Easter Dress B-Trendy B1659

Making clothes for my daughter has become a group effort these days. In the past, it was a one-way thing, where I decided everything. Now Kiko has an opinion on everything and we figure out what works and what doesn’t. She had a lot o say in regards say in to this particular dress – especially the length (longer the better!) I tried to convince her that knee length would be easier to ride a bike and whatnot, but she wanted a floor length dress. She said that she wanted a princess and pointed out that none of her dresses are floor length. So, she won.  The pattern is from a magazine called B-Trendy by Made by Oranges. You can see how modern the dress looks in the magazine as opposed to what I made. With a white apron, she could easily blend in with the girls from Little House on the Prairie. It is a paper pattern and you have to choose the appropriate size to trace. There are so many lines and it’s a bit hard to see so I used a highlighter to mark the lines, put the tracing paper on top of the pattern paper and traced it. The instructions are in five languages – English,Dutch, French, Spanish and Netherlands. The instructions are similar to BurdaStyle’s. Very minimal. You have to know sewing basics to figure out so it is not recommended for beginners.

The one I used, B1659 is a cute basic pattern. Round neckline, long sleeves, baby doll style skirt. I can see a lot of possibility with this pattern. I can make it sleeveless with satin and tulle for formal occasions and add side seam pockets and make in printed jersey for daily wear.

Pattern: B Trendy #7 B1659 Dress (25% discount with a code vivat for all products in their online shop valid till 4/1/2017)
Size: 128 (8-9 year old). In retrospect, I should have picked size 116, which is for 6-7 year old.  Of course, the creation process won’t end until we have a proper photoshoot session! She found the flower crown I used for a shoot in the past and put it on herself… 娘に最近作ったドレスです。
型紙はB Trendy #7 B1659 Dress (クーポンコードvivatで25%オフになります)。


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MADE | Kids Pea Coat

made-kids-green-pea-coat-size-130cmJust in time for the Winter’s arrival, I finished making a new coat for Kiko. The last coat I made for her lasted for two years but it was obvious that it has run its course. This time we went to Nippori together to pick up the fabric for her coat. It was during the fabric district’s fall sale and we scored this green wool for about $5! It was pre-cut fabric and the size was 140cm width x 120cm. It was just enough to make a child’s coat in size 130. She is size 120 in Japanese size but I sized up to 130 so she can wear this for a next 2-3 years. peacoat-dusty-green-handmadeThe patterns are from Muki Kurai’s book. Besides the children’s pea coat, the book includes adult size pea coat patterns as well so you can be matching! I decided against the idea of matching pea coats since I bought myself Vogue V9133 patterns. But now I’m back on the Vogue site, I like V9069 and V8960 which seem to be both out of print.dsc_0228-copy dsc_0229-copyThe coat was pretty simple to sew but had some challenging elements like the welt pockets. I don’t sew welt pockets often, so I have to look up my sewing book every time to review how to do it. The pattern does not provide the lining patterns so I modified the outer jacket pattern to make my own. The new name label is from the Dutch Label Shop.close-up-of-kids-pea-coatIt’s still a bit big on her, so I rolled up the sleeves and temporarily sewed them at the hem. It looks warm and the pockets are useful in keeping hands warm! girls-peacoat-wornkiko-green-pea-coat-wornクライ・ムキさんの「男の子と女の子とママの服」からピーコートを作りました。サイズは130。5歳の娘にはちょっと大きめですが、これから2,3年着ることを予測して大き目を選びました。

生地は日暮里の秋のセール中に見つけたグリーンのウール。アイロンをかけるとすごく獣くさくて、娘が臭い臭い言っていました笑 匂いは乾いてしまえば飛ぶので気にならないです。

前回作ったコートはポケットがなくて、次作るなら絶対ポケット付きにしよう!って決めてました。手を突っ込んだり、手袋や拾ったもの(ビービー弾とか。。)を入れるのにぴったり。型紙のひとつひとつのパーツは大人のものより小さいので短時間で仕上げられました。chie sig2

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3 DIY Handmade Christmas Gift Ideas

  1. Kids skirt with embroidery
    I upcycled a dress to kids skirt for a friend who has twin girls. Underneath the skirts, I added bloomers and connected the skirt and bloomer at waist. I also made embroidery fish and bird at hem so they can figure out which one is theirs. As I wrote before, I am into hand embroidery now.
    before-and-after-of-plaid-dress-refashion kids-plaid-skirts-with-bird-and-fish-embroidery fish-and-bird-embroidery-vivat-veritasgift-wrap2
  2. Closet Case Files Carolyn Pajamas
    I recently made this pink & ivory version as a friend’s birthday gift. It is fun to make and fairly quick to sew (it takes me about five hours from start to finish) which makes it a good handmade gift. This time I bought piping at Nakamura online shop since I thought it would save me some time. But I wished I made my own piping that fits the seam allowances. In this particular patterns, 1.5cm seam allowances are already included. My store-bought piping width was 0.8cm. It was hard to sew at curves when then seam allowances and piping width don’t match. Overall I am happy with the end result and my friend seemed to have liked it. My Aztec Carolyn here and silk satin here. For more ideas, here (black one with white piping), here (navy blue and white piping) and here (pancake print!!).pink-and-beige-pipping-carolyn-pajamas-2 pink-and-beige-pipping-carolyn-pajamascarolyn-pajama-pink-and-ivory-pipingwrapping
  3. Teapot Cozy
    I had an opportunity to make teapot cozies for a tea shop in Takasaki this month. I made sure to make a few extra so I can gift them to my friends and family. I made my own pattern based on the instructions from the tea shop owner, but you can find many different versions for free online. The floral print fabric and the beige cotton lining sandwitches the thick quilt batting. Inside, the seams are finished with bias strips. It would be fun to give with teapot and delicious smelling loose tea. tea-pot-cozy making-tea-pot-cozy-1 making-tea-pot-cozy-2 making-tea-pot-cozy-3 vivat-veritas-teapot-cozyWoven labels from Dutch Labels Shop

    For more gift ideas, check out Shopbop and take advantage of the big sale! Sale ends 11:59PM PST (Los Angeles Time) Tuesday, 11/29).   クリスマスシーズンが早くも近づいていますね。
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