Pink Floral // My Take on TWO + PIECE SET+ACULAR

two piece set acular 630Have you seen Sophie of Ada Spragg‘s post on TWO + PIECE SET+ ACULAR? It’s awesome. I knew two piece set or co-ords was a trend, but her post really motivated me to make myself one! A set is great because of it’s versatility. You can wear them as is to make them look kind of like a dress, or wear only bottom or top. I’m really enjoying my new pink floral set.

as set2two set acular skirt vivat veritasInstead of sewing the whole thing, I used an already-owned dress from forever 21 and refashioned them into two piece set.
You can see this post for how I made the dress into a cropped top.
For the skirt, I added a new invisible zipper in the center back, and added the organza insert at hem to lengthen the skirt. The dress was super short which kept me from wearing it in the original form. Now the skirt is right above the knee, it is much more appropriate for my age (30!) and wearable.

I made a quick video(about 1 min) showing how I wear them.
The video is showing three ways to wear them:
1. Wear as set
2. Wear with white T-shirt (T is from T by Alexander Wang)
3. Wear with a high waisted shorts (Shorts are from thrift shop. They were long trousers but I cut them short).

Hope you’ll like the video!

I made another set out of a dress, and that is a non-cropped top version! It’s made with black lace and it is another one of the sets that is going to play a major roll in my Summer wardrobe. Will be posting about them soon!

オーストラリアのソーイングブロガー、Ada Spraggのこのブログを見て、やっぱ作ろうと思いました!


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Got New Scissors! Video Review

scissors thumnail 630This will be boring if you don’t sew. I tried to share my excitement over my new scissors (I can’t seem to get the spelling correctly unless I google it everytime) with Andy, but he gave me a blank stare.. He wasn’t tying to be rude or anything, but he just did not get why I spent 7000 yen (70 bucks) for scissors. I had him try my cheap plastic scissors and the new expensive one, and asked if he could tell the difference, but he just laughed! So if you are not into sewing, don’t watch the video because I’m sure you will react the same way Andy did.

The scissors are from Okadaya in Shinjyuku, but you can also purchase them from Rakuten shop here. Mine are 24 cm in length, but I kind of wish I went with 21 cm. They are quite heavy and I think they would have fit in my hands better if they were a bit smaller. Anyway, I hope you will enjoy the video! If you have any video requests, please let me know.

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Pinspiration:: 7/18/2014

July Pinspiration Vivat Veritas BlogHere is what I love from Pinterest…

1. Pretty kid’s portrait
2. I’ve been seeing deer head ornamention on many stylish gallery walls but they are quite expensive. This DIY shows you how to make it with clay and twigs! I’m definitely doing this for my sewing room.
3. Matching top and bottom is a refreshing alternative to a dress.
4. Free fonts! Which one do you like the best?
5.  How to build a stylish home office.
6. Alexandra Grecco launched a bridal line! I’ve always been fan of her clothing.

Looking for more pinspiration? You can follow my boards here.


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Made:: Daisy Print Kimono

daisy kimono5 copySummer is officially here! It is so hot out, all I want to wear is jean cut-offs and tank tops. Although it’s melting hot outside, when you go to the mall or restaurant, I find myself being freezing with strong AC air. I was looking for something breezy as a cover-up and when I saw this pretty butterfly kimono, I thought this is it! I made the pattern out of something I already have – this sheer beach cover-up. I updated it by shortening the length and changing up the collar.

The fabric is from Nippori. I happened to come across with this pretty daisy print on the sales rack and ended up taking it all home. The fabric content is polyester, and it drapes it very well.

It was very quick to make! I like that. I want my in-between projects to be quick and glorifying:) Is anyone interested in tutorial for this? Please comment down below if you are.

daisy kimono7daisy kimono3 daisy kimono1 daisy kimono close up2 daisy kimono close up1

So now to outfit details – The loose tank is from forever 21 about years ago. I got it off the sales rack for very cheap, but since it is so versatile, I keep reaching for it in the closet. The shorts were actually high waisted jeans, but the fit was not great perhaps because it is 100% cotton. I bought them from Urban Outfitters on sale for 10 dollars. As I wore them, they became loose and looked like mom jeans, so I decided to make them into a cut-offs. I wore them and marked the line to cut with a pen. Then I cut them off, sewed the sides so that they wouldn’t fall apart. After that, I threw them in to the washing machine to let it do its job to make the hem look destroyed.

The necklace is from gorjana, and the wach is from Michael Kors.




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Completed:: Beachy Wedding Dress

back1 copy

A few weeks ago, I wrote about the progress of the wedding dress I was working on. It’s finally completed! I could not be happier with the result. I really enjoyed sewing this dress, perhaps this is the kind of style of dress that I would actually wear if I were to get married again. This dress is quite comfortable to wear as well, with a built-in bra, small cap sleeves for extra support and light weight chiffon and silk satin skirt. beachy wedding dress front and back close up beachy wedding dress

Attaching the lace at the chiffon hem was the most time consuming part of making this dress. I hand stitched about 13 meters of lace! I could not use a sewing machine for fear of the chiffon puckering. It took about 10 hours just attaching the lace alone!

The dress has a sweep length train. Small pearl button and a loop were added in the center back, so the train can be shortened for reception.


トレーンは、後ろスカート中心につけたパールボタンと、ベルトループで、披露宴用に短くすることもできる、two wayです。

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