How to Make a Nursing Cape

how to make a nursing cape by vivat veritasSince turning 30, it feels as though everyone around me is having a baby. Whenever the time allows, I try to come up with some handmade gifts. This cape was particularly special to me since it was a request from my friend whom I made my first wedding dress for back in 2011. She told me that she wanted a cape that has a wire in the top hem to adjust the movement and have a peek at her baby while nursing. Also, she told me that the capes that are currently on the market are all similar, mostly made in liberty print cotton. She wanted something different for nursing her baby boy.

I went to a craft shop called Yuzawaya and online chatted with her to choose the fabric. She picked this cute car print, which is perfect for a boy! The production of the cape is pretty straight forward. Let me know if you have any questions and if you like this cape, please share the picture and tag me on SMS with a hash tag #vivatveritas.

tutorial on nursing cape by vivat veritas1 tutorial on nursing cape by vivat veritas2 tutorial on nursing cape by vivat veritas3 tutorial on nursing cape by vivat veritas4Fabric: Non-sheer cotton or poly mix cotton without stretch. I used a cotton twill with medium weight that I bought from Yuzawaya(ユザワヤ).
Material: 1 meter of fabric, 90cm of wire, tread, 1 button (I used 2cm diameter), and a strap buckle.
nursing cape diagrams copy

1. Cut the fabric according to the diagram.
2. Fold the top of the fabric by 2cm and press. Fold again by 3cm and press. Sew the folded hem.
3. Cut the wire for 90cm and bend the both ends so that the wire won’t poke through the fabric when you insert it in the top hem. Insert the wire in the top hem sewn in step 2.
4. hem the side seams. Fold by 1cm and press and do the same again (total side seam allowances are 2cm each side). Sew the side seams being careful not to sew the wires since that will break the needle!
5. Hem the bottom in the same way you did for the top hem (see step 2).

Making straps
6. Fold the straps in half with fabric’s right sides facing.
7. Sew with 1 cm seam allowances leaving a small opening (3-4cm) so you can turn the straps inside out.
8. Using bodkin, turn the straps inside out and press. Top stitch all around the straps, closing the opening you left unsewn in the step7.
9. Attach the neck strap in the place marked in the diagram. Attach a button in the other side. Sew a button hole on neck strap.

Attach back straps
10. Attach the back straps in the marked place. Attach a buckle on the other end of the strap.

tutorial on nursing cape by vivat veritas5

I made a matching draw string pouch to store the cape.
Here is a tutorial on how to make reusable nursing pads. More ideas for baby shower gifts here, here and here.


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Knitted Hats

knitted hats diy vivat veritas1

When it comes to knitting, I am a beginner. This winter is the first winter I attempted to knit DPN (Double Pointed Needles, in case you are wondering!), and I was dying to get used to the new way of knitting, so I kept knitting hats. I ended up knitting six hats in total, most of which I’ve given away as gifts. The process of knitting is so soothing and it is a great activity to do when I watch movies and shows (currently finishing up White Queen). I’ve started knitting Kiko’s sweater, but I am less motivated as I think I made a wrong yarn choice. I hope I can put it together before the winter ends.

knitted hats diy vivat veritas4

This Cable knit hat pattern is from Lion Brand. It is an adult hat pattern, but kiko modeled it for me. new born baby hat vivat veritas baby knit hat by vivat veritas

No pattern used for this one. I just made it up as I went along. This was a gift for my friend’s new born baby.
knitted hat diy vivat veritas2

Slouch Hat Beanie pattern from here. It’s simple and quick! I added jewel buttons with clear elastic.knitted hat diy vivat veritas3knitted hat diy vivat veritas5

Pattern from No Home Without You, amazing Finish blog about knitting and interior design.

Some more fun knitting hats ideas…
Triangle stripe hat from Charlotte’s Fancy.
– Knitted in super chunky yarns.
– Bright orange and pink color block hat.
Colorful kids hat inspiration. Good way to use left over yarns.

More on my Knitting Pinterest board.



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Before & After | Cardigan to Cropped Sweater

Cardigan to Gray Cropped Sweater Vivatveritas

I love the cropped top trend and I hope it will continue for a few more seasons. I wore this pink floral one in the Summer and got a good amount of wear out of it; however, I didn’t really get the rationale behind the cropped sweater since you wear sweater in the winter to keep yourself warm but if your belly is exposed, it defeats the purpose. I know that in my head, but when something is trendy, I just can’t seem to let it pass (evidence here for the neon trend).

I’m in a bit of a upcycling phase where I’m taking old clothes and give it new life as you can see it from my last post. I bought this gray sweater cardigan a few years ago from 390 mart. It’s one of my favorite shops in Tokyo! It is a mixture of vintage clothing and kitsy random zakka items like scented candles, make-up pouches and key chains. As far as I know, there are only two, in Machida city and Harajuku.

This DIY was super simple. I took off the buttons (and saved them for a future project) and sewed the front part together. The cardigan has a hood, but I sewed up as much as I can, leaving enough space for my head to go through. It resulted in kind of like a turtle neck, and it keeps my neck warm.

The cardigan was short enough so I did not do anything to make it look “cropped”.
Before and After of Gray Cropped Sweater Vivatveritas

Tokyo winter is not as cold as Philly, where I used to live but it still gets pretty cold in winter. I go everywhere by bike, so I usually have to dress appropriately to bike outside. I wore this over a maxi dress I made so head to toe was covered.

Cardigan to Gray Cropped Sweater Vivatveritas.com1

Cardigan to Gray Cropped Sweater Vivatveritas.com4Cardigan to Gray Cropped Sweater Vivatveritas.com2


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