MADE: Khaki Wrap Dress

khaki wrap dress by vivat veritas blogAt the beginning of the Summer, I purged some of the clothes in my closet. That purge included ridding some clothes I hand made in the past like this dress, high-low skirt, shirt dress (Archer pattern modification) and this floral skirt (I kept the top). They were made four years ago and worn many times, so the fabric was starting to fall apart. The floral skirt was nice, but the organza insert felt too sexy for me to wear in my daily life as a mom. As sad as I was to part with my creation, it also gave me an opportunity to make new summer clothes! Since I made this parka, I wanted to incorporate more of khaki color in my closet. I have a lot of white and black as basic neutral colors but just black and white felt boring. As I always do, I browse through Pinterest to collect pretty images of the dresses to pin down what I want to make. I pin those in my "Fashion" board.

khaki dress inspiration board by vivat veritas blog{1 | 2 | 3 | 4 } khaki wrap dress details Here is the end result! I think it looks like the closest to #4 above. I might be able to wear it in the fall as well with a black turtle neck inside. The fabric is from Nippori Tomato, second floor knit section. It's a medium weight jersey with a bit of velvet like feel in the right side of the fabric. It's soft and comfortable!

The pattern was borrowed from my recent client work. I lengthened the skirt length by 5cm and added big patch pockets on both sides. I love the pockets and use them often to hold key when I am running out of the door.

最近自分用に作ったカーキ色のラップワンピースです。 クローゼットの中には入れるハンガーの数を決めていて、それにかからないものは出来るだけ人にあげたり、リサイクルショップに持って行ったり、状態が悪い場合は処分して、服だらけにならないように気を付けています。 断捨離についての本読むの好きなので笑 今年の夏も、着ていないものを随分処分しました。 その中には自分で数年前に手作りしたものもあって、別れるのが少し辛かったのですが、 やっぱり生地が駆使されて薄くなっていたり、丈が短く感じて長いこと着ていなかったりのものばかり。 なので心を鬼にしてさよならしました。 クローゼットのスペースが空いた分、新しいドレスを作りました。 カーキ色のシンプルラップ(カシュクール)ドレス。 ポケットもつけました。 出掛けにささっと鍵とか駐輪券とかを放り込んでおけるので便利です。

khaki color wrap dress with big pocketskhaki wrap dress by vivat veritas1 (2){worn with Dolce Vita sandals}chie sig2

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MADE | Transitional Piece

what i made - beige wrap dressWinter is my least favorite season. Not only do I hate being cold, but also fashion wise, I get sick of multiple layers. Usually I end up wearing jeans and a Uniqlo sweater.  So boring! But.....I had a chance to get to Nippori last weekend and that gave me some sewjo to make myself something fun to wear. After going through piles of knits on the second floor of Tomato fabric store, I ended up with this beige knit. It is medium to thick knit made out of 80% of rayon. The rest of the fabric content is a mixture of polyester and polyurethane, so the knit does not go too stretchy after some washes. The wrong side of the fabric is flannelized to keep it warm and it feels good against the skin.beige dress full bodyThe pattern was from a store bought dress I had. I did not do anything special except for lengthening the sleeves. I sewed the front neckline with an elastic so that the neckline would not get stretched. The whole thing is serged and the hem was done by hand. This way the hem sewing line is invisible. Sewing was simple and in total it took less than two hours to make.beige wrap dress back style - beige wrap dress It fits pretty well, though I could do without some creases in the back. But, at the same time, I did not want the dress to be skin tight like one of those f21 dresses that college kids wear to clubs... When Kiko saw me wearing the dress, she said "mommy, new dress?! But it is too small for you!". In her mind a  "dress" needs to be long and fluffy like some kind of Disney princess. beige layersI'm planning on wearing with cardigan, long boots (from Zara) and plaid scarf for now. Once the weather warms up, I want to pair it with white sneakers and leather jacket. main_20160301_tiered_launch Last but not least, my favorite online shop, Shopbop is running a spring sale from 3/1-3/5. Check out here. 自分用に新しいワンピースを作りました。 日暮里トマトのニット館で買った裏起毛加工のニットです。 ベージュは地味かなーと迷ったのですが、着回しを考えて、決定しました。 今はロング丈のカーディガン、ロングブーツと合わせて、春先には真っ白いスニーカーとレザージャケットで着る予定。chie sig2 Find me elsewhere:

Completed:: Beachy Wedding Dress

back1 copy A few weeks ago, I wrote about the progress of the wedding dress I was working on. It's finally completed! I could not be happier with the result. I really enjoyed sewing this dress, perhaps this is the kind of style of dress that I would actually wear if I were to get married again. This dress is quite comfortable to wear as well, with a built-in bra, small cap sleeves for extra support and light weight chiffon and silk satin skirt. beachy wedding dress front and back close up beachy wedding dress Attaching the lace at the chiffon hem was the most time consuming part of making this dress. I hand stitched about 13 meters of lace! I could not use a sewing machine for fear of the chiffon puckering. It took about 10 hours just attaching the lace alone!

The dress has a sweep length train. Small pearl button and a loop were added in the center back, so the train can be shortened for reception.

以前ブログに書いたビーチウェディング用のドレス、完成しました! 個人的にとても好みなドレスだったので、作っていて本当に楽しかったです。 ブラパッドを入れたり、軽いシルクとシフォンを使ったりと、着心地の良さを工夫しました。

トレーンは、後ろスカート中心につけたパールボタンと、ベルトループで、披露宴用に短くすることもできる、two wayです。 裾には13メートルのレースを、すべて手縫いで付けました。

front2 lace close up1 lace close up3 lace close up4 lace close up5ChieSignature{find me elsewhere: shopfacebooketsytwitterpinterest}