Invitation | Rose Themed Wedding Dress Showcase Vol. 2

For those who are in Japan, please join me in my second event in collaboration with the local flower shop, AFRIKA ROSE and a wedding dress designer, Satomi of Rachel Bridal. Satomi and I are each showcasing three new rose themed wedding dresses at AFRIKA ROSE, which specializes in selling Kenyan made roses. This year’s theme is “aroma”. 

I’d love to see you there. Event is completely free! Check out the facebook event page here. You can see the recap of the last year’s event in this blog post.


日時:2017.7.21 17:00-20:00 opening party 


            7.22 11:00-19:00

            7.23 11:00-19:00

場所:AFRIKA ROSE アフリカローズ広尾 広尾駅2番出口より徒歩5分

出展者:Vivat Veritas (ビバ ベリタス)
Rachel Bridal (ラシェルブライダル)




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♥ 東京木場のアトリエVivat Veritas | 完全オーダーメイド | 花嫁様おひとりおひとりに合わせてお作りします!
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Photos from the Leap Trigger Fashion Show

Leap Trigger Fashion Show photos by vivat veritasSome of you kindly asked how the Fashion Show went. It went well! It was a fun experience. I did not post about it right away since I only had some few photos taken by iPhone in low light. As you can see, it was really dark! I actually did not get to see the runway show since I was working as a fitter in the back, helping the models to change. The event host, Leap Trigger will be putting together a web magazine of the event, so I will have more to show here soon.

There were seven other designers who contributed to the show. As I worked in the backstage, I had the chance to inspect take a look at the other designers’ work. They were beautiful…The execution was very well done and I could see that there was a lot of thought going into designing the pieces. Whether or not that the clothes are actually wearable is another question, but I was impressed by the quality of the hand work. I tend to design clothes based on what I want to wear, now, rather than working on the inspiration and expressing it through the clothes. How do you design clothes?


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Tokyo Visual Arts at Gallery LE DECO

KINETHIC COLOR BARS.Still006A while back, I provided a wardrobe for a promotional video shot by students at Tokyo Visual Arts. Now the video is ready, and will be exhibited this week (1/28/2014-2/1/2014, the Video will be running on 1/28, 1/30 and 2/1 only) at the Gallery, LE DECO in Shibuya! The wardrobe pieces provided were my personal ones, including the one I posted on the blog a few days ago and the one I wore to the wedding. I was not at the shoot, so I have no idea what the video is about, but am excited to find out! If anyone is free this weekend, and wants to check out the event with me, please feel free to email me at The map to the gallery is here.


衣装はShop用ではなく、私物だったのですが、モデルのYUKAさんに着ていただき、今週渋谷のギャラリー、LE DECOで展示されます。




【 開催日 】2014年1月28日(火)〜2月1日(土)
【 時間 】11:00〜19:00
【 入場料 】無料
【 会場 】ギャラリー LE DECO(ルデコ) (MAPはこちら

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