Invitation | Rose Themed Wedding Dress Showcase Vol. 2

For those who are in Japan, please join me in my second event in collaboration with the local flower shop, AFRIKA ROSE and a wedding dress designer, Satomi of Rachel Bridal. Satomi and I are each showcasing three new rose themed wedding dresses at AFRIKA ROSE, which specializes in selling Kenyan made roses. This year’s theme is “aroma”. 

I’d love to see you there. Event is completely free! Check out the facebook event page here. You can see the recap of the last year’s event in this blog post.


日時:2017.7.21 17:00-20:00 opening party 


            7.22 11:00-19:00

            7.23 11:00-19:00

場所:AFRIKA ROSE アフリカローズ広尾 広尾駅2番出口より徒歩5分

出展者:Vivat Veritas (ビバ ベリタス)
Rachel Bridal (ラシェルブライダル)




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mariage pluvieux, mariage heureux // New Bridal Lookbook

Vivat Veritas Bridal Lookbook 2014 Boho Wedding Custom Dress

It’s funny how opportunities can roll in while sitting on a couch, relaxing and scrolling down the instagram feed. I found Lisa’s feed from someone else’s and could not stop favoriting her photos. She is an amazing photographer! Especially this one and this one. Her photos have their own uniquness to them; and you are left with a dreamy fairy tale feel like after looking at her photos. It also happened that we have worked with some people in the past. Tokyo English speaking fashion/photography world is such a small world!

Anyway, we met up one day in June to shoot with a model Maria at Hibiya park. I had never been to Hibiya park prior to this, but it is a must-visit place. It is much more calm than the famous Yoyogi park. Lots of flowers and quiet paths. Unfortunately, right when we tried to shoot, it started to pour, but we went on to shoot anyway. I wasn’t sure how it would work out, but It gave the photos pretty melancholy feel, and I quite like it. Vivat Veritas Bridal Lookbook 2014 Boho Wedding Custom Dress 2 Vivat Veritas Bridal Lookbook 2014 Boho Wedding Custom Dress3

I made the title of the lookook, “mariage pluvieux, mariage heureux”. It means “Rainy wedding, happy marriage” in French.
Check out the full lookbook here.

“mariage pluvieux, mariage heureux”とはフランス語で、「雨の日の結婚式は幸せをよぶ」という意味があるそうです。



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