Embroidered Jeans

After finishing up my last knitting project, I needed another portable project for when I watch TV or travel. Because the season is heading toward Summer, I took a break from knitting and decided to transform my boyfriend denim. It was already refashioned once from thrifted mom jeans to tapered boyfriend fit but I wanted to incorporate the embroidery trend (You can see my mood board on Pinterest). I had a lot of embroidery threads left over from my previous projects (here and here) so I had everything I needed to tackle this project right away. I used this Japanese book, titled “可愛いハンガリー刺しゅう:はじめてでも楽しめる伝統ある手仕事” and followed the patterns. I used an erasable pen to draw patterns on the jeans. Most things are done using satin stitches and lines are done by stem stitches (useful article on 10 hand embroidery stitches). The trick is to first do the running stitches around the border and then fill the canvas with satin stitches. This way the embroider has more 3D effect. Here are some progress photos – from left, 3/23/2017, 3/9/2017 and 4/19/2017. It took a couple of months to finish. I’m glad that they are done before the embroidery trend is over. After I finish all the embroidery, I had to take in 12cm total of waist. I followed this youtube tutorial. 12cm was a lot to take in, so you can see the side seams are not in true side anymore. Sorry for the many butt photos! But I needed to show off the months of handy work:)  



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Learning a New Skill | Embroidery

learning-how-to-embroider-vivat-veritas-blogI’m learning a new sewing skill – embroidery! My illustrator friend, Natalie and I came up with the idea of making a collab dress using her floral illustration. strawberry-embroidery-1 embroidery-tracing-patternI used a Japanese embroidery book for my first attempt. The book has patterns you can follow and which embroidery stitches to use. It called for a single strand so it took a while to complete. The embroidery is tiny, about 3cm x 3cm. strawberry-embroidery-2 strawberry-embroidery-3After completing the strawberry embroidery, I made a few flowers. I learned by using satin stitch, long and short stitch and outline stitch, you can basically embroider anything. There are many other stitches, and I hope to pick them up as I go along. floral-embroidery-by-vivat-veritas japanese-embroidery-book-2Above is the picture of the book I used in reference. It provides many patterns including Japanese flowers and fruits. I love that I can work on embroider while I’m watching movies or talking to friends. It is a portable project as opposed to clothes sewing which is a good to bring it to a trip. japanese-embroidery-book-3 japanese-embroidery-book-1

図書館で借りた「はじめての刺しゅう 花のワンポイントステッチ」という本を教科書にちょこちょこ進めています。
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Three Baby Shower Gift Ideas

three baby shower gift ideas

There is a baby boom happening around me lately. It seems like everyone is having a baby! As much as the time allows , I try to make some handmade gifts for them. It is more time consuming, but there is also something special about staying late at night, using my hands to create for your friends. For baby shower gifts, I try to avoid baby clothes because when you get a ton of new born clothes which won’t last for a long time because baby grows so quick. It might not be as fun but I like to give practical gifts like diapers and nursing pads because you will definitely need them. Here are some of my ideas to pretify the rather boring gifts:

1. Diaper cakeantonia29

This one is fun to make and you can be creative with the toppings. My friend made me one when I was having baby and I appreciated having extra diapers around when I forgot to buy some.diper cake how to1 diper cake how to2 diper cake how to3

I used one pack of diapers (about 80 diapers). I separated them in three, rolled them up (put in a toilet paper core in the middle for the biggest roll), and tie with an elastic band. To connect three diaper cake rolls together, I used disposable chopsticks, just stick a few of them in the middle.diper cake how to4 diper cake how to5Since my friend was having a baby boy, I used some fabric left overs in sky blue (from this dress) and trims. To secure the end, I stapled them together. Perhaps you can use hot glue gun to do the same. I added a cardboard cut in the same size circle of the bottom diaper roll, covered in the same blue fabric for the very bottom for extra security.antonia31 mini cars

Now the fun part: toppings! I found these tiny paper cars and trains at Okashi Tengoku (お菓子天国). It literally means Snack Heaven. They have all kinds of Japanese snacks. The one I went was in the second floor of Toyosu Viva Home. To attach the toppings, I used tooth picks. It wasn’t the most secure way to put them on, but they stood ok.

2. Embroidered card

baby shower card3While I was in Philadelphia, I took some embroidery project with me. I worked on it while I sat on the couch and chatted with grandma. One of my favorite stitches I learned is the chain stitch. I looks pretty when you use a thick thread, like 6 thread embroidery strand. There are many tutorials on how to do chain stitch on the internet so I won’t go into the detail here. This tutorial is easy to follow.

To make the card, I stole a colored paper from Kiko’s craft drawer and drew the letter, “BOY”. Then using 6 embroidery together, chain stitch along the letter drawn with a pencil. baby shower card1 baby shower card2 baby shower card4baby shower gift

Guess what’s inside the tulle wrapping? It is nursing pads! Well, they were specifically requested by the mom-to-be. You need a lot of those for the first few months. I made myself some washable nursing pads, but by the end of breast feeding, I was tired of washing them after each use. Disposable ones would have come very handy.

3. Initial embroidered cloth washable wipesbaby cloth initial embroidery

The idea is the same as the gift idea #2. I bought a plain white cloth wipes and embroider the baby’s last name initial using chain stitch. baby cloth initial embroidery1 baby cloth initial embroidery2

Hope you like my ideas!



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