Completed:: Beachy Wedding Dress

back1 copy

A few weeks ago, I wrote about the progress of the wedding dress I was working on. It’s finally completed! I could not be happier with the result. I really enjoyed sewing this dress, perhaps this is the kind of style of dress that I would actually wear if I were to get married again. This dress is quite comfortable to wear as well, with a built-in bra, small cap sleeves for extra support and light weight chiffon and silk satin skirt. beachy wedding dress front and back close up beachy wedding dress

Attaching the lace at the chiffon hem was the most time consuming part of making this dress. I hand stitched about 13 meters of lace! I could not use a sewing machine for fear of the chiffon puckering. It took about 10 hours just attaching the lace alone!

The dress has a sweep length train. Small pearl button and a loop were added in the center back, so the train can be shortened for reception.


トレーンは、後ろスカート中心につけたパールボタンと、ベルトループで、披露宴用に短くすることもできる、two wayです。

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Simple is the Best

ami vivat veritas portfolio shoot1

I recently participated in a portfolio shoot for a model named, Ami. She wanted something simple and relaxed, so I styled up the bat sleeve sweater, black sheer top, faux leather peplum top and cream color sweater. I’m enjoying the minimalist trend, as you can see it from the dress I made recently.

ジーンズ以外(モデル私物)、すべてVivat Veritasのものです(Shopはこちら)。

ami vivat veritas portfolio shoot3 ami vivat veritas portfolio shoot2



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Mommy’s Diary:: Stylish Girls

stylish girls by vivat veritas

Sources: 1/2/3/4 (from left top, clockwise)

Some recent pins from my “Baby” board on Pinterest.  I need to rename it to “Kids” or something, as Kiko grows up, I am pinning more and more toddler stuff these days. I love these little girl’s outfits. So sassy and chic. Because of the amount of time Kiko spends with Andy, she is always in sweatpants and t-shirts, but I am making her a pink coat that matches with mine. Can’t wait to share the progress of the coat!



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Tokyo Visual Arts at Gallery LE DECO

KINETHIC COLOR BARS.Still006A while back, I provided a wardrobe for a promotional video shot by students at Tokyo Visual Arts. Now the video is ready, and will be exhibited this week (1/28/2014-2/1/2014, the Video will be running on 1/28, 1/30 and 2/1 only) at the Gallery, LE DECO in Shibuya! The wardrobe pieces provided were my personal ones, including the one I posted on the blog a few days ago and the one I wore to the wedding. I was not at the shoot, so I have no idea what the video is about, but am excited to find out! If anyone is free this weekend, and wants to check out the event with me, please feel free to email me at The map to the gallery is here.


衣装はShop用ではなく、私物だったのですが、モデルのYUKAさんに着ていただき、今週渋谷のギャラリー、LE DECOで展示されます。




【 開催日 】2014年1月28日(火)〜2月1日(土)
【 時間 】11:00〜19:00
【 入場料 】無料
【 会場 】ギャラリー LE DECO(ルデコ) (MAPはこちら

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Behind the Scenes:: Fall 2013 Lookbook

vivat veritas ss2013 fall lookbook behind the scenes4Over this summer, I worked on a few weddings (here and here), and everything else related to my shop update had been pushed back. Now that I am done with big projects, you can expect to see new items in the shop soon.

Last weekend, we went to Yume no Shima park  (夢の島公園)in Shin-Kiba (新木場) to shoot our fall 2013 lookbook. This fall had many typhoons in Japan, so I was worried that we would not be able to shoot on the day we set, but thankfully, it turned out to be a beautiful, fall sunny day.

I am really into the knee-length or midi-length pencil skirt look right now. You will see that in this lookbook..I can’t stop making simple pencil skirts in many different fabrics. This year’s trend is pushing me to try the styles that I would otherwise never try, like cropped top or turtle neck sweaters. I detested turtle necks before (it always made my neck itchy), but since I see them all over the place now, I started to like them. What is your favorite fall/winter trend this year? vivat veritas ss2013 fall lookbook behind the scenes3 vivat veritas ss2013 fall lookbook behind the scenes2 vivat veritas ss2013 fall lookbook behind the scenes1

More on my Instagram! xx

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Pinspiration:: 09/18/2013

NYFW pinspiration by vivat veritas

I enjoyed the NYFW photos that popped up on my instagram and Pinterest readers last week. Did you follow the NYFW? What was your favorite?
1. Can’t get enough of the all white outfit. Joie Spring 2014.
2. Alexander Wang always offers fresh and new take on the yearly trend. I don’t know how wearable this is, but still like the new way to show off the midriff.
3. I love the jumpsuit and colorful tote combination from the NYFW street style snap.
4. Such a stylish mom-to-be!
5. Colorful and boxy silhouette outfits from J. Crew.
6. Midi length skirts were everywhere in the NYFW street style. This one with jewels all over is amazing, combined with a white tank and colorful clutch. This midi skirt is also my favorite.

Follow me on Pinterest for more (my Fashion inspiration board is here)! xx


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Fashion’s Night Out in Tokyo

Have you ever heard of FASHION’S NIGHT OUT (FNO)? I joined it on 7th September for the first time!

FNO is the huge shopping event in Omotesando area, which is produced by Vogue. You can enjoy not only night shopping, but also cocktail service, free-novelty goods, DJ and etc. You just stop by any shop, and enjoy them.


I got this sticker before starting FNO.

omotesando hills

The main place of FNO; Omotesando Hills. The opening and closing parties were held here.


Cocktail at LANVIN. Champagne, cocktail, beer… various drink welcomed you at many shops.


Yes. This is party. In front of TOKYU PLAZA.


Eco bags, chocolate candy, dry fruits, lip-balm, rings, badges, tattoo-stickers… everything is free!

It was a great chance to cruise inside high fashion brand shops, which I sometimes hesitate to enter. Some shops provided exclusive items during FNO. Watching fashionistas (real and wannabe) was also a lot of fun!

FNO is held all over the world every year. I’ll definitely go next year!

Fashion’s Night Out(FNO)って知ってますか?Vogueが主催するショッピングイベントです!9月7日のFNOに行ってきました。





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Labor Day Weekend Sale

labor day sale vivat veritasLabor Day sale on both Shop and Etsy shop! Applies to ready-to-ship items only. The above picture is Chasing the Waterfall dress.


Inspiration: Like Mother, Like Daughter

greymagazine6I haven’t done the inspiration posts for a while, but I could not resist sharing this one. This is from Grey S/S 2013, via Studded Hearts. I really like the styling; it is a fun inspiration for a future photo shoot possibly involving Kiko …

greymagazine7 greymagazine5 greymagazine4 greymagazine3 greymagazine2 greymagazine1ChieSignature

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Spring 2013 Lookbook Shoot Behind the Scenes

vivat veritas spring 2013 clothesToday turned out to be a really beautiful day with warm Spring weather, around 20 degrees Celsius  We did a Spring 2013 lookbook shoot at a green garden in Kanagawa prefecture today. We could not have asked for better weather.

This lookbook was, unfortunately, prepared in rush, since I was gone for the past two weeks to NY. Once I got back last week, I worked hard at night to get stuff done for the shoot, from sewing sample pieces for the shoot, planning a makeup and styling options and coordinating with other team members. I was a bit nervous how it would turn out, but everyone was sweet and things went smoothly. Here is some sneak peak of what was in behind the scenes of the photoshoot.

pink roses vivat veritas spring 2013 clothes behind the scnesSpring 2013 lookbook shoot oslo and alfred jewlriesvivat veritas spring 2013 clothes behind the scnes3 vivat veritas spring 2013 clothes behind the scnes2 spring 2013 lookbook shoot make up tools2 spring 2013 lookbook shoot make up tools spring 2013 lookbook shoot make up session hair and make up spring 2013 lookbook shoot behind the scenes rini and chieChieSignature


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