Pinspiration:: 7/18/2014

July Pinspiration Vivat Veritas BlogHere is what I love from Pinterest…

1. Pretty kid’s portrait
2. I’ve been seeing deer head ornamention on many stylish gallery walls but they are quite expensive. This DIY shows you how to make it with clay and twigs! I’m definitely doing this for my sewing room.
3. Matching top and bottom is a refreshing alternative to a dress.
4. Free fonts! Which one do you like the best?
5.  How to build a stylish home office.
6. Alexandra Grecco launched a bridal line! I’ve always been fan of her clothing.

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Mommy’s Diary:: Stylish Girls

stylish girls by vivat veritas

Sources: 1/2/3/4 (from left top, clockwise)

Some recent pins from my “Baby” board on Pinterest.  I need to rename it to “Kids” or something, as Kiko grows up, I am pinning more and more toddler stuff these days. I love these little girl’s outfits. So sassy and chic. Because of the amount of time Kiko spends with Andy, she is always in sweatpants and t-shirts, but I am making her a pink coat that matches with mine. Can’t wait to share the progress of the coat!



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Pinspiration:: 09/18/2013

NYFW pinspiration by vivat veritas

I enjoyed the NYFW photos that popped up on my instagram and Pinterest readers last week. Did you follow the NYFW? What was your favorite?
1. Can’t get enough of the all white outfit. Joie Spring 2014.
2. Alexander Wang always offers fresh and new take on the yearly trend. I don’t know how wearable this is, but still like the new way to show off the midriff.
3. I love the jumpsuit and colorful tote combination from the NYFW street style snap.
4. Such a stylish mom-to-be!
5. Colorful and boxy silhouette outfits from J. Crew.
6. Midi length skirts were everywhere in the NYFW street style. This one with jewels all over is amazing, combined with a white tank and colorful clutch. This midi skirt is also my favorite.

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Pinspiration:: 09/14/2013

vivat veritas home inspiration from pinterestIf you follow me on Pinterest, you might know that I’m OBSESSED with Pinterest now. Whenever I have a second, I go on the Pinterest app on my iPhone and browse through all the fun images! It is so addictive. I am into home decor and DIY particularly because I am moving into a new place in a few days. Here are some favorites from this week:
1. I love the idea of preparing a fun cart with goodies for the overnight guest.
2. Great idea for using an old drawer. I also like this idea.
3. DIY scallop edge pillow. Andy and I always fight over who take the pillows. We need more pillows for the new home!
4. I can’t get enough of plants.
5. We will have a small eat-in kitchen at a new place. This is a good layout for a small kitchen.
6. DIY rug!

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Pinspiration:: 08/22/2013

vv pinspirationI haven’t done any inspiration posts for a while, partly because I stopped saving inspirational images on my desktop folder. Instead, I’ve been using Pinterest to organize interesting things around the inter-web. I’ll be posting my weekly favorites on the blog, as I think they are too good not to share! Your all on Pinterest, right?

1. I’ve seen many chair upholstering DIYs, but this one is so far my favorite! Plus, you can always find these fold-up chairs in thrift stores.
2. “Dip” photography print by Max Wagner
3. Celtic hair knot tutorial. This is a nice change from braids and twists.
4. Intimidated to wear cropped tops? Layer a cardigan on top like this. I also like the top & pants set.
5. Next VV photoshoot inspiration… Love the plain white background, dipped chair legs and big flower on hair.
6. Free pattern drafting calculator for your measurements. I’m curious to try.

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Inspiration: Like Mother, Like Daughter

greymagazine6I haven’t done the inspiration posts for a while, but I could not resist sharing this one. This is from Grey S/S 2013, via Studded Hearts. I really like the styling; it is a fun inspiration for a future photo shoot possibly involving Kiko …

greymagazine7 greymagazine5 greymagazine4 greymagazine3 greymagazine2 greymagazine1ChieSignature

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The French Renaissance

MET people

I’ve mentioned that one of my goals in 2013 was to entered into the Design contest that is hosted by Japanese magazine, Souen. The deadline is fast approaching.The due by date is the end of April! The theme of the contest is very broad, basically whatever you want to submit is o.k. There is no set topic. Judging by past contestants, the common thread seems to be avant‐gardethe and creative, not particularly wearable. This is very hard for me as I like to make wearable clothes. I like to be able to wear VV clothes on casual business meetings, lunch out with friends and even taking Kiko out to a near by park. Personally I don’t really see a point in making clothes that cannot be worn. But most of the past contestants creations are expression of some emotive art.

Although this is not my first choice, I’d like to use it as good practice. I decided my theme for this contest to be “Transition”. This is because the last few years have been years of great transitions for me personally. I got pregnant, experienced significant body change, had Kiko, became a mother and entered back into the society to work. Also, Kiko is constantly changing and growing, and I need to do the same to adapt to her needs. The first part of transition (pregnancy) was more physical and happened gradually, and I think I made a pretty smooth transition to motherhood. The latter half of the transition, as having two faces as mom and a working woman came more difficult. I struggled with the feeling of guilt, whether I’m with Kiko or at work, feeling incompetent and insufficient to complete the both tasks well.

The topic “Transition” came up while Andy and I were talking one evening. He suggested, “how about transition?” I don’t really know what he meant by the word, but I took it as I described above. Transition from one to another. Changing. The struggles and the outcomes that come with it.

I have a few key elements that I want to include, such as using two different textured fabrics, maybe leather and chiffon. I am thinking combining something hard and soft.

While we were in NY in February, we had a change to visit the Metropolitan Museum or Art. I was able to snap some pictures which will help me guide this design process. I was particularly intrigued by the French Renaissance era. The Renaissance was a transition from the old world to new world. Seems to fit I think!

trees february new york statue infront of MET andy in NYCfrench renessance MET statue at METfebruary in METMET1 MET2the renessance in france METThis little write-up about the French Renascence is very helpful. I will certainly try to incorporate some of the key elements, like “abstract patterns, natural motifs, and elongated figures”. renessance in france MET example of elongated features MET

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Inspiration Behind the AW12 Lookbook Shoot

I’m still working toward posting a full AW12 lookbook photos we shot a few weeks back (although a few items are on sale on my esty shop already). In the meantime, I wanted share a few inspiration images behind the shoot. I don’t have sources for the photos..I’m sorry. If you know, please let me know!

Where do you get ideas for photoshoot? I like browsing through Pinterest to see what pops up on my reader, but at the same time, I feel as though I waste too much time on it!

Inspiration: Pants Fever

If you look through my finished projects, it is pretty obvious that I love dresses and skirts. I love making them and wearing them so much, but lately I’ve been finding myself attracted to pants as well. Also, after reading this post on frosting vs cake in your wardrobe, it made me think that I have too much frosting, not enough cake! It is just more fun to make frosting, and I tend to go to thrift shops for more basic pieces of clothing. I was thrilled when I found pairs of colored jeans in lavender and burgundy, originally from Uniqulo for 700 yen (8 bucks) each! I got them from a thrift store called “Second Street”. I believe it is a chain in Japan. I’ve been wanting colored skinnies for a while. I was thinking about making clover pants from Colette Patterns (although I have to lengthen the pants as I detest cropped pants), but I bought two pants for the price I would pay for the pattern. Speaking of Colette Patterns, I absolutely adore all the new patterns they have, especially Iris! Ginger is working on the Iris pattern, and I’m excited to see the result. Another recent thrift purchase were these vintage yellow pants for 500 yen. They are high waisted and wide legged! I love them.

Here are some pretty photos that made me want to wear pants more…

Souces: 1 (I drool!), 2, 3, 4, 5

Inspiration: The Hunger Games

Source 1, 2, 3, 4

Have you read/watched the Hunger Games? I read the all three books. It was first recommended to me by a friend. When I first started reading I was skeptical, thinking it would be something like a Twilight. But, after about 50 pages, I was hooked. I flew threw the books, and kept bugging Andy to read them too so we could talk about it. I loved reading about the love triangle with Katniss, Peeta and Gale. I felt like I was a teenager again!

Anyway, we recently watched the movie. The movie was terrible which was a bit disappointing but I really liked Katniss’ dress at the reaping. Pairing it with a braided up-do was really pretty. It seems easy to make with use of a blouse pattern. I’m thinking this Burda pattern with some modification to skirt would fit the bill.

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