Photos from the Leap Trigger Fashion Show

Leap Trigger Fashion Show photos by vivat veritasSome of you kindly asked how the Fashion Show went. It went well! It was a fun experience. I did not post about it right away since I only had some few photos taken by iPhone in low light. As you can see, it was really dark! I actually did not get to see the runway show since I was working as a fitter in the back, helping the models to change. The event host, Leap Trigger will be putting together a web magazine of the event, so I will have more to show here soon.

There were seven other designers who contributed to the show. As I worked in the backstage, I had the chance to inspect take a look at the other designers’ work. They were beautiful…The execution was very well done and I could see that there was a lot of thought going into designing the pieces. Whether or not that the clothes are actually wearable is another question, but I was impressed by the quality of the hand work. I tend to design clothes based on what I want to wear, now, rather than working on the inspiration and expressing it through the clothes. How do you design clothes?


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Made:: Floral Spring Coat for a Toddler

kiko floral spring coat by vivat veritasThe first year I lived in Philadelphia, I was surprised that the Summer came right after the Winter. There were multiple days of 40 degrees and all of the sudden, the temperature rose up to 80s and everyone starts wearing t-shirt and flipflops. As I love hot weather, I did not mind having Summer and skipping Spring. However in Japan, we have a rather prolonged Spring, where the temperature goes back and forth which makes me wonder every morning what in the world I should wear. I’ve learned to have multiple layers for Spring season in Japan, so I can take off one layer when I am dying of heat and humidity in a train, and put it back on for chilly night.

Be that as it may, I thought perhaps Kiko could benefit from light weight Spring coat. I was very pleased by the winter coat I made for her, I decided to make another one with the same pattern. I made a few adjustments this time -

♡ Added in seam pockets on the side, however, the pocket openings were too small for her hands!
♡ I did not add the round collar like the coat, and instead, left as no-collar coat.
♡ No lining.

I completely forgot that the seam allowances were not included in the pattern. As with many Japanese patterns, you have to add your own seam allowances when you cut out the patterns. One reader commented in the past that she does not add seam allowances to the paper pattern, but to add it while cutting the pieces out of the fabric. I tried that for her coat and it was very easy to do. I completely forgot to add the seam allowances on the go this time though. So the coat ended up a size smaller than the last one, but it worked out alright since the fabric is not bulky and there is no lining. kiko floral spring coat2kiko floral spring coat by vivat veritas2

I did not make her many clothes at all when she was a baby since we were lucky to have people giving us clothes as gifts or hand-me-downs. Also as a baby, Kiko could not care less what she wore. Now that she talks, it is more fun (or frustrating at times) to see her reaction to the clothes I make for her. Last time was a big success since she is into pink, but this time, she was not so crazy about it. It was a good opportunity to teach her to appreciate the gifts she is given even if she does not like it.



chie and kiko 20140407



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DIY Pale Pink Faux Leather Clutch

pale pink faux leather clutch by vivat veritas

I bought this pink faux leather fabric at some shop in Nippori over a year ago. I love this shade of pink..feminine yet not princessy! Kiko, who is almost three, is all about pink now. She requests everything around her – from tooth brush to socks to hair tie to be pink, it is a bit ridiculous. Not sure how she got into pink so much but then I realized that I wear pink often too. I don’t say it out loud that pink is my favorite color (I tell people my favorite colors are blue and purple, which I think is an appropriate color for an almost 30-year-old) but I end up reaching for different shades of pink at fabric shops (evidence here and here).

This fabric waited for me to be worked on since I happened to use the fabric when my sewing machine was broken and I thought sewing the leather was the reason for the problem. It turned out, that the some parts near the needle was broken, but I was afraid of sewing the leather for fear of ruining the machine again.

Last Saturday, I pulled out the fabric again, because I wanted a clutch. I wanted Claire Vivier leather fold over clutch, but I could not bring myself to pay close to $200 for such a simple clutch. I mean, it is real leather as opposed to faux leather fabric I had, but still, the construction of the clutch is too simple for me to justify the purchase. pink vegan leather clutch2This was very simple and it took less than an hour to make. I added the purple zipper to contrast the pink color of the leather (the reality is that’s the only zipper I had!). Also added a thick wrist strap for it will be easier to carry. Next time I would add a snap button so that it stays folded over when I hang it from the wrist. pale pink faux leather clutch by vivat veritas3

Worn with thrifted pants and plaid shirt, and Tory Burch cardigan

I also made the matching headband with the scrap! Just cut out a skinny piece of leather, added two lines of decorative stitches and elastic bands at the end. I don’t carry around many stuff with me, so the small clutch is perfect. I usually carry the stuff pictured below: wallet, iPhone, lipsticks, mouth wash (Andy makes it!), keys and eye vegan leather clutch1Next time I want to try making this envelop clutch. Also this tips on how to sew leather was very helpful.

pale pink faux leather clutch by vivat veritas2自分用にフェイクレザーでクラッチ作りました。
Claire Vivier のクラッチが欲しいなーって見てたんですが、よく見たらジッパーつけて横を縫ってるだけ?!みたいなデザインなので、自分で作ってみました。


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Mend & Make FABULOUS Book Feature

Mend and Make FABKOUS Book Feature1

About a year ago, I contributed some photos of my peplum top to a book editor to be included in the upcoming book. Recently, I found out that it was included in the book, Mend and Make FABULOUS, written by Denise Wild of The Sewing Studio and BurdaStyle.

Here is a summary of the book:

Not only does it show you how to mend rips and make essential alterations, it gives you a host of techniques for “glamming” up your clothes, whether that tired little item at the back of your wardrobe or that vintage find that might have lost its lustre! Full of easy-to-follow instructions as well as stunning examples from all the other sewing mavens out there who are turning drab into fab! Published byInterweave in the North America and Search Press in the UK. 

- from Rotovision Blog

Denise Wild著、Mend and Make FABULOUSという本のカバーに私の作ったぺプラムトップの写真が採用されました♪


Mend and Make FABKOUS Book Feature2ChieSignature

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Lazy or Brilliant

daddy's diaryandy and kiko odaibaIt’s been……a long time since you’ve heard from me. I know that this been has been a terrible drought for your souls.

But……here’s what’s been up on this end. Kiko continues on as usual generally which is another way of saying she’s been boring. Not boring in a bad sense but just as she gets older me stones spread out. Months pass without major jumps. But they still come. Recently she has been expressing an increased self awareness and interest in self expression. I recognized this as she became increasingly bitchy. Having recognized the bitchiness I finally realized she was begging for 1) more beatings (which have been lacking recently) and 2) a desire to express herself and be allowed to do more activities independently. Having made this great discovery I then thought about how to facilitate both more beatings and Kiko’s independence.

With regards to independence I have a particular bent toward training children to complete life tasks so I figured let’s teach her to do some useful stuff like the dishes or sweeping or the laundry. So over the past couple of weeks Chie and I have been working with her on all the above chores plus dome others like scrubbing the toilets. Now, you could say that either I am lazy or I am abusive. And you may be right but it is an indisputable fact that young children are more capable than we give them credit got and they are more excited to participate in these mundane tasks than we realize. The proof is in the pudding….check out my slave errr my daughter doing the dishes. This is part of her daily chore schedule. Every morning I tell her “daddy needs coffee” this is code for get to work. After saying these magic words Kiko gets the dishes done, separates the laundry and cleans the table. Lazy father? Maybe. Enjoying watching my two year old do the chores that I don’t have to do…..most definitely!

FYI I have a background in behavioral therapy and training am a big fan of Montessori (not the weird culty parts but the general training pattern). So there is some method to my madness :) andy signaturePrevious daddy’s diary here.


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