Invitation | Rose Themed Wedding Dress Showcase Vol. 2

For those who are in Japan, please join me in my second event in collaboration with the local flower shop, AFRIKA ROSE and a wedding dress designer, Satomi of Rachel Bridal. Satomi and I are each showcasing three new rose themed wedding dresses at AFRIKA ROSE, which specializes in selling Kenyan made roses. This year’s theme is “aroma”. 

I’d love to see you there. Event is completely free! Check out the facebook event page here. You can see the recap of the last year’s event in this blog post.


日時:2017.7.21 17:00-20:00 opening party 


            7.22 11:00-19:00

            7.23 11:00-19:00

場所:AFRIKA ROSE アフリカローズ広尾 広尾駅2番出口より徒歩5分

出展者:Vivat Veritas (ビバ ベリタス)
Rachel Bridal (ラシェルブライダル)




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♥ 東京木場のアトリエVivat Veritas | 完全オーダーメイド | 花嫁様おひとりおひとりに合わせてお作りします!
♥ ドレスのリメイクも賜ります。
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Refashioned Wedding Dress

refashioned-wedding-dress-vivat-veritas-bridal2 copyEvery wedding has its story – My latest bride, Erina wanted to have her wedding to include her mom’s dress. She inherited her dress from her mom who had passed some years ago. She told her wedding planner, no other details are important except for the fact that she can wear her mom’s dress. Because she is pregnant, some dress shops declined to refashion it  for fear of improper sizing.

I suggested that we update her dress by taking off the ruffle sleeves and add a laced up details in back. Back lace up would accommodate the size changes. I moved the center back zipper to side zipper, added lace up details, tweek a bit with darts to fit Erina better.

The ruffle sleeves had pretty floral lace so I repurposed the lace for her bridal gloves. The gloves are made with tulle. It’s common to wear bridal gloves for a wedding ceremony in Japan. I know it is not so common in the U.S. I did not wear any for my U.S. wedding.

It was fun to get involved in such a special occasion and see the dress from 30 years ago transformed.
refashioned wedding dress vivat veritas bridal3 vivat veritas fingerless gloves refashioned wedding dress vivat veritas bridal1 erina before after Wedding Dress Refashion by Vivat Veritas Fingerless Bridal Gloves by Vivat Veritas Erina Wedding Dress Refashion - Vivat Veritasどうしてもお母様の着たウェディングドレスをご自分の結婚式で着たい!とのご要望だった花嫁様。


♥ 東京木場のアトリエVivat Veritas | 完全オーダーメイド | 花嫁様おひとりおひとりに合わせてお作りします!
♥ ドレスのリメイクも賜ります。
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Bridal Photoshoot with Tuli

bridal photo in hamarikyuI teamed up with jewelry designer, Megan of Tuli for a recent bridal shoot. Megan is an American, who lives in Japan. She was in Uganda as a journalist for a while, and developed a relationship with local ladies and trained them to make beads out of paper. I enjoy working with brands with strong mission statement. Check out more about her story and jewelry here. We shot with this dress and this dress.

Besides Megan, we had French, Filipino, and Peruvian girls who gathered as make up artists, hair stylists, and a model to contribute to this shoot. It’s fun to meet with people from different countries who happen to find their way to Tokyo.

Usually I leave Kiko when I do photoshoot, but I could not find the childcare on that particular day. So, we biked to Hamarikyu park in Tsukiji together. I was surprised how much Kiko was into this whole photoshoot experience; she was talking to all the girls, helping the stylist, taking many photos (some of the below photos were taken by her and edited by me), and just overall having a great time. She was so proud of herself for being a “big help” and I was, too! Flowers at Hamarikyu Park1 Portrait by my daughter Flowers at Hamarikyu Park2 Flowers at Hamarikyu Park3 Flowers at Hamarikyu Park6Although it was still cold, you could see pretty flowers started to bloom. my little photoshoot helperBehind the scenes of the shoot with Kiko helping the stylist. We are wearing the matching coat I made (Blog posts on mine and Kiko’s)Flowers at Hamarikyu Park5 Flowers at Hamarikyu Park4 beautiful boho wedding dress behind the scenes in hamarikyu浜離宮庭園で撮影をしました。



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