Tutorial | Watson Bra Racer Back Variation

Cloth Habit Watson Bra Racer Back Variation Tutorial

I’m so excited to share the tutorial for this racer back bralette variation of Watson bra! This is my third attempt to make Watson bra by Cloth Habit. You can see my first (black lace) and second bra attempts(apple print). This time, I made it with white stretch lace and changed the back to be racer back without hooks and eyes. It’s a pretty simple modification and a quick sew! Cloth Habit Watson Bra Racer Back Variation Tutorial (click through for more)

I made the Watson bra regular version (not long line version) but I bet you can make the racer back modification in long line version without problem. Here is what I did:

  1. Make the front version as the pattern instructions state. As I did for my first two bras, I added lining in the bra cups with power net and inserted bra cups so the bra is not sheer.
  2. For the back, instead of using the Cloth Habit pattern, I cut the stretch lace in the same length as the front length. Adjust so that the side seams match. Using french curve, draw a curved line making the center back length a bit shorter than the side seams. I finished the top seam with elastic band and scallop part of the same lace.
  3. For the neck strap, I cut the lace 46cm including 5mm seam allowances. Attach the neck strap to the top of the triangles of the bra cups.
  4. Here is the step-by-step pictures of how I made the straight line down the back. Cut the same stretch lace for 9cm. Cut two.
  5. Fold the lace you cut in step 4 in half, with right sides facing.
  6. Sew the diagonal line shown in the picture. Trim the seam allowances and press them open.
  7. Sew two of what you made in step 6 together.
  8. Add the elastic band in the center using zigzag stitch.
  9. Now you have the pointy hourglass-ish shape, sew it on to the center of the neck strap and the center of the back.
    Racer Back Bra Sewing Tutorial (via vivatveritasThat’s it! Please comment if you have any questions. I’d love to see your version of racer back Watson! Please share it on instagram, twitter or facebook and tag me the pictures:)  I made another racer back (sneak peak), and will be sharing the pictures soon.Cloth Habit Watson Bra Racer Back Variation Tutorial via Vivat Veritasレーサーバックブラを作りました。
    パターンは3度目のCloth Habit Watson Bra Pattern。
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Random Things I Made | August 2015

what i made summer 2015 sewing

Besides the swimsuits and kimono dresses, I did a fair amount of sewing this Summer. These small projects don’t deserve an entire blog post but I thought it might be fun to show all the random sewing stuff together.

1. Antique lace + silk camisoleAntique lace and silk

2. Bridal off-the-shoulder lace top for Vivat Veritas Bridalwhite tops

3. Bow for bridal sashvivat veritas bow sash

4. Bunch of fall/winter wool dressesfall dress fall dressesfall 2015 dresses

5. Denim skirt. I drafted the patterns myself too! denim skirt

6. Alice in Wonderland print skirt. The pattern is the same as the denim skirt.
Brown Skirt2 Brown Skirt3

7. Red camisole. I ended up removing the sleeves. It might look OK in the pictures, but they felt so awkward when worn.red cropped top vivat veritas

That’s it! I’m leaving for the U.S. (NY and Philly) in September for a few weeks. Andy thought I was crazy when I signed up for a private bra sewing session with Madalynne,  “more sewing?!” He asked.

What have you made this Summer?

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Summer 2015 Swimsuits

Hot Pink and White Cheeky Bikini Bottom via Vivat Veritas Blog copy

I never understood why swimwear is so expensive (look at this price tag!) since it uses small amounts of fabric. With one meter of fabric, you can probably make 3-5 bikini bottoms, depending on the fabric width and size of the bottom. I had some credit card points to burn and so decided to buy 30cm of this hot pink polyurethane fabric to make this bikini bottom.

I used no pattern; just traced the shape out of my other store-bought swimsuits and adjusted a little. One major modification I made was to add this stretched elastic line in the center back. It is so easy to do and it definitely helps your butt look more cheeky than it actually is.

Here is how:
1. Measure the length of center back.
2. Cut the elastic band (I used 1cm width elastic) in the half of the length you measure in #1.
3. Sew the elastic in the center back of your bottom as you stretch the elastic.
Pashion Pink Cheeky bikini bottom Added elastic on simple bikini bottomHandmade Bikini Bottom Pink

I didn’t use a special lining for this. Just cut two pieces of front and two pieces of back, serge together and hem the side. Sewing swimsuit fabric is not difficult as long as you have the right thread. I used resilon thread. Didn’t even bothered to change my needle but it is better to use ballpoint needle for knits. Bathing suit sewing

Here are some bikini tops and Brazilian style bottoms I recently made for a customer. I don’t have a place or courage to wear those bottoms… but someone will?!

日本では上下セットで同じ色や柄で合わせるのがメジャーだと思いますが、個人的に色々mix & matchするのが好きです。

Black bikini top Black handmade bikini (via vivatveritas Brazilian Style Bikini Bottomchie sig2

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