Lisa’s Secret Periwinkle Dress

Testimonial by Lisa:

I first discovered Chie’s blog via during their free pattern month when Chie offered a free pattern, a scallop waist skirt. Needless to say, her blog was full of beautiful dresses and inspiration and stories about her sewing life in japan with her adorable daughter and equally adorable husband. Her blog is one of my favorite blogs as i found it very real, and sincere. Even when something goes wrong, Chie has a tone of honesty and sincerity in her writing, something i can relate to.
I was hooked when I saw Chie’s many versions of backless dress. Despite my small size, my waist is quite big and most of Chie’s ready to wear were normally too small for me at the waist. So I was ecstatic when she offered custom made dresses for some selection. I must say I was quite smitten by her bridesmaid dress with a small cut out at the breastbone. And when i saw her skater dress in lace with neon piping, I told myself I got to have one.
When my brother’s small wedding do came up, I thought it was high time I order a custom made dress from Vivat Veritas. I chose the Secret Periwinkle dress. We went through some options of inspiration over the email. Chie was, as all the others can testify, quick to respond and you can sense her enthusiasm over the email. After finalising the color, Chie was kind enough to shop for me. I left the fabric choice to her, as I thought she will know better how it will all drape. After placing my order, I received the dress on my doorstep 9 days later. And mind you, this involves buying the fabric, cutting and sewing, shipping from Japan to Malaysia! I must say Chie and the dress didn’t disappoint. It was love at first sight. I would definitely order from Chie again, and now I am so in love with her Romantic Floral Top with Lace insert!