Mommy’s Diary 52: Measles Scare

Sometimes I try to imagine my life 10 years from now, having maybe four kids. I will constantly be sick. This year, I’ve gotten sick four times already. I’ve gotten the rota virus, a flu, and the good ol’ regular cold twice. All of which came from Kiko! Before having her I never really got sick. Occasionally, I would catch something of course but not with the consistency I have this year

Kiko got sick last week and after three days, her fever did not go away and she had strange red spots all over her face. She had a lot of eye discharge and runny nose so we took her to the doctor. Since our regular doctor was closed on this particular day, we took her to a different one nearby. As soon as I went in I got a bit nervous since the doctor was let us say quite aged. But, considering the circumstance, I told myself, she should be very experienced and it’ll be fine. She started to examine Kiko and told me that she might have measles. She said the zits on her face made her to believe it might be measles, but just told me to watch her for a few days and come back. When I told this to Andy he was furious because the doctor did not do further tests to determine whether she had measles and if she did, she should be separated from others since she could spread the virus. Since our regular doctor was closed, we spent that day and night anxious to find out whether she did in fact have measles.

We took her to our  regular doctor the next day and it turned out that she just has a bad cold plus a weird reaction from some strange bug bite. I was relieved but then went on to yell at this doctor and told him “Don’t you think it was irresponsible of the doctor (the one we took the day before) to give me a premature diagnosis without testing and send us home?!”. He was like, “Don’t yell at me for it!” . I realize it wasn’t his fault but I was frustrated although relieved!

Today we got her vaccinated for MMR. Oh the wonderful things a child can bring to our family…

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  1. Cute photos! And so sorry to her about Kiko being sick. Hope she gets well soon!



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  2. i’m so sorry hear about kiko getting sick, it’s never fun, especially when they’re so young. but i also wanted to say, these photos of her are so beautiful! she is such a gorgeous girl! and i LOVE those little curls at the back of her head xx

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