The Marriage of Figaro Costume

I’ve had some interesting assignments recently…making costumes! I haven’t had much chance to make costumes except for my failed attempt to sew a past Halloween costume, so when I was asked to make Cherubino’s costume for the Marriage of Figaro, I jumped on it. The fabric was provided by the client (bright green satin with dragon print!) and I bought the triming. The buttons are from Zakzak and ribbon is from Tomato, both in Nippori. Zakzak has some fun trims, like crazy belt buckles. Worth checking in whenever you are in Nippori.Ive made men’s vests, tuxs and pants in the past (here and here) so I modified it a bit to fit this project.  Added a mock pocket flap. One good thing about making costumes is that the clothes don’t necessarily have to be functional. Here are some close up photos of the pants. I used men’s trouser patterns, shorten the length and added some cuffs.  Tada! Ridiculously shinny vest and jacket set. I’m sure you can spot Cherubino from the miles away. I also made a costume for a customer who wants to do cosplay as a character from a video game, Parasite Eve. I don’t play video games and have no idea about Parasite Eve, but the quick google search taught me it’s  “a 1998 survival horror action role-playing video game”. I was to make a dress for Melissa Pearce, and here you can see the character I based the dress for.It was simple to make but ended up very heavy because the fabric used was velvet. I used closed to three meters.


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Sparkly Costume for J-Pop Singers

sparkly costume for jpop singers by Vivat VeritasLast year, I was asked to make the costumes for two J-pop singers’ re-debut. The group was originally made up of six girls, but they reduced the number to two. To celebrate the re-grouping, they performed at a live house in new outfits. I don’t have a much experience in sewing costumes save making myself a Halloween costume a few years ago. From that one experience, I learned that you have to use “costumy fabrics” in order to have the costumes stand out in a crowd or on the stage. The design that the singer’s PR company presented was relatively simple without extravagant decorations or a massive amount of boning. I’m thinking I could even use the same pattern and make a wearable romper for myself in the summer. I further refined the design and suggested the main fabric to be sequined paired with cape of all white fur.
j pop costume sketchHere is my sketch for the costumes. cape muslin for costumeAbove is the cape muslin. I drafted the pattern based on this pin. Then I made the cape with white fur and lined it with satin. The process required a surgical mask and vacuum cleaner…it created so much fuzz and mess! Every time I made a cut, I had to use the vacuum cleaner to remove the excess hair. I used velvet ribbon to tie in the center and added the straps on shoulder so the singers can use it to keep the cape in place while dancing. white fur cape and sparkly romper inside fur cape copy close up of romper costume fur cape inside the costumeBra cups are catch stitched inside. Underneath the sequined skirt, there is a white shorts attached. The sequined fabric almost destroyed my good scissors… I recommend using old pair or cheap ones when you have to cut sequins. sparkly rompers for j pop singers昨年末、某J-POPアイドルのコスチューム作りをお手伝いさせていただきました。

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Handmade Bow Ballet Leotard

Bow Ballet Leotard

My daughter started taking ballet lessons in last October and I made a lace ballet leotard for her back then. It’s been nine months and I already had to make a second one since she’s grown out of the first one! Although the leotard had some stretch, at the end her nipples were exposed and its time had passed. I already made the pattern, so I made simple modifications on the pattern and didn’t need to change much (here is a good alternative PDF pattern on etsy). I added 5cm in bodice and few centimeters around chest and waist. It turned out that chest is a bit big for her but I have no doubt that she will grow out of this leotard very soon.

She did not like the last dress I made for her, but thankfully she received this leotard with much love and gratitude. So funny that a child has preferences over what she wears at this young age.

The fabric is a leftover from the jazz dance costumes I made back in 2012.  It’s some kind of spandex mix two way stretch fabric I bought in the second floor of Nippori Tomato, knit section. After making her leotard, I still have a ton left so I’m thinking of making myself bathing suit for this summer. I’ve been eyeing this vintage inspired one piece number by Ohh Lulu Sews. Has anyone made this?


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