The Marriage of Figaro Costume

I’ve had some interesting assignments recently…making costumes! I haven’t had much chance to make costumes except for my failed attempt to sew a past Halloween costume, so when I was asked to make Cherubino’s costume for the Marriage of Figaro, I jumped on it. The fabric was provided by the client (bright green satin with dragon print!) and I bought the triming. The buttons are from Zakzak and ribbon is from Tomato, both in Nippori. Zakzak has some fun trims, like crazy belt buckles. Worth checking in whenever you are in Nippori.Ive made men’s vests, tuxs and pants in the past (here and here) so I modified it a bit to fit this project.  Added a mock pocket flap. One good thing about making costumes is that the clothes don’t necessarily have to be functional. Here are some close up photos of the pants. I used men’s trouser patterns, shorten the length and added some cuffs.  Tada! Ridiculously shinny vest and jacket set. I’m sure you can spot Cherubino from the miles away. I also made a costume for a customer who wants to do cosplay as a character from a video game, Parasite Eve. I don’t play video games and have no idea about Parasite Eve, but the quick google search taught me it’s  “a 1998 survival horror action role-playing video game”. I was to make a dress for Melissa Pearce, and here you can see the character I based the dress for.It was simple to make but ended up very heavy because the fabric used was velvet. I used closed to three meters.


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Karada Dakara – Dance Event

I’m so excited to announce that a dance team I designed costumes for is having their performance this weekend, and I made their costumes! They are having 4 shows in total on 12/8 and 12/9. I will be at the 7pm show on 12/8, if you are in Tokyo and interested in coming out, please feel free to contact me at! The ticket costs $3,500 at the door.

It was a lot of work bringing the design that the dancer had in mind into real life, due to her need for movability and comfort, and its stage presence. The pictures above only shows the white dress, but I made some with an overskirt in red, purple and navy on top of the dresses. I made seven overskirts in one day, and didn’t have time to photograph them:(

Below is excerpt from Asahi Art Square, where the performance is.

とあるところに一つの机と二つの椅子。 向き合ってる二人。 一方はディーバで、一方はエゴというらしい。 ディーバ『さー、どこから始めようか。』 エゴ『前に一歩踏み出したい、そんな気がする。』 ディーバ『こんなのはどうだい?』 こうやって二人の会話は始まった。。。

■日時 12月8日[土]19:00開場/19:30開演、 12月9日[日]11:00開場/11:30開演、14:30開場/15:00開演、18:00開場/18:30開演

■料金 前売3,000円/当日3,500円

住所 〒130-0001 東京都墨田区吾妻橋1-23-1 スーパードライホール 4F Tel. 090-9118-5171 E-mail: 10:00-18:00 *火曜日定休

■アクセス 東京メトロ銀座線「浅草駅」4、5番出口より徒歩5分 都営地下鉄浅草線「浅草駅」A5番出口より徒歩10分、「本所吾妻橋駅」A3出口より徒歩6分 東武線「浅草駅」より徒歩6分

■出演 [代表]秋吉朝子 [guest dancer]cen, shin, bashi, ken(z) [choreographer]まっつん, takabo, kaoru, 海津優子, 三田サブウェイラインズ、wired [vocalist]SAK.,虎徹 [drum]大津惇 [live paint]mika kawakami [projection]下山裕貴

■予約・問合せ 主  催|ego:pression 助  成|AAS協力事業 *詳細は

Mommy’s Diary: Cat Halloween Costume McCall M6383

I had a lot of fun making this cat costume for Kiko. Last year, I made her a bee costume along with a tulip head piece for Andy. The cat pattern is from McCall, M6383. Zhing from Little Project in Style gave me this last year, and I’m happy that I finally got to use it. I cut the smallest pattern. It turned out a little big for Kiko, but I think it’s supposed to fit not too tight to the body. I don’t know how this fabric I used is called; my mother got it for me for some other project I never had a chance to get to. I would not say it was the easiest fabric to work with because it’s thick and produces a lot of fuzz, but it’s very soft and warm. The lining is cotton polkadot fabric.

The sewing of this costume went pretty quick and smooth. I think it took about 3 hours in total. The pattern instructions were clear and easy to follow.

Unfortunately, Kiko wasn’t all so thrilled with this cat costume. I don’t know what her problem was, but she hated to be put in it. I could not take any pictures of her smiling in this costume..

We went trick or treating. It was fun! She had her first lollipop, and it was funny to see her being confused because she did not know how to eat it. Once she found out how to eat it she was crazy about it..