that I gave up on following the patterns all together. That is why the neckline is shaped in a weird asymmetrical way.
Thankfully the yarns I used were navy blue which is very close to black, so it is hard to notice the mistakes. Or at least I’m hoping so. I got the yarn in Yuzawaya Shinjuku at the end of last Winter when they were doing massive store closing sale. This yarn is a mix of wool and cashmere. It’s pretty warm when wearing with my polkadot archer button up.This knitted clutch was made by my friend. She gave me the knitted piece and asked me to just put it together myself since she knew I sewed. I added a zipper at top and lined it with printed corduroy. Also added a piece of plastic at the bottom so the clutch won’t sag when I put a lot of stuff in.
I’ve already started my second sweater project. This time I’m using a Japanese pattern from michiyo. Japanese knitting books provide graphics (figures?) for the patterns, so I’m hoping the neck shaping will go easier this time. I’m making it with pink mohair. More to come! 初めてのセーターを作りました。
型紙はBrooklyn TweedのHudson

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MADE | Butterick 4610 Camel Wool Coat

butterick 4610 modification camel wool coat by vivat veritas

Now this year’s coat sewing is done! I love my new coat. This is a bit lighter than the coat I made last year since the fabric is thinner. It is still warm enough if you layer some clothes and I think I’ll be able to survive the Tokyo winter just fine.

After making two muslins (one of which is wearable), this coat came out pretty quick. I enjoyed working with wool. I get a great joy out of fusing the wool! That sounds so weird but if you sew, I’m sure you understand.

If you are interested in making a similar coat, here are the facts:

Pattern: Butterick B 4610
Size: I blended the size 6 and 12.
Adjustment: Skipped the patch pockets and added the inseam pocket between front panel and side front panel. I also lengthened the jacket by 23 cm below the waist line. The front hem is cornered, instead of round in the original pattern or my pink jacket. Finally, I did the narrow shoulder adjustment by 1cm each side.
Fabric: camel wool fabric. The exact content is unknown since it was from the sale’s section.
Lining: polyester satin in matching camel color.
What I would have done differently: Add the side pockets in between front and back side panels, instead of between front panel and side front panel. When I button up the coat, the pockets open up in a weird way. Or I would add a welt pockets across the front and side front panels. Another thing is the length. I was able to extend the original pattern length by only 23cm since I had a limited fabric, but I would have liked knee length coat.

butterick 4610 modification camel wool coat by vivat veritas4butterick 4610 modification camel wool coat by vivat veritas2

Outfit details | Shirt: made by me (Grainline Studio Archer Button up), Sweater: thrifted, Jeans: Uniqlo, Necklace: Moose and Nigel, Booties: Rag and Bone Harrow Booties
butterick 4610 modification camel wool coat by vivat veritas3butterick 4610 modification camel wool coat by vivat veritas5Bound button holes! I followed this tutorial.

butterick 4610 modification camel wool coat by vivat veritas6Here is what the inside of the coat looks like. butterick 4610 modification camel wool coat by vivat veritas7I’ll be making the most out of this coat this winter! I like that it goes well with my skin color and hair color. I tend to wear black and gray a lot in the winter, and my face looked so dull. I didn’t know why until I read Sonja‘s comment on my pink jacket post about the correlation between hair color and the clothes color. Since my hair is very dark, when I wear dark colors, I look like someone from Adam’s family.

♡Check out the muslin for this coat // Inspiration post for the coat♡

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