How to Attach Facings with an Invisible Zipper(No Hand Sewing Involved!)

How do you attach facings? For instance, if it is a skirt waist band facing, how do you sew it? Do you sew the waist seam first, turn inside out and hand sew the sides of the waist band facing to the zipper tapes? I think lot of the pattern instructions say to hand attach the facing to the zipper. From Fashion Incubator, I’ve learned an easy and quick way to attach facings, and wanted to demonstrate it here using the scallop waist skirt.

As the pattern instructions state, cut two of the scallop waist skirt waist bands. One will be shown outside and the other will be used as a facing.


– Blockfuse the waist band facing (you can check out Sherry’s post on blockfusing)

1) Insert invisible zipper as usual. If you haven’t sewn an invisible zipper, here is a good step-by-step tutorial on how to install an invisible zipper.
2) Clip the seam allowances of the waist band facing. For this pattern, 1/2″ seam allowances have been included (except for the scallop part, where the seam allowance is 1/4″). So chop off 1/2″ from the both right and left edge of the waist band facing. Please do this only for the facing, not the waist band itself! Now when you compare the two waist band pieces, you can see the facing is shorter by 1″. It is ok that they now have different lengths. This is what it should look like 🙂 Using a regular zipper foot, sew left (or right, whichever you prefer) side of the facing to the both fashion fabric and zipper tape.
3) Press, and topstitch the facing.
4) Do the same for the right (or left) side.
5) Turn so that the right sides of the fabric face each other. You will notice that facing piece is shorter and scallops don’t match. Match the ditch that’s closest to the zipper and pin. Fold the zipper part toward the facing, and pull the facing. (see diagram)
6) Sew the scallop part, using 1/4″ seam allowances. Once you are done, clip the curves, turn, and iron.

Voila! 1/4″ seam allowance on the scallop part leaves you just enough space for the hook and eye.
You can do this for neck facings as well!


  1. Oh this is great! Thank you Chie!