MADE | Sheer Pullover Sweater

After knitting my first sweater, I was hooked to knitting. I like having a portable project when I watch movies at home (right now watching Outlander). I found knitwear designer, michiyo’s book at a local library and immediately liked every piece in her book. From many patterns, I picked “see through pull over” in this book. As you can see, it is very straight forward. The first few rows of bodice and sleeves are rib, and the rest are all knitted in knit in round. It has a sheer effect as the pullover goes close to the shoulders since it is knitted in thicker needles. I think the sheer effect would show more if I wear a contrasting color underneath.
I started this project in mid November, so it took about three months to complete. I found the Japanese knitting patterns so much easier to follow as they have many graphics. I used 80 grams of Hamanaka Mohair. I bought them in this app called Mercari where you can buy and sell pretty much anything. Sometimes you can find fun stuff in craft supply section. The patterns for the white pants are Ginger jeans from Closet Case Files.
I knitted two sleeves at the same time, using the method I learned from this Japanese book(輪針でニット びっくり!楽しい「輪針」の使い方). At first it was awkward to knit and I was afraid that it would leave big holes, but at the end it was not very noticeable. It was great to be able to finish two sleeve pieces at the same time. michiyoさんの「じっくり編んで永く愛せるニットのふだん着」から、シースループルオーバーを作りました。
「部活」として編み物のmeet upもやってるみたいなのでいつか参加したいと思っています。


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MADE | Chunkeanie by Woolly Wormhead

woollywormhead knit hat6 copy
As a sewer, I had stayed away from knitting. I thought knitting was not productive, as it takes hours to complete one project, whereas you can sew up a piece of clothes in a few hours, especially for easy items like a t-shirt or a simple top. If it takes 6, 7 hours to knit up a simple hat, it makes more sense to buy one!? But my friend gave me a book on knitting in exchange for a can of pumpkin (bought during my recent Hawaii trip since they don’t sell a can of pumpkin in Japan..You have to mash them yourself) recently, and convinced me that I should knit. So when I picked up three balls of wool yarns for this simple knit hat project, I wasn’t the most excited. However, when I started the simple motion of knit, purl, knit, purl while watching the Tudors, I was hooked. Something about the simple repetition was so soothing.

Another reason why I had stayed away from knitting was because the knitting patterns confused me. For instance, the pattern I used, Chunkeanie by Woolly Wormhead read, “Rnd 1: *ssk, P16, k2tog; rpt from * to end [72 sts]”. I had no idea what it meant. Learning English was enough for me and I wasn’t ready to learn another language. Thankfully, we have a wonderful thing called Google and by just searching “ssk knitting”, I was able to find videos on youtube to explain what I should do.

I made the largest size in the pattern (the one starts from 80 stitches), and it fit Andy’s head perfectly. Every winter, he wears the ugliest black rib knit hat. I don’t even know where he found it. He said it wasn’t particularly comfortable so he agreed to let me replace his hat with this new one.

This was my first time knitting circle in DPNs. The end stitches are a bit loose, but it ended up being not noticable since the whole hat stretches out when you wear it.

I’m knitting another one for my friend, and thinking of embellishing the hat with some Swarovski crystals. After that, I might try Benton sweater by Brookyn Tweed. Jen’s version looks so good.

woollywormhead knit hat5woollywormhead knit hat7woollywormhead knit hatwoollywormhead knit hat3

Woolly Wormheadというサイトの、Chunkeanieという無料型紙を使って作りました。

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Shop Update: Early Fall Pieces

Hello everyone, how’s your summer going? It’s been really hot in Japan the past couple of weeks. I don’t mind the heat as compared to the cold. The shop has been updated with many early fall pieces, five of them in total. Check them out here!

本当に毎日暑いですね!とけちゃいます。。 こんな暑い中早めな秋物をショップに追加してみました。こちらで見てみてください☆

Top & Bottom: Lilac mix knit short fingerless mitts, Middle: Lilac mix knit long fingerless mitts

Top left: Lilac mix knit circle twisted circle scarf, Top right: Lilac mix knit sheer top

Over the next week, I’ll be adjusting the shipping to a flat rate of $15 for overseas shipment (additional $4 for each additional item). This will apply to all the clothes. For accessories, I will still be shipping in regular international mail unless I receive a request otherwise. I’ve had many lost packages recently using  regular international mails which does not come with tracking or insurance. Although my Shop Policy states that I am not responsible for lost or stolen mails, when a customer contacts me to let me know that she never receive a package, I usually compensate them for it. To avoid the frustration and the waiting time, I decided that all international mails be shipped via EMS (Expedited Mailing Services). It provides a tracking number and insurance up to 20,000 yen (about $230 USD). It is also faster than regular mail. On average, it delivers to the U.S. from Japan within 3-5 days. I apologize for the raise in shipping fee. It is the actual cost, and I am not charging a handling fee. With the Yen’s value remaining high compared to the Dollar it is hard to keep the price down. If you want me to ship it by regular international mail (cost is $7 per item), I will be upon request; however, I cannot be responsible for lost and stolen mails. From now on, the default shipping method will be EMS. Thanks for understanding!

配送と送料についてのお知らせです。今までは日本から海外へのお届けは普通の国際便(航空便)で配送していたのですが、今週から海外にはEMS使用と変更したいと思います。最近何件か立て続けに郵便物の損失が起こってしまって。。。一応Shop Policyとして損失や配達中に盗まれてしまった郵便物の責任は取れませんと書いてあるのですが、実際にお客様から届かないんですけど、と連絡がくるとやはり私が対応しなければいけないのが現状です。なので、今後は海外にはEMSを$15の送料で使用します。送料が倍になってしまって(今までは$7だったので)申し訳ございません。どうぞご理解よろしくお願い致します。

Next week I will be updating a small collection of Harley Davidson series…