Sketch Everyday

fashion sketch1 by vivat veritas

What is your New Year’s resolution for 2013? Mine is to practice sketching everyday. I wanted to make a goal that I can work toward everyday. After working on the dancers’ costumes last year, I saw my desperate need for better sketching. When talking with the dancer it became increasing difficult  to finalize the design, mostly because the lack of my drawing/sketching skills. I took art in high school and I liked it very much but once I went into the “real world” with jobs and what not I just didn’t have time to sit down and practice drawing.

As a starter, I decided to imitate the fashion drawing from the book, Dress Patterns by Adele P. Margolis. It was a gift from Andy’s grandmother last Christmas. It is an awesome book by the way, if you want to learn about pattern drafting and manipulation. The book includes a lot of illustrations, and I was attracted by the vintage feel of the drawings. So I’m spending 5-10 minutes everyday replicating drawings  from the book. Hopefully over time, I will be able to draw on my own.

So here are my sketches from last week…

fashion sketch by vivatveritas2fashion sketch3 by vivat veritasfashion sketch4 by vivat veritas After a week of sketching, I definitely feel more comfortable than before. Sketching the fingers I found the most difficult. Also the face, with a tiny little bit of difference, a woman’s face can look really scary!!




  1. How cool! Thanks for sharing your drawings! I’m with you– I studied art in high school and a little in college, but my skills have vanished completely (and I was never that good). I should practice sketching, too!

  2. That is such a great idea, Chie! I love drawing but I have never been too confident about my drawing skill. Drawing with computer is different because I can erase the mistakes and do it all over again, but the ability for making quick sketches is very useful (and fun!). I should practice too!

    • Hi Novita, there are a lot of tutorials out there on You Tube on fashion illustrations, but since I learn better when I just try it, I decided to imitate. So far I think it’s going well! I’ve never tried drawing on computer. What software do you use? My computer crashed last week so I lost my Photoshop…sigh.


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