MADE | Ginger Skinny Jeans in White Twill

ginger skinny jeans in white twill by closet case files vivat veritasI want to show you my second attempt at making skinny jeans (Ginger Skinny Jeans View B from Closet Case Files)! This time the sewing was much quicker than the first time. Mostly because I did not bother to change the thread to a top stitching thread. Since the fabric I used was stretch twill instead of denim, it was much easier to sew. No broken needles this time!

I’m pleased with the result and have worn them a bunch of times already. We will see how long these pair will last as I have had to replace my white skinnies almost every year in the past due to stain and stretch. I already made a mistake of riding Andy’s rode bike with these and got oil stain on one leg… Bleach killed most of the stain but I hate having to care for the perfect whiteness.

Here is my mood board for the white jeans.

white ginger skinny jeans by closet case files vivat veritas (2)Size: Previously, I cut size 4 in waist and 6 in hip, but ended up re-cutting the fabrics in size 4 all together. So this time again, I made size 4 with 5/8″ seam allowances as the pattern instructions suggest.

Fabric: I used 5% stretch twill in white. I bought it on Rakuten, here (Japanese only). It is definitely thinner than regular denim fabric and the stretch denim I used for my first Ginger jeans. I think these pants will be great for Spring, but am not sure if I can survive winter.
Modifications: There are a few modifications I made this time.
1. Shorten the length of the jeans by 3cm. It worked out great for 5’4″ myself. I might shorten my next pair even further to make them a cropped length.
2. I raised the pocket placement up for 1 cm and shortened the pocket length by 1cm. I like the result much better than my last pocket placement on these.
Cons: Do you see the fly front is slightly tilted on the left side? I have no idea why it happened and it bothers me greatly.
Here is an embarrassing butt shot… But you can see how well these jeans fit me.

white ginger skinny jeans by closet case files vivat veritas (1)So what’s next? I am thinking of making military skinnies with khaki stretch twill like this and this, by adding big pockets with tabs on the side and ankle zippers.

white ginger skinny jeans by closet case files vivat veritas1 white ginger skiny jeans by closet case files vivat veritas (1)ホワイトジーンズを作りました。
パターンは使うのが2度目のCloset Case FilesのGinger JeansのView B。

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  1. These are seriously amazing! I wish I had the courage to wear white jeans, but I have a hard enough time keeping white shirts stain free.

  2. ジーンズを作ることは私もあんまり考えてなかったけど、今回ホワイトジーンズは確かに私の考えをひっくり返しました。春と夏に向かって今すぐ挑戦したい気持ちです。

    • ありがとうございます!

  3. Alright, Chie, you’re officially WAY too chic and amazing! These look ridiculously awesome!


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