MADE | High Waisted Tweed Pants

Near my house, there is a craft shop called mano creare. It is owned by Okadaya, but tailored more for moms. They curate their stuff so as to attract moms who make kids’ bags and lunch box covers for preschool. Most of what they have is cotton with cars, buses or ballerina prints but, occasionally I can find more exciting treasures. I found this beige tweed on the end of the winter sale rack for just 900 yen for 1.5 meters. The fabric has a wide width, approximately about 145cm so I immediately thought of making a pair or wide legged trousers. The fabric has nice weight and have slight sheen to it. I have drafted a high waisted pants pattern and have been modifying over the past few months. It started when I made these shorts and I loved the fit. It sits on natural waist, covers the belly part with the front tucks and the back accentuate the waist and butt. So I used the variation of it to make these jumpsuit for a customer, wool top and pants set for myself(which are yet to be blogged), and these pants. I added back pockets which are never going to be used but it is a nice detail. The buttons are a gift from my friend, who found many vintage buttons at a flea market in England.  I also made the front pockets, but it was not until I finished that I realized the design flaw. Since the pants are high waisted, they should have been placed on the side, from about five centimeters from the waistline so you can stick your hands in. Turned out I have four pockets that I won’t be really be using.
The hem is wrapped with beige silk satin bias strips (left over from this dress). These hidden details are nice! Nobody will look at it or notice it but it’s ok. It satisfied the maker’s ego.
Worn with crossover back chambray shirt (blogged here) and Superga sneakers. I’ve also worn them with stripe shirt. Wide leggs are nice so I can wear leggings and long socks inside to keep warm.I am satisfied with the end result and already started thinking of making another pair for warmer season. Maybe in bright red linen with cropped hem? These earrings are also my recent make. I took a jewelry making workshop. The group get together once a month to make different jewelry and the fee is usually 1,000 yen.


生地は近くのmano creareで。セールで1.5mカットを900円でゲット!

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Dot Sweatpants | 1 Hour Sewing

One Hour Sewing Dot Sweatpants (via vivatveritas

I wrote in the past how much I love making handmade gifts. I think it feels special and you can tailor the things you make depending on the person you are giving the gift to. I made these sweatpants for my friend who is leaving to go overseas for the next two years. She asked if I can make sweatpants that don’t scream out “sweatpants”. She sent me a few pictures of images and they were floral print but I had no luck finding pretty floral stretch material that cwould work for adults in my recent shopping trip to Nippori. Because the time was running out, I picked out this dot print.

Again, I used the patterns from a Japanese pattern book, called Otona no pants to skirt (Pants and Skirts for Adults (大人のパンツとスカート). You can see my previous version here. I made the E-2 long version last time. This time I made the E-1 version which is cropped. It might go to right above ankle for my friend since she is a bit shorter.

It was really a quick sew and the whole cutting and sewing took about an hour. No new modification this time. You can see what I changed from the original patterns in my previous post.

I made this off-the-shoulder top as well, using the remaining rib fabric I used for the sweatpant’s ankle cuffs and waist band. I cut out the bra cup from my old cami that got stretched out and added inside the top, so I can wear this without worrying about the bra line.

Speaking of bra’s, I finally purchased the Watson bra pattern from Cloth Habit! I know I’m so late on this sew-along, but I’m excited nonetheless! This will be my first bra sewing attempt. It’s fabulous how sewing communities evolved and influence each other. Without it, I wouldn’t have taken the plunge to sew my first jeans, let alone a bra.



Dot Joggers Using Japanese Sewing Patterns (via vivatveritas Dots Sweatpants Gift Easy sweatpants! Click through to see what patterns to usechie sig2

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Gray Sweatpants from a Japanese Pattern Book

Sweatpants from Japanese sewing book Vivat Veritas

I sewed up these comfy sweatpants just in time for all the fun outings for Golden Week! In Japan, there is a series of national holidays from the end of April to beginning of May, called Golden Week. It feels as though we have a perfect weather without fail during this holiday every year – it’s dry, warm but not too cold or hot. We have some fun plans as a family so I made myself these sweatpants that can be worn outside.

The patterns are from a Japanese pattern book, called Otona no pants to skirt (Pants and Skirts for Adults (大人のパンツとスカート). I borrowed the book from a local library. Since I saw the Hudson patterns by True Bias, stylish sweatpants have joined the list of “to-sew”. Look at Heather with these cool sweatpants! I was going to buy the patterns but I happened to come across with this book at the library so I decided to use it instead of Hudson.

Once you trace the patterns, the cutting and sewing are super easy and quick. I made a pair without any modification (E-2, long version) first. It ended up way too big for me. From behind, it looked like I had an elephant butt 🙁 So I gave that to Andy (we match!) and they fit him well. These ones I’m wearing are my second try. I took in about 12 cm all around the hip area. They are loose enough to be comfortable but not too baggy. I also shortened the length by 4cm.

Gray joppers from Japanese sewing book Vivat Veritas Otona-no-Pants-to-Skirt-boo

What I love about these pants are the huge pockets! There is a pleat in pocket piece and it drapes nicely. I can fit all kind of stuff here.

Both sweatpants fabric and the rib I used for waistband and ankle bands are from Tomato (日暮里トマト) in Nippori. I bought them on the second floor, knit section.
Gray joppers side view Gray sweatpants with big pockets Vivat Veritas

I wore this to a casual meeting the other day.
Shoes: Shop Anthom, Jean jacket: thrifted, Silk shirt: Made by me (blogged here), Necklace: H&M, Watch: Michael Kors


Sweatpants-GIFchie sig2


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